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I’ve had several people contact me in the last week or two about my blog causing virus alarms all over the place on their computer. I’ve talked to my host and they didn’t really offer any helpful insight (I should switched a long time ago.) and I was starting to get really frustrated. I finally asked the last few people who mentioned it to send me information about what their computer was telling them. Finally? I got a lead.

Turns out some malicious code had been inserted into one of my recent WordPress entries. How they did that – I have no idea. I have changed all passwords and upgraded the the latest copy of WordPress to keep it from happening again. But, I thought I’d share with you how I found the code.

One of the articles someone sent me mentioned the term “iframe” as a way to identify this type of malicious code. I loaded up my blog and then did a “Ctrl+U” to view the source of the page. Then I did a “Ctrl+f” to search the page for the phrase “iframe”. I found the line of code you see in the below picture.

Oddly enough, it was inside an entry I had written recently. When I went back to my WordPress dashboard and went to edit that entry, I found that line of code inside of the entry. I have no idea how it got there but I removed it immediately. I am hoping this solved the problem (I did a database search for similar results and found nothing else) but more importantly – I wanted to help others who may have been as lost as I was to hear their website was triggering virus alerts.

So…if you get an email from someone saying your website turned on their virus alerts or gave them some sort of “Malicious Code!” warnings – do a search for the term “iframe” and hope you don’t find anything.

Stupid hacking bastards. Why can’t they leave a boring Mommy Blogger like me alone? Bah.


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  1. this has been happening to me over and over again for MONTHS over at my own site, and i’m just not web savvy enough to have figured it out. thank you, zoot! you are a goddess.

  2. Okay, so supposedly, there is a really popular website (blog) that recently cost a lot of her readers loads of money, when they had to have their systems restored after visiting her website.
    She posted an “OOPS!” kind of blog entry regarding it, and web techies said that what it is, was that she had encoded something into her blog, that attached onto your browsers, which were gathering data, which she was turning over for market research.
    SO…. I no longer go to her website, cause it ticked me off, and I don’t want her mangy internet STD’s, thankyouverymuch.

    All that… was to say that maybe you visited her website, or something similar, that attached to your browser, and effed up your stuff.

    Dunno… just a hunch.

  3. wow you were hacked that stinks, i have had my twitter account and facebook account both hacked…grrr…

  4. Maybe that’s what was going on with my computer. Last week, it was popping up that Norton was blocking a malicious code, but hasn’t done that the last few day.

    Why don’t some of these folks with such great computer knowledge use their efforts in a more useful way instead of creating viruses and hacking people’s websites?

  5. Since we’re talking about websites and such, didn’t you used to have links to the different desgins & templates you used? How does one go about finding someone to design a special template specifically for them, and how much would that cost? (Sorry if this is off topic. Feel free to disregard if you don’t want to address this kind of stuff right not. Thanks)

  6. Thank you for fixing this problem. My antivirus would not let me read your blog all last week but it let me thru fine today so it must be fixed.

    Loved the pictures!!

  7. There are a couple of other tags that will hide text in your posts. NOSCRIPT is one, as are STYLE tags that set visibility to “invisible.” They’re often used to spammers to artificially inflate outward-bound links to their sites. It’s irritating as all get-out.

  8. kudos mummy blogger! ^^ but I don’t really understand all the iframe stuff u mentioned =P

  9. I’m so glad that you worked it out! I didn’t even think about it when I came here (no alert!) because I was offline for a few days. I’m glad it was something so easy to remedy!!

  10. Yikes! Glad you got it figured out; I never would have. How complicated is it to switch hosts and such when you run a self-hosted WordPress site? I think all the time about just going back to blogger; WP is too smart for me!

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