To ParTAY or Not To ParTAY

DSC_0032 (1)We are giving NikkiZ a real birthday party this year. One at a location other than our home where we send out invitations at school and to the soccer team. This is her first real party. We had a gathering of friends and family for her first birthday…but the guests were mostly adults. This is our first birthday part where she invites her friends. And she is SOOOO excited. She can’t stop talking about it and would invite her entire school if we let her.

Some people do parties like this for their kids every year, some never do it. I’m curious to see how you all look at this topic. I never had any sort of party growing up. When I was 13 my friend Mollie and her family threw me a surprise birthday party…which ranks as one of the best nights of my life. That was the only real With Friends birthday party I ever had and I still remember it to this day. Now, I have friends who had parties every year and none of them really stand out in their adult minds. And then there’s MrZ, who had a few, and remembers them each. They may not stand out like mine does in my mind, but they are still vivid in his memory because they were rare and special.

So…my thought is that if we spread them out, maybe have one ever 3-5 years, then they’ll be special enough to be remembered, but not so common they become expected. I think the way I grew up may be a bit extreme and not necessary, but I don’t think I can throw a party every year and expect my child to appreciate it consistently. What do you think? I would love it if I could throw one every year and my child still appreciate it and remember it as they grow up. I just don’t think it’s realistic. But if you had one every year and remember every one? I’d love to hear about it. How did you grow up? How are you raising your kids? What plays a part in your decision? Is it all about the money because these things are EXPENSIVE. I think it takes four years just to save up for one. Even if I wanted to do one every year our budget couldn’t handle it, but for us it’s about more than the money. What is it for you? What do you decide and why?