Why I Love Google Reader Part #9,677,841,002

What you are seeing is my Google Reader window as it looked a few minutes ago. Now, the feeds you see in this image indicate the feeds that have updated since I last logged in to my Reader. Once I’ve read the feed, it disappears from the list. (Something you can change, of course.) What the red arrow is pointing at is one of my favorite features of the feed reader. My Friends Shared Items. Anyone who is one of my Google Contacts and who uses Reader to mark feeds, if they click “share” at the bottom of an entry, I’ll see it in that section. I’ve discussed before how much I love this feature and how some people share some of the coolest things. But the new thing that I’ve been meaning to talk about? Follow the red arrow below.

That arrow points to the new feature. See, now you can leave a comment on an item inside the feed reader for your other feed reader buddies. If you want to keep up with the comments on shared items, you click that little link “Switch to Comments View”.

Here you’ll see myself, Pink (my Google Reader Twin) and Sarah discussing the “New Moon” trailer (Of course. What else would we be discussing?) Anyway – my point of all of this is: USE GOOGLE READER. And more importantly? SHARE ITEMS. I want to see what you like! And maybe comment on it! Especially if it involves Taylor Lautner. I always have something to say about him.


15 thoughts on “Why I Love Google Reader Part #9,677,841,002”

  1. I love google reader too, but I need more people to use it and share their items with me! I want to see what other people are loving! Only 5 of my friends are currently using it/sharing with me.

  2. Can I still be your friend if I admit that I visit a long list of blogs every day to see if there are updates? I don’t know why. Off to Google reader.

  3. Hey, I dont have either of those options in my google reader. I like it, but if i had access to that… I would LOVE it!


  4. I use Google Reader but I don’t think I’ve “shared” anything. Didn’t know I could. Thanks for the heads up. Will go do that now.

    Have you seen the preview for Google Wave? It’s going to completely change the way we communicate online. You should pay special attention to the photo sharing stuff.

    Check it out: http://wave.google.com/
    (the presentation is more than an hour long, but if you watch the first 30-45 mins you’ll get the gist of it. The rest is geek stuff for developers)

  5. I too have the problem of people not sharing or not being able to see what they share or something. I only have one person who’s shared items show up. Want to let me know how to get them to share with me? Wanna share?

  6. Oh Thank you!! That saves a whole step (that sometimes kept me from commenting– lazy much?). I lurve my Google Reader and don’t understand how people can not use it.

  7. I was sure that I would be left out of this Reader thing- that only google.com would have it…lo and behold- google.ca has it too!!! This will make my life SO much easier
    You are my heroine for today! And yesterday too- just because =)

  8. I came back to say that I lurve the Reader!! I can’t believe how much easier it is to waste time when I should be working, knowing all my blogs are in one place…wait a sec… pretend I didn’t say that thing about work time wastage- not true I tell ya!

    OK fine- just don’t tell anyone!

  9. I adore google reader! (though maybe not so much when it gets out of control) hehe I’ve sadly had to do the ol’ “mark all as read” more often then I’d like :) Just started using the “share” feature! love it!

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