Live! From Knoxville!

LilZ and I hit the road last night (after So You Think You Can Dance of course) and made our way to Knoxville. I have been needing to schedule a business day trip here to take care of some things I can’t do on the weekends, and coming in today gives me two days to play with if I need them. Although I’m hoping to get most done today.

MrZ called me just now to let me know how the daycare dropoff went and he had a great story. On the way to school, NikkiZ was chatting away like she does every morning. MrZ was wondering what AndyZ was doing and so he asked, “NikkiZ? How’s your brother?”

He’s fine. He’s just lookin’ out the window at the trees and the houses…he’s thinking, “What the Hell?”


MrZ maintained his composure and reminded her that kids shouldn’t use that type of language. He tried to explain that we shouldn’t even use that word because it just makes some people upset.

Yeah. I shouldn’t use that word because then the little kids will start saying it.

Yes. You, the 3-year old, should NOT use that word because the little kids might pick up on it. You, the 3-year old, should be the role model to these poor children.

I always miss the best stuff.


19 thoughts on “Live! From Knoxville!”

  1. That’s AWESOME!!!

    Our conversation last night was
    “What, P?”
    “We shouldn’t say ‘shut up’.”
    “No, we shouldn’t. Please don’t say that.”
    “I won’t.”

    Thanks :-)

  2. That is a fabulous story. That she applied the phrase properly makes it even funnier.

    Have a great trip.

  3. I know! I love that she used it correctly. It’s so hard not to laugh when little kids cuss.

    Oh, but wait. She’s apparently not a “little kid” so maybe it’s okay? :-)

  4. Excellent. Most excellent.

    I myself need to stop using “sh*t” when the baby’s about to kill himself for the 30th time since 6am. I heard his brother use it when he dropped a blueberry on the floor the other day. Doh.

  5. hahahaha I remember the first time the little boy I babysat said Hell. He was about 4….I tried SO hard not to laugh, that was hard. I did the explaining part to him, and then when I told his parents about the incident I practically cried I was laughing so hard.

  6. Ha! we had a similar situation in our car yesterday – only I was the one being called out.

    guys but me off, I say way under my breath, the EFF word – only I didn’t say EFF. I said ya know.

    TheGirl: Oh Mom! You said EFF! Dont’ say EFF! Eff is an UGLY WORD! You too pretty to say Ugly words, mom!”
    Me: Very good, you’re right! I’m so sorry, I won’t say that (around you) again!
    TheGirl: good. EFF is naughty and ugly, and I don’t want to tell you about this again!

    Some parents (most?) would maybe be asahmed, but not me – I was proud of my girl! She’s going to raise me right!

  7. OMG!!! that is frickin hysterical! he prolly really was thinkin that. after all, they seem pretty tight…

  8. That is really hilarious. I had to re-read what NikkiZ said multiple times because I was laughing so hard. Can’t wait to hear what comes out of AndyZ’s mouth.

  9. Great story! LOL

    We had a similar one with a much worse word here.

    I noticed DD was saying “Focus!” or something when she would get upset or frustrated. I couldn’t figure out where she’d heard it, figured iCarly or Hannah Montana or whatever. So I asked her.

    “Papa says it.” Ohhh. Papa (ie Ryan, daddy) doesn’t say “Focus!” but he has been known to say “F—- it” on occasion. And of course on those occasions she has picked it up.

    I explained that it was not something we should say and told her to substitute something else like “Goodness!”

    I haven’t heard her it again, but I’m sure it’s lurking! LOL

    And now I think I’ll copy and paste this comment as a blog post! ;-)

    Hope all goes well in Knoxville.

  10. just popped back into night to say, Scott and I have spent today suddenly stopping and sayin..What the Hell? and cracking up.

    Kids..they are the best

  11. hilarious.

    Does she get the ‘little kids’ line from her teachers? To keep the 3-yo from using it they use the younger kids as a reason for not? They’re thought processes are amazing, sometimes. How they get from point A to B in their logic is fascinating.

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