Weekend Wrapup – Candy Overdose Style

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This weekend feels like it was both 10 days long and 5 seconds long…simultaneously. I can’t believe how much I got done in two days, but I also can’t believe it’s Monday already. WHAT? MONDAY? EEEK.

Dress rehearsal went GREAT. I learned the basics of makeup and was put in charge of the Wickersham brothers. They’re monkeys and required more makeup than the usual cast member so it was quite an experience. I think they might be changing the makeup up a bit for tonight’s dress rehearsal, after seeing how the original attempt read on stage. We’ll see, I guess. It’s a crazy world…backstage at a big musical production. The hot-spot to be is by the water cooler as massive crowds of Seussical characters end up there after each dance number. It’s quite a site to see.

We also managed to do all necessary Easter activities including dyeing and hunting eggs. We even took a bonus trip up to Green Mountain to blow some bubbles!



All in all – it was a great weekend. I’m exhausted and a little nervous about this upcoming week with the 8 performances between now and Sunday evening, but if I was going plan a weekend to boost my energy for this coming week? This one full of candy and sun was the way to go. I haven’t finished going through all of my photos from the weekend but I’ll at least show you some of the annual Easter Baby Tossing photos. I know you were all waiting for those.

Double Toss
We did a double toss this year!

And then, of course, the look back…

Comparing the Tosses

Comparing the Tosses

MrZ’s back would like you to know that this was probably a certain Little Girl’s last year getting tossed!

We did have to deal with the less-fun tradition of Kid Who At Too Much Candy And Was Up With Stomach Pain last night. AndyZ was the victim this year and the only thing that ended up soothing him was a warm bath where I just simply poured water down his back and thought wistfully about how I wish someone would do that for me when I was sick. He eventually started feeling better and we definitely learned our lesson: Eat All Of The Candy Before The Kids Do.

What? That’s not the lesson YOU would have learned?


9 thoughts on “Weekend Wrapup – Candy Overdose Style”

  1. I told my friend at church about this last week – she’d posted a picture on her facebook of her husband tossing their daughter in the air and it automatically reminded me of the Zoot Easter Toss

  2. Boy, they are both really changing in their looks and looking all grown up!

    Yep, I would think Nikki is at the end of the line on the toss!

  3. Seems like a good lesson to me ;) Looks like you guys had a pretty fantastic weekend! I wish you luck and health and many, many good things with the production this week!

  4. My kids each ended up with FOUR Easter baskets a piece…we’ve consolidated them down to one each but still…that’s a lot of crap! lol Adorable pictures! :)

  5. I have to say that I am really impressed that Mr. Z tossed her pretty high considering how much she has grown! Love the double toss.

  6. You are brilliant! Eat all the candy first. duh!

    also….the Easter Toss…every year, with the freak me right out. As my husband says…the kids love it…..but then I don’t leave him home alone alot ;0

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