• The Discreet Contest Announcement

    • MrZ and I are going to a Halloween party tonight. We came up with our costume idea last minute (and by “WE” I mean “I”) and I hope it turns out right. If it does? I’ll post pictures. If it doesn’t? I’ll pretend this never was discussed.
    • I made Cake Poppers, Buffalo Chicken Dip and a Pumpkin Spice Cheesecake all for MrZ’s work lunch today. I am officially Wife Of The Year.
    • dinner

    • Speaking of cooking, look what we ate for dinner last night! It is PDub’s Chicken Salad (with noodles to make it more of a dish and less of a sandwich type option) and her baked acorn squash which turned out AMAZING. I’ve never even heard of acorn squash before…neither had MrZ. But now? We’re total BFFs.
    • I have so much to do today to prep for Halloween festivities that I’m letting AndyZ tear up the house. Anyone else ever use that technique? Just me then?
    • So…I’ve already mentioned that I have my official Team in Training Fundraising Page set up and ready to go. I get emailed the name and address of all donors and I’m making hand-made Thank You cards for those of you who already donated. I’m officially launching my Big Fundraising Efforts on Monday. It will be complete with video, giveaways, and begging. (I have to raise 3500 by January 5th.) But for anyone who donates before then? I’m entering your name into a drawing to be announced on Monday. First Prize: $100 Visa Gift Card. 2nd and 3rd prize? A copy of PDub’s new cookbook. I’m being discreet about this initial request of donations as I’m just going to use it as a measurement to see how many people even stop by here over a weekend, much less a HAUNTED one! And for those of you lovely souls who donated before this moment? You get entered into the drawing TWICE. For being awesome.

    Happy Halloween!