Look at the eyes of the toy vacuum he’s sitting on. HYSTERICAL.

We had AndyZ’s 12-month check-up and Shotfest yesterday. He did okay with everything, even the shots which had him screaming while the needles were in his legs, but he stopped immediately afterward. The pediatrician is sending us to an ENT to look at his ears because she saw some white “stuff” around his eardrum that didn’t look like an infection and he had no water around his ear canal, which might also indicate an infection. She sat down to talk to us about the referral and said, “Does he hear okay?”

Um. He’s 12-months old. I have no idea. I don’t even think he knows his name yet.

In reality, I’m not too concerned. He is repeating sounds with surprising accuracy and he jumps at loud noises. Of course we’ll see what the ENT has to say, but I think the pediatrician is just being cautious because she said there was a medical journal that recently discussed findings that 50% of pediatricians misdiagnose ear exams. This is evidently due to the size of a child’s ear and the Wiggle Factor making it very difficult to get a good look. So – she’s sending us away as a precautionary measure.

So, what do you think we did last night? Spend the evening YELLING at him randomly to see if he reacted. He did. Often with tears. Who wins Parents of the Year now?