I Refuse To Twitter About Twittering

This article may take a little bit of a harsh approach to all things Twitter – but I do agree with this specific sentiment:

But I’m giving it up. I know I’ll get roasted for being anti-tech. But, what I really am is pro meaningful communication. And somewhere along the Internet highway we fell under the spell that more communication is better communication. Sometimes more communication is just noise.

I still use Twitter pretty minimally. Lately I’ve used to to update several people at one time, and I do find it a good way to pass time if I’m bored (and maybe stuck on the shuttle ride from hell) and forgot my book. I also follow a bunch of people on Twitter who I like to keep up with (Jimmy Fallon twittered on the Today Show today! Hee!) in that celebrestalker kinda way. (What? I admit it!) But I do feel like sometimes I forget that 140 characters is not enough to nurture a relationship or friendship. Sometimes it’s just enough to offend people.

I think I may take this as motivation to write a few letters this week. Dig out the gobs and gobs of awesome stationary, buy some stamps, and communicate the old-fashioned way. Just for the hell of it.


21 thoughts on “I Refuse To Twitter About Twittering”

  1. I twittered for about forty-eight minutes and gave up. I am just not that fascinating. The pressure of a blog is enough. But, I suppose just like anything else, twittering should be done in moderation.

  2. I have had the Twitter Kool-Aid. I really adore it, mostly because I enjoy the challenge of fitting what I need to say into a concise statement. In general, I suck at that.

    I will say, though, that I’ve taken the initiative to send snail-mail cards to my girlfriends once a month.

  3. Handwritten letters are still awesome. I’d be thrilled to get one in the mail these days…it’s been years. I don’t follow a whole lot of people or else it’s just too much. I started following someone claiming to be Dave Matthews, but after reading some of his entries (tweets, whatever) I’m just not sure it’s him.

    I mean, maybe it is and he doesn’t know the difference between ‘throw’ and ‘through’ and ‘worn and warn’.

    Or maybe if he doesn’t, I’m just better off not knowing that little tidbit.

  4. I like Twittering silly observations about my day and that is about it. No one cares what I had for lunch. Oh WAIT, I did just mix some salsa with Greek yogurt and WOW. Hubba hubba. So yeah, that’ll get Twittered. hee!

    I do love handwritten cards/letters. I keep a stash of blank cards around just for the sole purpose of dashing off quickies.

  5. I remember when people were saying the same things about blogging. Twitter, and micro blogging in general, seems to be following along the same trajectory as blogging. A new report came out today, in fact, that says 11% of online users are now on Twitter, up from 6%. That’s how blogging got going. I fully expect to see a lot of “Twitter, meh” posts over the next several months. In another 2 years people will be wondering how they lived without it, lol.

  6. I’ve unplugged from Facebook recently for the very same reason – small nuggets of information don’t translate into meaningful friendships, and I found myself spending way too much time “following” people that I wouldn’t spend nearly that much time with if it was face-to-face. Time to call some of my friends, send some letters, make some coffee dates and get back to cultivating those friendships that are important to me. Call it a lesson learned, for me, anyway!

  7. I Twittered, felt unordinarily isolated (hello, no responses to ANYTHING I POSTED) and gave it up once I found Plurk.

    Plurk is the same 140char concept, only it comes out in threads that you can read the actual conversations to, and all your friends are in one continual timeline that updates.

  8. I started a random friendship with someone who followed me on twitter and now we’re hanging out for reals. He’s super cute too! Romance on twitter? LOL!

  9. It’s true! Every time I pick up a meaningful conversation with someone via twitter, going back and forth for hours in @ replies, it occurs to me that either of us could easily pick up the phone to have the same conversation and doing so would not only annoy all our fellow twitter-ers a lot less, but we’d be able to communicate a lot better without the 140 character limit. (That was a long sentence, sorry.)

  10. I like Twitter better now that I (finally) downloaded Tweetdeck. But I still can’t keep up like some people can.

    I try to set aside a day a week to send a letter or a package to someone. Just to reach out and actually touch someone, you know? It’s nice to get a piece of actual mail.

  11. Every couple of months I got to Michael’s and buy some blank cards and scrapbooking stickers and make blank cards. i write to my friends, my sisters, anyone I feel inclined and send them off in the mail. Despite our reliance on twitter etc. to communicate, who doesn’t love getting mail, right?!

  12. While I love Twitter, I admit to sometimes hating twitter, too. Sometimes it seems like the most convenient and entertaining thing, yet sometimes it strikes me as merely a huge time-suck. I like what mrsgryphon said above, that often Twitter forces you to pay more attention to people than you would if faced with them in real life. And not in a good way.

    However, I can’t give it up. If for no other reason than my little fantasy that Lance Armstrong is indeed texting *me* personally and not also the other 212,000 or so other people that follow him. (Yes, it is sad. And yes, my husband does tease me unmercifully about it.)

  13. Yee-Haw for handwritten letters! I miss them so much!

    As for Twittering, I have an account, but don’t use it as much. I got sucked into Facebook more than Twitter :( lol

  14. I signed up with Twitter months ago and rarely found a reason to keep up with it. I just signed up with Facebook and ‘get it’ more. There is only so much time in the day, though, and other things fight for my attention.

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