• Prep Time

    Today is FINALLY the day. Let’s hope. The day they get cut out of my jaw once and for all. I’ve already discussed with my brother and he agreed that if anything cancels this appointment, he’s going to bring a vice grip and some pliers and take care of it himself. And I am very okay with that. Between the pain that was so bad the other night that I considered breaking my own arm in an attempt to get real pain medication (Hydrocodone evidently doesn’t do much for this type of pain) and the swelling that has me looking like that guy from House last night…I’m beyond ready to get these things OUT ALREADY.

    I spent yesterday getting the family ready for me to be out of commission today. I did all the laundry, cleaned bathrooms, baked zucchini bread (I know!), set the DVRs and packed lunches. I made arrangements for soccer games and carpool. I laid out uniforms and warmer clothes for the kids so that MrZ won’t have to dig through the drawers if it’s a little chilly tonight. I put a sign on the door that says, “Don’t Forget Water For Soccer” so to avoid getting in trouble again. As I did this I thought about so many of you who will inevitably mention similar habits. I feel like I know you all well and know you are like me. If you go out of town or are disabled for any way, you do everything you can to make the lives easier of those left in charge. Whether it’s a spouse or a friend or another family member. Heaven forbid we leave them to not only feed the kids but also have to decide WHAT to feed them! We do everything we can to make sure the work we do continues to be done even if we’re not able to do it ourselves. And you know what? That makes us damn awesome.

    I think I kinda want a wife.

    Mah Boyz
    This picture is here for one reason and one reason only: IT’S ADORABLE