This is what I get for mocking the panic.


Take this pretty picture and use it to replace the anxiety I’m feeling over the fact that our schools are cancelled (Daycare included) for the rest of the week due to two “probable” swine flu cases in our county. Of course, I’m more anxious because I’m stuck at home those two days, not at the risk of the flu. But that’s because I’m whatever the opposite of hypochondriac is…I go into denial about illness. Inevitably, when I finally go to a doctor for something, the doctor points out that I should have arrived several days earlier. I push it to the limit. So I’m totally not even thinking about the possibility of the swine flu, I’m choosing instead to be irritated that I can’t go to work tomorrow.

I never claimed to be rational.

Another Quickie.


Lighthearted story for the day as I’ve overslept for the 3rd day in a row and have absolutely zero minutes to blog. (Evidently it takes a 33-year old woman a lot longer to catch up on sleep than it did the 23-year old version of the same woman.) This weekend, NikkiZ was trying to teach me a blessing they say at school. I started getting nervous about the questions that may follow as I knew the blessing said, “Thank you, God.” Would she ask who God was? Is she old enough to understand the idea that some people believe one thing while Mommy believes something else? If she doesn’t ask do I just ignore it? Do I just repeat her without talking about what we’re saying?

Turns out? Wasn’t an issue. As this is her version:

Thank you for the world so sweet
Thank you GUYS for everything!

Hee. She’s not thanking God. She’s thanking guys…who are…the people around her? Like her classmates maybe? I love it. And I let her teach it to me like that. Thank you guys for everything! I mean, grateful is good no matter who you’re thanking, right?


If I’m still awake in another hour – send sheep to count.

It’s Sunday night and I’m hopped on on steroids. I am watching tween shows from the Disney Channel and I can not even pretend it’s just a channel I stopped on. Nope. These are shows I intentionally recorded. Because, as I’ve mentioned before, I do not even pretend it’s about the kids anymore. It’s all about me and my incredibly infantile taste in television.

I finally took myself to the doctor yesterday after two sleepless nights of coughing. Turns out I have bronchitis so they gave me a steroid nebulizer treatment that made me feel INSANE for about 30 minutes. They also gave me an inhaler that has been responsible for helping the cough, but keeping me up All. Night. Long. Last night AndyZ was partially to blame as he slept about five minutes himself. But tonight? Tonight is all me and the ‘roids.

So – Photo Time! We spent most of yesterday doing all of the fun things we’ve NOT been doing the last few months. There were art festivals and fountains. Sprinkler toys and bubble wands. More painting and swimming. Just loads of fun crammed into one day and – even though I couldn’t breathe – I could not have been happier. It was nice to just have some sort of normalcy back into our lives.

And here are the photos to prove it.

On our way to Panoply

Painting at Panoply
Painting at Panoply

Shake Your Booty
Shaking her booty at the fountains downtown

In the fountains
AndyZ was not as impressed.

New bubble toy
Check out this new awesome bubble wand!

Awesomest Bubbles Evah
It was a family event

Watching his sister paint
Watching from the playpen.

Bubble Boy
Bubble Boy

Entertaining Bullets About Entertainment

  • Entertainment Tonight is going to have special footage tonight from the set of New Moon. They’ve been airing teaser footage of the segment on their website all week and all I can think is: The promotional department of Summit Entertainment SURE KNOWS HOW TO KEEP FANS INTERESTED.
  • Speaking of Twilight, Catherine Hardwicke’s Director’s Notebook was AWESOME. Not only is it awesome if you loved the movie like I did, but if you just find the behind-the-scenes stuff of movies cool? Then check out that book.
  • There are so many movies coming out that I’m excited about that I have decided to get a second mortgage to pay for all the movie tickets I’ll be buying this summer: Star Trek, X-Men, Transformers and…the best of all…Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. It is going to be the summer of THE AWESOME ACTION FLICKS, that’s for damn sure.
  • I have decided to move Bones to the top place on my list of favorite shows currently on television. The last couple of episodes have been awesome in nineteen million ways. The Steal The Body From The Visitation episode had me cracking up. It takes special writing talent to pull off that kind of storyline in a crime drama.
  • And at the bottom of that same list? Ghost Whisperer. Why am I still watching that show? Why did I not stop watching it when her dead husband’s soul entered the body of another dead guy who would wake up and not remember he was her dead husband? But now that he’s remembered? And he’s going to use his new body to follow his dreams of becoming a DOCTOR? WTF? Jennifer Love Hewitt has some sort of magical hold over me and I can’t let go. It must be the boobs. They have the same effect on my husband.

What has been entertaining you lately?

But On A Funnier Note…

I do have a funny story! That’s not about death or grief!

Evidently NikkiZ’s class thinks they’re cute when they answer role call with the word “President” instead of “Present.” Yesterday her teacher was calling roll and the kids started saying, “President!” Except for my Lefty McLiberal Daughter. What did she say? She said, “President Obama!” Shocking the heck out of the teacher. I was just surprised she didn’t holler, “Yes We Can!” at the end of it.