Another Quickie.


Lighthearted story for the day as I’ve overslept for the 3rd day in a row and have absolutely zero minutes to blog. (Evidently it takes a 33-year old woman a lot longer to catch up on sleep than it did the 23-year old version of the same woman.) This weekend, NikkiZ was trying to teach me a blessing they say at school. I started getting nervous about the questions that may follow as I knew the blessing said, “Thank you, God.” Would she ask who God was? Is she old enough to understand the idea that some people believe one thing while Mommy believes something else? If she doesn’t ask do I just ignore it? Do I just repeat her without talking about what we’re saying?

Turns out? Wasn’t an issue. As this is her version:

Thank you for the world so sweet
Thank you GUYS for everything!

Hee. She’s not thanking God. She’s thanking guys…who are…the people around her? Like her classmates maybe? I love it. And I let her teach it to me like that. Thank you guys for everything! I mean, grateful is good no matter who you’re thanking, right?