Entertaining Bullets About Entertainment

  • Entertainment Tonight is going to have special footage tonight from the set of New Moon. They’ve been airing teaser footage of the segment on their website all week and all I can think is: The promotional department of Summit Entertainment SURE KNOWS HOW TO KEEP FANS INTERESTED.
  • Speaking of Twilight, Catherine Hardwicke’s Director’s Notebook was AWESOME. Not only is it awesome if you loved the movie like I did, but if you just find the behind-the-scenes stuff of movies cool? Then check out that book.
  • There are so many movies coming out that I’m excited about that I have decided to get a second mortgage to pay for all the movie tickets I’ll be buying this summer: Star Trek, X-Men, Transformers and…the best of all…Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. It is going to be the summer of THE AWESOME ACTION FLICKS, that’s for damn sure.
  • I have decided to move Bones to the top place on my list of favorite shows currently on television. The last couple of episodes have been awesome in nineteen million ways. The Steal The Body From The Visitation episode had me cracking up. It takes special writing talent to pull off that kind of storyline in a crime drama.
  • And at the bottom of that same list? Ghost Whisperer. Why am I still watching that show? Why did I not stop watching it when her dead husband’s soul entered the body of another dead guy who would wake up and not remember he was her dead husband? But now that he’s remembered? And he’s going to use his new body to follow his dreams of becoming a DOCTOR? WTF? Jennifer Love Hewitt has some sort of magical hold over me and I can’t let go. It must be the boobs. They have the same effect on my husband.

What has been entertaining you lately?


16 thoughts on “Entertaining Bullets About Entertainment”

  1. Yep I thought last night was Thursday and sushed my mother in law and sons when entertainment tonight came on. Then I realized it was only Wednesday…good to know where my priorities lay. I read on facebook that you watched Hannah Montana Sunday night. I saw the movie with Gracie and keep bugging her to get the new Cd. I think i’m going to have to break down and buy it myself.

  2. Did you hear the started filming the final Harry Potter movie? I figured you had, but saw some of the pics the other day. Kinda sad about that.

    My tivo is about to explode but won’t be able to watch anything until May 4th-ish.

  3. Oh my GOSH Harry Potter. I CANNOT WAIT for the movie.

    Half the reason I spend so much time on the elliptical these days is so that I can again wear my Hogwarts-crest tank from Hot Topic for the movie. I bought it in early pregnancy for the midnight release of Deathly Hallows and haven’t QUITE gotten it to fit again. BUT IT WILL.

    AND I can’t wait for the teaser on ET… I think I have you to blame for that obsession. ;)

  4. My girlfriends and I have been entertained all season with Smallville and Supernatural for two simple (and yummy reasons)
    Oliver Queen and Dean Winchester ~drool~

    But I will be forcing them to watch ET with me tonight tho- I’m so excited to see it!

  5. Well … “Lost,” as always. Also, “Fringe” is back. I love that show. Also, I liked the most recent episode of “The Unusuals” more than the first couple they aired.

    This is definitely going to be The Summer of Awesome Movies.

  6. I totally agree with you about Ghost Whisperer! I should’ve quit a long time ago, but I can’t stop watching! It’s really starting to play out like someone’s really bad fanfic. Gah! As for what I like – Lost, Fringe, 24, Chuck (basically all the one-word shows!) and a few reality shows like Survivor, Amazing Race and American Idol. I really miss Life on Mars and wish Doctor Who would come back, but I guess we can’t have everything, right?

  7. I tried to watch the first episode of Ghost Whisperer and I found it incredibly, nightmare-inducing creepy. On the other hand, I can watch Medium every week and it doesn’t phase me…much. ;)

    My favorite new show right now? Castle. If you’re a Nathan Fillion fan (i.e. Captain Hammer from Dr. Horrible) you will love this show. He is terrific in it.

    Summer movie season is going to rock!

  8. I’m looking forward to the new Johnny Depp movie, too :-)

    What’s entertaining me? The dude I’ve been flirting with at work. ;-)

  9. I wish I lived near you because we seem to have exactly the same taste in entertainment.

    Lately I’m keeping my fingers crossed that “Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles” doesn’t get cancelled. I want to care that much about “Dollhouse,” but really I don’t. I’ll also miss “Fringe” when it goes, but only for John Noble.

  10. Hmm I haven’t started watching Bones yet, but I hear good things about it. Now that Friday Night Lights has left me again, I need a replacement. Lately, I’ve been enjoying “Make me a supermodel” and “Real Housewives of NYC.” The latter is SO bad but sometimes it’s fun to ask in the cattiness.

  11. Stupidly excited about the new Star Trek and Harry Potter – now I just have to figure out how to get to the movies w/ 2 children under 3 in the house and no babysitters.

    As for TV? Meh. Nothing too exciting these days. Still love the Amazing Race. Heros and Lost are better this season than last so I’m giving them both another chance. Supernatural has been grabbing us the last few episodes (it looked like it had jumped the shark there for awhile).

    I’ve never seen an episode of Bones. Must be on at a weird time.

  12. Oh, you know me: I love all that trash tv on Vh1. Even though it makes my eyes burn.

    I wish the Rave had something like season passes for cheap. There are lots of movies coming out that I want to see, too!

  13. Your Ghost Whisperer is my Twilight. I keep promising myself I will STOP ALREADY with that crap. It’s not even all that good! (I’m of the opinion that the 1st book was the best and they got progressively not-best from there) but I always break my own promises and then end up searching for anything Twilight related on Youtube until way too late at night…

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