My Daughter. And Future Ruler Of The World.


My daughter is a teenager now. In case you were wondering. She described something as, “Freaking KRAZEE!” the other day. She twirls her hair and smacks her lips when she talks. She flips her hair behind her shoulders when she is trying to charm you. She demands freedom of wardrobe selection. She gets together with her friends at school and pretends like their talking on the phone to their boyfriends.

I have no idea if this is normal or not, but I find myself constantly torn between cracking up hysterically or locking her in her room for the next 10 years. Sometimes I wonder if it’s because there’s a steady supply of teenagers coming in and out of our doors. Other times I wonder if it’s the preference of iCarly to Dora. Mostly though, I just think she was born this way. Born with this tenacious attitude that demands attention and a little bit of admiration. I feel like she’s going to be a lot more confident than I ever was, and she already shows having more of a spine than her mother. It’s one of those many times, as a mother, that I find myself both hating a behavior, and admiring it at the same time. As her mother? I feel like this Type-A Confidence is the stuff straight from my nightmares. But looking ahead to her future? I also hope the same traits will allow her to be more headstrong and driven than I am. I’d love that.

As long as – somewhere along the way – she maybe starts to tone down the patterns a bit. I don’t want her to impair the vision of those she works alongside with her bold outfit choices.

Someone is NOT afraid of patterns

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  1. Haha that IS a whole lot of pattern! Being a mother must really be utterly terrifying sometimes! And conflicting – but I love that you can see both sides of it, that it may make YOUR life harder, but HERS better. . . you’re a good woman for being able to see that!

  2. Patterns like that are only acceptable if the wearer has the guts and spunk to pull it off, and guessing by the expression on her face in the first picture, I would say that she does :)
    She sounds amazing, and honestly? I envy her the confidence that she has in herself and in life.

  3. I agree that is alot of pattern! Whole lot of KRAZZEEE there lol (I meant the pattern before you think I’m insulting NikkiZ)

  4. The REALLY short teenagers are the best! My 6 year old has many of those same behaviors… addicted to iCarly and HSM, couldn’t care less about Disney princesses.

    Yesterday, she HAD to bring her purse with her to the mall. While we were walking around she kept taking out her phone (an old one with no service) to pretend to talk to people. She was driving me nuts (walking so slow while “talking”) so I told her to cut it out- that it was pretend. She looked at me like she was humoring ME and said, “Fine mom, but it’s totally real!”

  5. That is the best outfit ever! I love seeing little kids who choose wild colors and patterns like that. Somehow they carry it off, and it just makes me happy to see.

  6. NikkiZ is a year older than my girl, but OMG – yes!!! (we haven’t transitioned to icarly, yet – but we now “loooove” Zach & Cody – they are both “cute” GAH!) mine has insisted on wardrobe freedom since she was 2.5. MY husband asks why i “allow” her to leave the house looking like a lunatic and if I wonder what people think OF ME. and I say “I ENCOURAGE her to leave the house in her outifts she put together because I hope it helps her gain a sense of self and builds her confidence and i really dont’ care what people think of ME. as long as it’s weather appropriate, if she’s happy, I am too.” and REALLY, she’s 3.5…I’m thinking my days of getting to go out with a person dressed in Penguin PJ pants, a pink “tutu” style skirt and a halloween top while wearing cherry covered wellies are numbered as it is. I’m enjoying it while it’s here. becuase OH MY LORD do I fear what in store for us with this girl…

  7. Ok, so I wonder if it’s their Zodiac sign???
    Piper acts the SAME EXACT WAY!!! She prefers Hannah MonGtana and Wizards to Dora and Diego. I told her she wasn’t going to watch Hannah and Wizards anymore because of her attitude, she turns on a heel, hands on her hips, and says “I don’t get the attitude from them!” ARGH!!!
    She flips her hair. She calls her boyfriend, and subsequently her husband.
    Can we tag team when they ARE teenagers….

  8. My 4 year old son was the fiance’ of a little girl this week in that he had to marry her!! When I picked him up at daycare he told me he was getting married and the wedding was the next day. He said he had to dress up! Low and behold, the next day at school there was his 4 ys old bride in a gown and veil waiting for him. He decided dress up was a spiderman costume and they had an actual wedding in the chapel (church daycare)!! the daycare director was the officiator and I asked him why he was getting married. He said, “because I love her and she told me to!!” Is that the cutest thing or what!

  9. Is it wrong that I am a little jealous of a 4 year old’s dress sense and style? I wish I could pull it off! I am so safe and boring sometimes. Go NikkiZ

  10. Both of my children have more of a spine than I do! I admire it, for sure, but it’s not so funny when they try to use it to stand up to me!

    I like her bold choice of outfits :)

  11. Can she come over and pick out my outfits? She has the best style, and confidence to match. Kudos to you for encouraging her to be herself!

  12. Where did the time go…seems like just yesterday she was 4!

    Lil’bug has been talking about throwing out her name when she gets big. Just this week I learned it’s because she is going to get married and use her husband’s name. a-ha!

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