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This winter has been rough on a lot of people for serious reasons: Feet of snow, lack of power, sickness from being trapped inside with looming treacherous weather outdoors. We’ve had none of those things here. However, that’s why I like to live in the South. I can NOT handle extreme cold or clouds or snow. I like my winters mild and dry. And that’s usually how they are. But this winter? Has been rough for Alabama. While we’ve not had the feet of snow, we’ve had enough cold and ice that our state has been shut down on several occasions. Our kids have already missed so much school that the big talk around town is how far the year will now have to be extended to make up for it. And the extended school year aside? My mood has been CRAPPY. I hate gray skies and I hate jackets. I hate cold muddy ground or frozen pavement. It all makes me beyond grumpy as I’ll take the hot, humid summers of Alabama and day of the week over any sort of cold or snow. MISERABLE. That has been me. With a capital MISERABLE.

(Yes. I know. You with the real winters are rolling your eyes. Just like I do when you say that 85 degrees is hot.)

This weekend, however, was BEAUTIFUL. With a capital BEAUTIFUL. Sunny and 70. I did as much outside between Friday morning and Sunday afternoon as humanly possible. We went to parks, we played with chalk, we dug in the dirt and we hung out at the Botanical Gardens. I feel rejuvenated. I feel like I can handle weeks of gray and cold now. Which is a good thing because the forecast for this week? GRAY AND COLD.

How about you? What type of climate is the best for your emotional state? The South is really great for me, but Tucson would probably be perfect. I love being hot and sweaty. I love the sun. I hate the rain and the clouds. And the winter? Can totally kiss my booty. What about you? What’s your perfect climate? Are you living in it? If you’re not…how much does this affect your mood?


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  1. I’ve been trying to decide if I want to stay in Korea for another year or go ahead and move to AL this Fall. Your weather? Might have sealed the deal.

  2. I need to live somewhere that doesn’t exist… or become a snowbird. I don’t like the snow and ice, but I also hate the humidity of a Southern summer.

  3. I’m pretty much over the winter this year. I don’t mind snow and ice as a general rule (I mean, we get around 140″ of snow every year here…) but I’ve just had enough.

    I realized this year that the weather really does affect my moods much more than I had thought. Our family room is in the basement, and in the winter, I really can’t spend as much time during the day down there. I can’t be in the windowless space (ok, so there’s ONE teeny tiny little window, but since the snow is drifted up to it…). I need to see the light, the little bits of sunshine. I just handle things better that way – I don’t panic over the small stuff, I have more patience, and am just generally more half-full when I can see the sun (without it, I go to half-empty and, on bad days, mostly-empty).

  4. I love early spring, like around 50-55 degrees. I’m okay with Midwest weather since I’m far south enough that usually the worst of it passes me by. We had some of that this weekend, but now it’s back to cold rain.

  5. I’m a central Florida girl, and I’m right there with you. I reserve the right to complain about 100+ degrees and 80% humidity in August, but for the most part I love our warm weather. I know its ridiculous to complain about this cold and wet (seriously, this is supposed to be our dry season) winter, but we are simply not prepared for night after night of freezing temperatures. We, too, had a glorious spring weekend and I’m hoping the appearance of the spring birds means its here to stay.

  6. Having lived in/through Houston summers and Michigan winters, if I didn’t have to drive, I’d still choose an area with winter. So when I become independently wealthy and will only have to go to work on days when the roads are clear, I’ll move to Vermont :)

  7. I love spring, summer and fall where I am … but the gray of winter always gets to me. I can handle cold well enough if I’m properly dressed (which half the time I’m not haha because I’m too cheap to buy a proper coat :P ) but the gray…ugh. This winter seems grayer than most. So maybe I, too, should become a snowbird heh.

  8. I don’t deal well with cold. When I’m hot, yeah, it stinks and I’m sweaty and gross, but I can always go in the a/c or stick my head in front of a fan or drink some refreshing lemonade. But when I’m cold, not only am I miserable, but I feel like I will NEVER BE WARM AGAIN. Especially if my feet get cold, then it’s all over. And somehow I have never learned how to properly drink hot drinks, because I burn off my taste buds every time I try.

  9. I actually don’t mind winter, because I HATE spring here. The thunderstorms and tornado warnings scare the crap out of me. So if I ever moved somewhere else, it would be someplace that didn’t have as many tornadoes.

  10. Dude, gonna totally brag. Where I live the all time record high is 97, all time record low is 57. Mililani, Hawaii, best place in the world to live when it comes to weather. Today’s weather: Sunny, high 77 degrees with 0% chance of rain.

  11. OMGosh AndyZ looks so big in this picture!! My how he is growing… I too miss having mild winters… Since October St. Louis has been rainy, gray and cold… So ready for it to be over…

  12. My personal best weather is whatever I set my house climate control to! I am an indoor girl! :-)

    Actually- I like it about 70 and sunny… Jeans and a t-shirt, with a sweatshirt handy in case it’s breezy… But I like the variety of the midwest. I don’t know if I would want the same exact thing all the time.

  13. I could not possibly agree with you more. I live in OBX and that is not far enough south for me. I hate dreary cold rainy days and I tell my husband all the time that why can’t God make it rain all night so the sun can shine all day….
    I DEFINITELY have Seasonal Affective Disorder and am on meds because I’m so bad with it. Jan and Feb are my worst months. All I want to do is sleep and hibernate and eat. And look out at my yard and cry at all the dried dead looking landscaping.

  14. @Maria, can I come lve with you? It sounds perfect. Here in Ireland it doesn’t usually get hot enough in summer (lots of rain makes the place so green) and it’s not usually too cold. This winter though has been long and cold though the river here froze over for the first time in nearly 40 years! I’m starting to think I live in Narnia.

  15. I am so anxiously awaiting the first Spring day with clear blue skies and a temp of 75 degrees. This Winter HAS been harsh and it’s not over yet – more snow predicted here this week…and I’m in Arkansas! My skin is quite visibly complaining about this weather. I just can’t wait to step outside in short sleeves and feel WARM all the way to my bones. My preferred temps are 75-85…90 at most as long as the humidity isn’t too bad. I don’t like to be sweaty, LOL.

    I do like snow at Christmas, but once the season’s over I’m all “Ok, done now, buh-bye!”

  16. I live in SoCal and it’s PERFECT for me. Right now. I love sun, sun, sun. Warm, mild. Sun. Rain I like, in moderation (mostly because it makes things grow.) I’d much rather have an earthquake here and there (ours are pretty mild) than a tornado or hurricane. That being said, I also loved living in CO, because even though it snowed in the winters, there was still tons of sunlight, even in the col dmonths!

  17. The south is probably the closest I can get to my favorite climate: tropical. I don’t like humidity so much, but do love an equal mix of sun and rain, but maybe a bit more rain/thunderstorms. Of course, I’d prefer temps with highs in the 60s through the winter instead of anything colder.

  18. I like it cold, grey, and rainy! Spring is okay, but summer is the pits! I really think that I could have lived in a more polar environment.

  19. Perfect for me would be 4 seasons, 75 and sunny with a light breeze in summer, maybe the occasional excursion to 80 (that’s plenty hot enough), a bit cooler in fall and spring, the colder the better in winter (well, up to a point! there’s no real need to be below zero for any length of time…) with snow that falls up to 6 inches at a time and then politely melts away before the next one.

    Actually I wouldn’t mind skipping most of spring altogether, way too much mud.

  20. AMEN sista’…….I have grumbled and groaned that this is precisely why i don’t live in snow country….the snow, bitterly cold air and gray skies need to go back to snow country and leave the south alone!!!

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