“You know, people underestimate the value of a good ramble.” — Buffy

brit’s blog ‘Running Stitch’ is currently down. When her blog is not down she can be found posting there most days, however not today as her blog is down.  She hopes that Zoot can fix it, but in the meantime is quite happy to post at Zoot’s place. It’s pretty here and not broken.

Hi there. There is nothing more dauting then guest posting now is there? Well maybe walking on your hands, or skipping and chewing gum, I could never do that either.

Some of you know me (Hi Cara!!) Most of you don’t, many of you are either moving on to the next blogger on your google reader or trying to figure out what is going on.

Dude. I have been trying to figure out what has been going on for three days. Three days ago I tried to update my blog and it went kerflooey, kerflunk.  It’s a major bummer. For me blogging is a way not only to connect with others (Hi kelli!) but also to keep track of myself.

Seriously, once I lost myself for an entire month, I found myself again ( I was at the beach, of course) and things have been pretty normal ever since.

This week I lost my blog. I lost the place where I write down the cute things my kids say, where I post pictures of my craft projects, where I reach out to other mothers, wives, women, people to see if they know where I’m coming from, to see if they have been where I am, and how they got from there to somewhere else.

And I find it disorienting, frankly.

Which brings us back to, what do you talk about on a guest post? Your host, I’ve always thought.

So,  I can’t remember how I met Zoot.  I do remember her masthead from when I started reading her, it was a woman sitting at a cafe table drinking tea. I was new to blogging, or newish. I was blogging but looking around for an actual look, and maybe an actual site or something. And there she was all drinking tea, and knowing html.

I remember that I emailed her and asked for help with code and she sent me some links and I learned some stuff and then the world went all php and css and I had to lie down.

lunchtime1That was somewhere around 2004 or 2005, those early mama years a re a blur. By the time I met her in person at BlogHer 2006 San Jose, we had both had babies and her movie star status was in effect.

An introvert at heart I took it upon myself to meet at least one new person, sort of at the BlogHer meet up and so I bribed Zoot with diet coke and candy bars (she is so easy) to let me follow her around the conference.  She was really nice about it and I met lots of new bloggers (okay three) most of whom I keep in touch with to this day (okay two).

Zoot spent several more years pretending to help me with my site, but generally in the end just going in and fixing it herself.  Which on some levels frustrated me (that I couldn’t just pick it up myself) but mostly relieved me alot because I’ve come very attached to my little corner of the blogosphere.

At some point I completely lost interest in the technical side of my blog, the html is as rusty as the Japanese I took in highschool and can really only be called upon when I need to Bold something or count to ten Ichi Ni San Shi Roku (err five).

Blog templates are everywhere and those of us with only a passing interest in coding can find others to do the pretty work, leaving us to wax rhapsodic in our own little corners of the world. Wondering at our amazing ability to put words together and describe our lives as we see them, as we are living them.

And then kerflooey, keflunk.  Blankness. Overwhelming blankness. I tried to embrace the blankness, to see it as a vacation. A Freeing moment. A time for self reflection and re alignment.

And upon reflection I realized I miss my blog. I miss my blog friends, and my blog memories and the bloggity blogness of it all.   So I’ll be around for the rest of the week.  Releasing some of my inner blogginess out there in to Zoot land. (Because wow is she a good friend)

This is like an introduction. Next time I’m going to get serious and talk about making granola or using old tires to make shoes or something really crunchy like that.

In the meantime, I’ll be in the creek, with these children, not all of them are mine, but I’ve made some serious offers.


11 thoughts on ““You know, people underestimate the value of a good ramble.” — Buffy”

  1. Hello Brit! I like your humor. I’m going to add you to my Google Reader (to which Zoot introduced me).

    I would love to learn how to make granola.

  2. Dude. You have now idea how awesome it is to open my blog and see you here. It’s like having company!

    I promise! We’ll get your site up and running in NO TIME.

    (Okay. Maybe not no time…)

    And also? I think I’m going to make this a THING. It’s so cool to see someone else’s voice here. I want to start doing this more often! Anyone else want to guest post on my blog once we get Brit’s up and running again?

    (PS – I swear this is not me trying to find ways to make it look like I”m not lazy when I really am.)

  3. I am also very grateful that you did not quit blogging – you had me worried there for awhile. Quite simply, you have one of the loveliest, most positive blogs out there. I NEED your voice to counteract all the snark I ingest on a daily basis. You are like the fiber of blogging, Brit. There to help clear all the poo. A compliment, no?

    I am very glad that Zoot is helping you out, I still feel bad that I am fairly clueless and am no help.

    Also! OMG, I remember that masthead, too! It was the spring of 2005 and that is when I first began reading Zoot, too.

    Pssst! It’s ” Ichi ni san shi go roku stichi hachi ku joo” (have no idea how to transliterate Japanese, will tell you the story of how I know another time). Too funny, a few weeks ago, I started teaching my kids that.

    Love ya more than my luggage, Brit.

  4. hiya!! Nice to meet you and thanks for the smiles and laughs…i am so sorry your blog is gone ahhhhhhhhhh i might have to curl in the fetal position!!!

  5. hee! i’m glad to see someone proves that zoot is not the failure she thinks she is at meeting new people…i know if i met her i would be excited too, but my bribe would involve doughnuts and beer…

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