On Your Mark, Get Set, GO!

At 8am this morning (Central Time), MrZ will be starting his half-marathon. He’s registered to run his first marathon in December but he’s had some injury issues and this will be the longest run he’s done since the first of October. (He ran 20 miles then.) He’s frustrated with himself and really putting a lot of weight in how he does today. Part of him feels like if today doesn’t go well he should just postpone his marathon attempt until he’s in better health. The other part of him wants to get this monkey off his back already as he’s been trying to train for a marathon for two years now but keeps running into injury issues. Either way – today is a big day for him. Please keep him in your thoughts.

The weather should be perfect which kinda pisses me off as it was perfect for him the last time he ran this race. The year I ran it? WORST RUNNING WEATHER EVER. It was raining and frigid for the entire race. I practically cried the last several miles I was so miserable. Yet, somehow, when he runs the race? Mother Nature hands him sunshine and cool (but not cold!) temperatures on a silver platter. More proof that I believe the universe is entertained by my misery.

I painted signs to hold to cheer him on today. I’ll try to make four different points of the course to wait for him. He doesn’t depend on spectator support but I totally loved it so I do what I can to provide it. I also have one point where I get to wait for him to turn back around so I get to cheer for the back part of that pack – which is where I always am when I race. Let me tell you as someone who is usually in the very back of the pack? Having random strangers cheer for you is the BEST THING EVER. So, I try to do what I can for my comrades with the slower pace.

Think about him and all of the runners today. And for all of you training to run the half-marathon with Linda in New Orleans? I’ll be thinking of all of you today too. Wishing I could be there in March to hold signs and scream like a maniac for all of you.

DSC_0018 (4)
Is there anything cuter than kids in footed PJs?

9 thoughts on “On Your Mark, Get Set, GO!”

  1. Hope it all goes wonderful.
    I have been trying to make a donation to your training page for 3 days and I don;t know if it is my computer or what. I donated once but now it won’t let me. Is there a way I can send to an email address from my paypal? I have a son in 6 year remission believe me I want to wipe it ALL OUT!

  2. Good luck, Mr.Z! Can I ask a PJ question? I think this will sound dumb, but oh well. I have a 9-month old. I get cold really easily, so I have trouble knowing what makes sense for kids at night. We have our heat set to about 66, which is fine because I’m under a huge down comforter. But it feels so cold to me that I’ve been putting cotton footie pjs under the fleece ones. This still doesn’t seem enough to me. Is this what you do? (This is my first kid, if you can’t tell.) Turning the heat up seems wasteful and when we did do it it started really drying out my son’s skin. What is normal to do in winter? PS: My son has those same blue PJs as AndyZ. So cute!

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