The Chain Reaction of AWESOME starts with ME.

I have a friend who has recently become a client of Carrie at Get Your Bliss and is currently – for lack of a better term – working on her life’s mission statement. It has been truly fascinating listening to her talk about the process and the questions you work through when you’re working to focus your life. If I lived in Phoenix? I would be living on Carrie’s doorstep for her guidance. She seems amazing.

These conversations have really gotten me thinking about my own hopes/dreams/goals for my future. Whether it’s tomorrow or 10 years from now. I sat in the bath tonight soaking in the tub and decided I could break down a lot of my wishes into one simple statement: I want to live a life that inspires people.

Even typing that out makes me feel a little uncomfortable, because it sounds a tad bit cheesy and even a bit egocentric. But, as I patiently watch for the next session of Mondo Beyondo to open up (I’ll be on vacation for the Spring session), I find myself really trying to get to the root of my own dreams and goals. I’ve been thinking a lot about what stories I want to leave behind when I die. And every one I come across still brings me back to the same basic sentiment: I want to inspire people. Sometimes it’s my family I want to inspire, sometimes it’s strangers, sometimes it’s even myself. But it all boils down to me wanting to live the kind of life that inspires others to be better people. By doing that, my life starts a type of snowball effect of good things.

So…I get to that conclusion and I’m like. “Yeah…that sums it up! That’s a great place to start!” I mean…living a life that inspires others to better themselves in some way? It’s a chain reaction of…AWESOME!

But then I get to the part where I realize…if I want people to be inspired by me – then I probably should be able to compliment myself. I should be able to honestly look at my life and be proud. And…I am in some moments with some days…but in general? I’m constantly disappointed in myself.

In other words? This adventure is going to be a lot harder than I thought.

But it’s a start. Trying to put my own hopes and dreams into words is a big step. I don’t know if I’ve ever done that before. I think these vague thoughts…”I’d like to be a better Mom” or “I’d like to be a better wife” but concrete goals would produce more change. Concrete goals like: “I’d like to use the words ‘hurry up'” less with my kids” or “I’d like to be less defensive towards my husband.” Those concrete steps would get me to my vague goals. I mean, I’m a list person by nature. If I actually try to map out my journey with my goals at the end…imagine what kind of changes I could make. WHILE MAPPING. WITH PENS. It’s like my dream activity. Mixing my love of cartography (Remember? I used to make maps for a living!), office supplies, and organizational lists. I think I’m getting chill-bumps just thinking about it.

So…long term goal? To start the chain reaction of AWESOME. Short term goals? To map out that journey in the most anal-retentive way possible using EVERY PEN/MARKER I OWN. *shiver* I’ve never been so excited about making life changes before. And you know why? Because I never figured out how to incorporate coloring into the task. Now that I’ve done that? The world is my oyster. Aren’t you excited? I mean…is there anything more fun to read about on someone’s blog than their list-making? I think not.

Yes. That is self-deprecating sarcasm. Just want you all to know I’m aware of how boring this could be. But remember: PENS! I can make everything exciting with pens. JUST YOU WATCH.


9 thoughts on “The Chain Reaction of AWESOME starts with ME.”

  1. you inspire me every day, Zoot. why do you think i always start out here, first thing in the morning? (well, west coast “first thing,” anyway.) i ended up marrying my husband because of a list — i wrote one out and put it in the drawer. when i met him, i looked at it — yep. everything on the list, that was him.

    i also used COLORED MARKERS to outline my first book. which still hasn’t been published, but it’s written, dang it, that’s a start. i’m a big fan of mapping it out ;)

  2. You’ve already inspired me!!

    1. To finally buy a new computer ASAP so I can get back to working on my book (oh yes, BIG goals!!) and

    2. To finally find a use (probably list making) for all the beautiful colored sharpies I bought last year.

    God, I love pens…

  3. Zoot!
    Now, I’m probably not your usual audience, I’m a college student, but I read a few blogs like yours and I often find myself thinking
    “Huh, so that’s what it’s like to be an adult”
    And I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who’s figured out this awesome source of information.
    So what I’m trying to say is that everything I read in your blog gets tucked away in the Way To Be A Good Mom/ Daughter/ Adult/ Photographer file, because I think you’re pretty inspiring!

  4. I love the circle of life where we feed each others inspiration. You are FAR from boring and it tickled me from head to toe to see a compliment associated to my practice. My personal stamp on life is to empower myself and my daughters. If you’re grabbing for fancy pens it’s probably your essential self exclaiming it’s time to write!


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