Welcome Back, Zoot!

So, the last time we spoke I was in Knoxville, right? Well…that was an educational trip. And by “educational” I mean “confusing and frustrating and very overwhelming.” Luckily, the people at each bank I had to deal with were very wonderful. And by “wonderful” I mean “patience and understanding and not irritated over my questions.” For the most part I got everything done I needed to with the banks. There’s still an entire house to deal with…but that can wait. Or at least it will wait because it has no choice.

I had taken a four-day weekend to deal with that stuff and decided as soon as I got back to Huntsville that I was going to try to cram enough family activity into the remaining time so that we could all pretend we spent the four days together doing family stuff. So I can look back on my “weekend” very proudly. I didn’t vacuum and I barely finished the laundry…but we played in some fountains, in a creek, went shopping, and wore hats. We even cut hair! (You’ll have to break away from the feed reader to check out my sidebar if you’re curious about that statement. Sorry!) You can’t beat that on paper but you really can’t beat it when I show you the awesome photos as evidence.



Best Big Brother EVER


How was YOUR weekend?


22 thoughts on “Welcome Back, Zoot!”

  1. Good Lord! It should be illegal for that much cuteness. That last picture KILLS me. What? Is she 20?

    (and love the hair cut!)

  2. wow the hair is all gone!! That is awesome that he did that!!

    what a fantastic weekend you guys had!! The shots are great as usual! :)

  3. Oh my! That last pic is so darling! Where did you get that adorable outfit? I want it for myself!

  4. *Love* Mr. Z’s hair!! NikkiZ’s really rocking the hat and off the shoulder sundress. I would like to have that outfit, myself!

  5. re: new haircut — lookin’ good!

    and you know what a sucker i am for kid pix — thank you. Baby is all, “I get to do big guy stuff now, see?” Love the last pic of Nikki, so great. We had a lovely weekend, thank you. The weather was perfect in Portland, Ore.

  6. I must say I am partial to the longer hair, he just looks happier in that picture.
    The kids look like they had a Great weekend – lots of water time, that’s the key to a great summer!!

  7. Great haircut – more than worth the trip from the feed reader! The last picture of NikkiZ is amazing. How do you routinely get such great pics? My son won’t sit still long enough.

  8. I love the haircut!

    Your kids are all so cute. I think NikkiZ looks like a proper Southern lady in that last picture. =)

  9. You must tell us where you got that dress for NikkiZ in the last picture! She is adorable-as always. Looks like everyone enjoyed the water, and well…that is one heck of a haircut! Looking good Zoot family!

  10. Mine was BUSY! I’ve spent it working, cooking dinner at 10AM so the kids can eat at supper, we went to a movie, and after last night’s shift, I watched True Blood and Hung. I think I’m starting to get a bit delirious due to exhaustion.

  11. I’m hanging out at the beach with my family, having a glorious time.

    Awesome pics and great haircut. ;-)

    Glad the banks were cooperative and nice.

  12. love nikkiz’s matching bruises on her legs. :) totally remember ariel having the same thing over and over again.

  13. Looks like it was a fun weekend. OMG, look at that butter bean, curly haired son of yours? (speaking of AndyZ) Clearly this is one gorgeous group of Zoots!

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