Wait. Why Am I Here Again?

Growing up I lost a LOT of crap. I mean – a LOT. The older I got, the worse my losses were. There was a coin ring (remember those?) here and a pair of Ray-Bans there. There were earrings and purses. Jackets and backpacks. I actually had my own space in the Lost-and-Found at my High School for my purse because I left it behind so often leaving one class and going to another. There were even times when this fault would manifest in other ways – like forgetting to get my keys out of the car before I got out of it. And locked the doors. I locked my keys in my car so many times over a period of several years that I lost count after 15. FIFTEEN TIMES. The best time? Was when it was running and LilZ was inside. That was definitely a high point.

Somewhere around 10 years ago, this habit started fading. My dad always blamed that trait on “having too much on your mind.” I liked blaming it on that because it sounded much better than, “Because you’re a damn moron.” I wasn’t really sure if it held much water as a theory, however. Not until I started going several years not forgetting shit. I realized through those years that my life was much more calm. And then, inevitably, if something added chaos to my life: I’d start forgetting stuff again.

I realized last night that several things that have happened in the past week indicate that maybe, just maybe, there’s something grander on my mind.

  • Lost my wallet. Luckily it was turned in at the hospital.
  • Misplaced my iPod. Still don’t know where that is.
  • Went to the store Sunday specifically for kitty litter and some groceries. Came home with just groceries and no kitty litter.
  • Stopped by Target on the way home yesterday for some kitty litter and a few items for my office. Came home with only the items for my office.
  • Went back out to the grocery store last night for kitty litter and coffee filters. Came home with just the kitty litter.
  • Asked MrZ to watched AndyZ this morning while I put the toolbox in my car. Came back in a realized 10 minutes later I forgot to put the toolbox in my car.
  • Left my keys in my car twice so far this morning. Lucky the car is smart enough not to lock without me pushing the button on the keys.

Please tell me I’m not the only one that handles excess stress in her life by have a complete mental breakdown thereby losing any ability to remember ANYTHING. It’s like pregnancy brain – TIMES ONE-MILLION.

The Culture I’ll Be Focusing On For My Doctoral Dissertation in Anthropology

Okay, updates before The Funny. Or at least – Before The Mildly Entertaining Considering The Circumstances.

I am back in Alabama, at least for a few days. My Dad is in ICU in Knoxville still and my brother is staying with him while I come home and work. When Dad gets out of ICU, my brother will head back to Arizona and I’ll plan on taking over for a little while. They diagnosed him having Multiple Myeloma – which is a cancer of the blood that effects the bone marrow – explaining intense bone pain, lessions, and stress fractures. Some of the bi-products of the cancer are proteins that clog up the kidneys. Hence the renal failure. He started dialysis AND chemotherapy yesterday. How is THAT for a menu? The dialysis may not be a permanent thing, jury still out on whether his kidneys will repair themselves. Chemotherapy could be really effective – a lot is still up in the air.

My brother and I spent a chunk of time in the ICU waiting room. We were having flashbacks to 2002 when my mom was in ICU for four weeks. Those waiting rooms are unique places because your loved ones are critical and no one wants to leave the hospital. Most usually spend 24 hours a day in there. I spent a lot of time this weekend thinking about my roommates (although I didn’t spend the night, my brother did) and wanting to twitter my observations. But – due to the proximity of the elevators – our cell phones were USELESS. So, I present to you:

Things I Would Have Twittered From The ICU Waiting Room

  • Some of the families in here look very fun. My brother and I are kinda boring. Maybe I should give him a noogie like when we were kids.
  • Oh! Church ladies brought new snacks for the day. I’m totally going to knock over a few old ladies to get to the good stuff before its gone.
  • I’m not sure what it says about the typical ICU patient, but there is a huge majority of smokers here in this waiting room.
  • Someone ordered pizza to the waiting room. Genius for them, torture for those of us eating cafeteria food.
  • A lady has taken over greeter duties after hours and does a great job helping new members of our community. She is our leader – I think.
  • You don’t need a watch in here to remind yourself of visiting times. The mass exodus every two hours clues you in.
  • Leaving the waiting room television on sports 24-hours a day is torture. Doesn’t anyone appreciate crappy reality TV like I do?