A Little Bit Of Girl Time

Dr. Diva on call! I brought NikkiZ with me to Knoxville for several reasons. The top of the list? Company. I’ve had enough experience with parents in the hospital to know that it can get lonely and boring waiting around for doctors and procedures and whatnot. I thought it would be nice to have someone along I could chat with. Even if that conversations tends to often center around the hilarity of bodily functions.

I also hoped that by bringing NikkiZ with me, I’d be leaving MrZ with a little less stress back home. Of course, I left him with the kid that requires the most assistance (that would be AndyZ…LilZ is pretty self-suficient) but without the one that requires the most conversation…hopefully things are still a bit easier for him.

(OH. MY. GOD. My daughter has turned into such a chatterbox. It’s equally AWESOME and AGGRAVATING.)

So, we’ve been here since Sunday and will probably be here until Mom comes back home on Thursday. (Hopefully.) And let me start by saying she has gone above and beyond what I would have expected. I’ve tried to bring new projects when we have long stretches at the hospital. Like yesterday – when Mom had her gallstones removed. Unfortunately, due to a crazy blood pressure spike that took a while to lower, that turned into a VERY long experience. NikkiZ stayed tolerant for about 5 hours. But those last two? I’m still not sure how either of us survived them.

But over all? It’s been a nice experience…just she and I. The second you have the second child, you always know in the back of your head that none of your kids will get the attention from you they would have if they had been the only child. We all try to find ways to give our kids their individual time and I’m seeing a high dose of why that’s important. But funny enough? Not just for her. I’m seeing how important it is for ME. I feel like I’ve really gotten to know my daughter better these last few days. Like how much like her DAD she is. Jeez. Those two? Cut from the identical mold.

So…valuable lesson learned, I guess. Instead of continually trying to find ways to give my kids their one-on-one time with their parents for their sake, it is equally important to do the same for our sake. We learn more about our kids when they’re not fighting for attention from siblings.

Just thought I’d share this lesson with you. I mean…if I hadn’t brought NikkiZ along on this trip I’d never have known how much she loves to talk about BUTTS and FARTS. (Like I said…exactly like her father.)

My life will never be the same.


8 thoughts on “A Little Bit Of Girl Time”

  1. Glad something positive came out of this difficult situation. Here’s hoping your mother has a speedy recovery.

  2. I agree – it is hard to carve out alone time, and I always appreciate it while I can. Anjali starts school with Arun in a few weeks and I am going to miss that time with her. Fortunately, I still get time with Arun while Anjali is taking her nap.

    And yes, the conversations are AMAZING now, aren’t they? My kid talks nonstop about animals, poop and in general “how things work”. I had to explain incandescent lighting the other day. Awesome.

  3. HAHAHA … what you’ve said is exactly why I love my sisters. … and don’t like them either.

    @ZootsMom: be strong. We need you.

  4. A few weeks I had a sitter watch my baby and I took my toddler to the pool with some cousins. I didn’t think it’d be that much different to have alone time with him but it was. It was the first time since I’d had the baby (8 months!) and we had so much fun. I really saw how much of a little person he’s become and not just this babbling weirdo I call mine.

  5. Such a pretty girl :) and as for the “Butts and Farts” talk, that only adds to her awesome. I wish I had a chatterbox! My oldest son (He’s 3.5) just likes to give me eye-rolls when I try to make conversation with him…. like ALREADY…. isn’t that not supposed to start for another couple of years at least? GAH!

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