My Beer-Drinking Makes Her Proud. Mission Accomplished.

You had to know that eventually I’d jump on Linda’s question bandwagon, right? And I did – but I recorded it in an effort to (a) be lazy and (b) document my daughter’s insanity. What resulted was such a funny video I decided I’d transcribe it for those of you unable to see vimeo. But then I remembered reason (a) I’m lazy. And I don’t have the energy. So you will have to just trust me: It’s hilarious! She air-punches someone in the face! And says I’m the best at putting people in timeout!

Untitled from zoot on Vimeo.


14 thoughts on “My Beer-Drinking Makes Her Proud. Mission Accomplished.”

  1. Quite funny. She tattled on you. Now we know you like to drink beer, shake your booty, and that being nice your friends is VERY IMPORTANT.

    Dude! I think that little boy walking around in the background ate your baby.

  2. She’s just adorable! :) The world would be a much better place if we all would be nice to our friends and don’t punch people in the face. Universal wisdom from a 3 year old.

    And I had to look twice to see who the kid was walking around! I cannot believe your little guy’s getting around so well!

  3. That makes makes sugar drip out of my eyeballs, she is so sweet. Beer! Air punches! Timeout! She is awesome. She makes us all proud of you!

  4. Ha! This should be your video entry for the “Mother of the Year” contest. You beer-drinking, booty-shaking goddess! Oh – and clearly when you are at work people INTERRUPT you. :-)

  5. Cute video!

    Both of your kids are really growing up fast! I started reading your blog when NikkiZ was born.

    Oh as a side note. I was looking for a baby shower gift in your favorite store. I seen this outfit and thought “Hey, AndyZ has that outfit!” They really had some cute outfits for babies. I don’t have a Target in my home town.

  6. My husband and I are dying at the cuteness. And, I’m sorry, did you fail to mention that there is a young creature with a slight bald spot making a cameo? And what is this young creature doing standing on two feet? What kind of mother are you to allow this behavior?!? There should be no walking already!

  7. Heeee. I love that the baby (well, SORT OF baby) is just roaming around and around and around the table through the whole thing. And that NikkiZ keeps giving the same answer. That’s kind of how I feel when I try to do memes.

  8. ok omg, that was SO awesome and funny!!

    i love when she’s not around and you shake and show your booty!!!

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