If I’m still awake in another hour – send sheep to count.

It’s Sunday night and I’m hopped on on steroids. I am watching tween shows from the Disney Channel and I can not even pretend it’s just a channel I stopped on. Nope. These are shows I intentionally recorded. Because, as I’ve mentioned before, I do not even pretend it’s about the kids anymore. It’s all about me and my incredibly infantile taste in television.

I finally took myself to the doctor yesterday after two sleepless nights of coughing. Turns out I have bronchitis so they gave me a steroid nebulizer treatment that made me feel INSANE for about 30 minutes. They also gave me an inhaler that has been responsible for helping the cough, but keeping me up All. Night. Long. Last night AndyZ was partially to blame as he slept about five minutes himself. But tonight? Tonight is all me and the ‘roids.

So – Photo Time! We spent most of yesterday doing all of the fun things we’ve NOT been doing the last few months. There were art festivals and fountains. Sprinkler toys and bubble wands. More painting and swimming. Just loads of fun crammed into one day and – even though I couldn’t breathe – I could not have been happier. It was nice to just have some sort of normalcy back into our lives.

And here are the photos to prove it.

On our way to Panoply

Painting at Panoply
Painting at Panoply

Shake Your Booty
Shaking her booty at the fountains downtown

In the fountains
AndyZ was not as impressed.

New bubble toy
Check out this new awesome bubble wand!

Awesomest Bubbles Evah
It was a family event

Watching his sister paint
Watching from the playpen.

Bubble Boy
Bubble Boy


21 thoughts on “If I’m still awake in another hour – send sheep to count.”

  1. Go get some sleep woman! You have some skil at photography and your children are the most adorable subjects……….maybe you need just one more kid???
    (duck and cover)


  2. I hope you feel better soon, Miss Zoot!

    Love the photos. I want that bubble wand. Would you please lend me your kids so I won’t look like a total tool, please?

  3. P.S.

    Would you please share where you bought AndyZ’s hat?

    I spent the weekend gardening and I need a new hat to protect my face.

  4. Oh my god that bubble wand is AWESOME. I got a little tiny one and it feels inadequate and like it should read some of the questionable spam mail I get that offer to increase the size of a body part I don’t possess.

    How warm is it over there now? Just the thought of getting wet outside here makes me get goosebumps and a cold.

  5. Fun times! Your kids are going to have so many great memories.

    I had one of those nebulizer treatments once, so I know exactly how you felt. See, that’s why I could never do drugs. I didn’t like feeling like that.

  6. Insomnia, for any reason, SUCKS. Hope you get some sleep soon.

    Also, I love these posts–you’re kids are super cute and you take such great photos!!! Always makes me smile. :-)

  7. When I had a terrible cough over the winter, my doc gave me Vicodin cough syrup for nighttime and it worked like a charm.

  8. Wow! When did the baby get those little curls!? =) Sooo cute!

    And great minds think alike — we just got that same pink swimsuit at Target (or was it the call of the red clearance sticker?)! =)

  9. Every time I see pictures of LilZ, I am amazed at how much he particpates with your family. He is so good with his siblings! I have a 14yo boy, and he is very much going through the “I’m too cool for my family” phase.

    Enjoy him!

  10. Please please tell me where your son got the camera T-shirt? My daughter is an aspiring photographer and I would LOVE to get her one for graduation. Thanks!

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