• The Most Important Thing In The World Right Now: Fall TV

    gleeSo, I’ve been watching a lot of TV the last few weeks while new shows premier and I thought I should write an entry about my first impressions so far of this TV season. Because, you know, TV has been my best friend these last few weeks as I’m stuck in bed unable to eat or move without screaming in agony.

    Who am I trying to kid? I’d be watching the same amount of TV even if my gums weren’t swollen and full of painful wisdom teeth. I’d just not be able to ask my family to bring me the occasional pudding. Or pain pill. Or beer. Sometimes all of the above.

    Here are some of the NEW shows I’ve tried and my thoughts about them so far. I’ll revisit this entry at a later date and let you know if I’m still watching any of these:

    Melrose Place
    Okay. I will admit I started watching this solely for Max from Greek. I have a giant crush on that character and lucky for me? He’s almost the exact same character on this show. Unfortunately? The show is not really my cup of tea. I’ll record it every week in case I get desperate, but if anything better fills that slot on one of my four tuners? It will be replaced. I will say this though…Ashley Simpson? Is an AWFUL actress. Whereas Katie Cassidy (formerly of Harper’s Island) is FANTASTIC. She’s the only reason I don’t just trash it all together…I love her character and especially her unrequited crush on Not-Max. I think she’s a great actress and when/if this show fails, I hope she finds a new home on my television. I’ve liked her in everything she’s done so far. Especially her stint as Ruby on Supernatural. Love her.

    If you follow me on Twitter you know I love this show. Every week it just makes me happy. It is why I watch TV. This week I was in huge pain Wednesday night. Sobbing my eyes out and my face covered in icepacks. But Glee? Made me laugh. I’ll definitely agree it’s not for everyone…especially if you have a low tolerance for random musical numbers in your entertainment. But I love Mr. Shuster with all of my heart and last week’s episode where Kurt came out to his Dad? Fantastic. MrZ and I laughed our asses off at the football play “Ring on It” – just good, cheery TV. And Jane Lynch as the militant cheerleading coach? Priceless.

    Vampire Diaries
    Of course I’m watching it. How could I not at least try it? And I kinda like it. I wish that Ian Somerhalder’s character was the nice guy because he’s too pretty to hate…but it’s just an entertaining show. Another one that will get booted if too many conflicts arise, but for now? It’s entertaining enough. My only hope is that eventually let Elena in on the Vampire world. The constant “Oh no! Will she find out the truth?” drama will get annoying really quickly. Have you read the books? Did any of the humans know about the vampires in the books?

    The Beautiful Life
    Yes…I tried it. It had Corbin Bleu, I was too curious to see the Disney Vet on a “grown-up” show to pass it up. Yes…I hated it and the CW made a good move in canceling it already. So. Terribly. Bad.

    I love it. Of course…Joel McHale is one of the many celebrities I’m blindly loyal to. I will watch and try my best to ADORE anything and everything he does. (See also: Ellen DeGeneres, Angelina Jolie and Selena Gomez.) Danny Pudi as Abed is actually my favorite character on the show, most consistently making my laugh out loud in both of the episodes I’ve seen. Seeing him ask Jeff for his shirt this week? Perfect. The show makes me laugh out loud and the only other sitcom that’s done that since Friends is How I Met Your Mother, so I’m pleased to add it to my lineup.

    NCIS: Los Angeles
    I like it just fine. I prefer the NCIS franchise to the CSI franchise because I feel like it doesn’t try so hard to be realistic. I feel like NCIS knows it’s not at all equal to reality and therefore plays around with the humor a bit. The Los Angeles version seems a bit more serious than the original, but it’s still lighthearted enough that I can let myself like the characters and get into the mystery without shaking my head at the ridiculousness of it like I do with CSI. Plus, I love LL Cool J in it. He’s great. And also hot. I’ve heard my critics say that if you like the original, you’ll like the Los Angeles version…and I agree.

    The Good Wife
    I actually don’t like Julianna Margulies that much. I liked her okay as nurse Hathoway on ER but she always rubs me wrong in interviews. However, I thought the premise of the show was unique and I wanted to give it a try. After the pilot I can definitely say I’m pleased. Her character is one I feel like I can really get behind and I enjoy watching her simply juggle her family life and her career…I feel like that alone is enough to make it a good show and I think the writers know that too. The political drama and marital strife are almost ancillary so far, at least in the pilot. I think as long as they don’t weigh the balance too heavy on that part of the story? I’ll stick with it.

    Modern Family
    LOVED THIS SHOW. I totally cracked my ass UP at it and hated it when I realized it was only half an hour. I’m thrilled to add this to Community to my sitcom list. I miss watching sitcoms and am happy to add more to my DVR. I didn’t realize the premise that the three families were actually all related until the very end of the pilot but that makes it even better. So cute and so far seems to handle the whole Gay Couple Adopting thing very well. I love the personalities of the two men especially with Cameron being the obvious more flamboyant of the two but Mitchell being the one with The Speech that Cameron was almost rolling his eyes at. Cracked me up!!! And the angels/fairies on the wall above the crib? Priceless. And then Phil as the “Cool” (but totally NOT) Dad? Perfect casting choice. He played that well. I really hope that show does well.

    Cougar Town
    I watched this only because it was on after Modern Family, but I actually laughed a bit at it. The verdict is still out whether or not I’ll keep watching it…again, it depends on how full my schedule gets, but it’s a cute show. We’ll see in the middle of the season if it is still on my lineup.

    Flash Forward
    I really got into this pilot. I’m hoping it isn’t like many of these other serial dramas that get you hooked and then you never actually get to solve the mystery because it gets canceled. I’m hoping since they flashed to a point later in the season that we can at least have that mystery solved. It’s an interesting concept and I’m definitely hooked on it after the pilot. My only complaint is that Joseph Fiennes seems a little over-the-top with his expressions. Almost like I sometimes feel like he’s on a skit about a cheesy drama as opposed to on an actual drama. That might get annoying if I don’t get used to it. So far though? I like it.

    Okay…I tried to record this by the HD channel froze up that night…so I tried to watch it online and the show kept freezing up 17 minutes in. The first 17 minutes seemed okay…anyone else finish it? Should I try to watch it again online?

    Next Up…My Thoughts the Returning shows like House and Bones