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Hello! How are you doing? I’m fine, thanks. Been a little busy, but hanging in there. I went back home this week for a short trip since my Dad got discharged from the hospital and sent home. (Woo Hoo! No more hospital food!) While at home my youngest has had a double ear infection and NikkiZ is sporting her nine millionth cold of the season. Due to reasons I won’t divulge, LilZ lost the use of his cell phone and the internet this week. He also lost his DVR which may have been more of a perk for us since we now have dual tuner recording capabilities in the bedroom now. All of these things combine to be my list of Excuses Why I Haven’t Been Blogging. And also Excuses Why I Have Been Drinking MrZ’s Beer When He’s Not Looking. (Sorry, hon.)

I have been using my Awake Time in the middle of the night with random sick children to catch up on some TV. I have made a few decisions regarding this current TV season I thought I’d share with you:

  • My favorite new shows: Leverage and Fringe. I’m thrilled everyone else seems to love them as well.
  • Shows that I used to love but are letting me down this season: Ugly Betty and C.S.I.
  • Then, of course, there are always the shows I still watch religiously even though I have NO IDEA WHY: Ghost Whisperer and Numb3rs
  • I’m still continually thrilled by the developments on Lost. Making a concrete END DATE for that show was the best thing they ever did. The show seems to actually be following some sort of path towards a conclusion while still making me go…”No!?” every week.
  • I am always happy when my favorite shows continue to keep me happy: NCIS, Bones, House, Criminal Minds, HIMYM.
  • I feel really guilty for not falling desperately in love with Dollhouse yet. It’s a Joss Whedon creation – I feel like I’m required to obsess over everything he does. WHY CAN’T I OBSESS OVER THAT?
  • I find myself fast forwarding through a lot of TV lately. There are several story lines on Friday Night Lights that bore me so I tend to zoom past those. (None of the ones involving Coach Taylor, of course. Yum.) I fear that may be a bad sign.
  • I am having a hard time picking favorites on Biggest Loser or The Amazing Race yet this year. There are a bunch of teams/people on both I like. That may be a first!

What about you? Any TV opinions this season you’d like to share as we head into the finale season?


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  1. Trust Me is so much fun!! You get both Eric and Tom to drool over??? Plus I used to work at an Ad Agency, and um Hi…it was like they were spying on us! Biggest Loser, I don’t have a favorite yet because I kinda love them all!! Strange but true!

    Hope everyone starts feeling better soon. (new niece arrived on Tuesday…few pics up on my blog)

  2. I love “Lie to Me” but I hate when I get attached to the Pilot and the first few episodes and then they don’t carry it anymore. I hope “Lie to Me” doesn’t go down that path. “Life” is also good.

  3. That photo is adorable.

    I, too, am loving Trust Me. You have to check that one out. I totally agree with you on both The Biggest Loser and Amazing Race, though I think AR is still too early to be sure.

  4. You have to watch Life on Mars. Best new show in ages. Of course that probably means it will be canceled. Definitely make the time to watch but I would start with the beginning of the season. I think ABC has it online.

  5. HIMYM is one of my favorite shows of all time. It makes me happy. I laugh out loud.

    But, I miss Gilmore Girls. Man that was a GOOD show.

  6. I love HIMYM so much I can’t stand it – a lot of that is due to Neil Patrick Harris, but I just love it. And Big Bang Theory is awesome, too, especially if you’ve ever known geeks.

    I think you’re right about Lost. It’s just consistently jaw-dropping this season.

    My favorite new show is Life on Mars. The lead actor is hot and the storylines are interesting.

    I still love Ugly Betty, but I think that has more to do with the cast than the storylines this season. They are just so awesomely wonderful. The cast, not the storylines.

    As for Dollhouse? I’m not totally into it. I think it’s a combination of things. First, the premise of it is really disturbing to me, interesting and fascinating, but disturbing. Second, I think Eliza Dushku is not a good enough actress to pull off the changing characters each week. She’s good at the vacant, but that’s about all. I have a hard time believing her in any other part of the show. It should be such a meaty part – getting to play basically a different person each week, but she’s just not doing it for me. I’ll give it a few more episodes before I decide whether or not to give up on it, though.

  7. I’m not crazy about Ugly Betty any more either, but I keep watching. I’m catching up on all the Project Runway seasons, because I never had Bravo and only caught them sporadically on business trips.

  8. We watch a lot of same shows. Same opinion on CSI, I think it is just not the same without Grissom. Leverage just ended, thankfully they are returning in summer. And NCIS was filming next to my husband’s work, I made an extra trip to have lunch with him, but only saw them filming, he ended up having a photo taken with them. Bah!

  9. - I love Chuck and don’t understand why it’s doing so badly. Sad!
    – We are working our way through season 2 of Battlestar Galactica so I am constantly trying to avoid spoilers from the current (& final) season.
    – I feel like I am the only one still watching Survivor…
    – The building of the final 12 for American Idol is getting on my nerves… How did some of these people make it to the final 36???
    – I am so glad it looks like Fringe is doing well but can they *play it* already? Stupid AI. See above.

    Ahem. I think that’s it. I love TV.

  10. Glad to hear your father is home.

    I hope the kids are well soon.

    I haven’t seen Leverage and Fringe. I may record a few episodes to check them out.

    I just got hooked on Bones. Love it.

    House is an old favorite as is The Closer.

  11. I want to like Fringe but it just misses for me.

    I LOVE love love Burn Notice on USA. Seriously – must watch. We also like Psych. Love HIMYM and Big Bang Theory. Amazing Race is always a fav. Top Chef just ended and Project Runway is in lawsuit limbo so my favorite Bravo shows aren’t around at the moment. Others mentioned Trust Me…I’ve been Tivo’ing it. I like it a lot but I don’t think I would miss it if it disappeared – I’m not invested in it.

    Go set Burn Notice to record tonight. You are welcome.

  12. I can’t fall in love with Dollhouse either. I did, however, switch to Sarah Connor Chronicles on its new night and finally shake my Ghost Whisperer addiction. That thing with the dead husband was just too awful.

  13. It stinks Fringe is off until April, but I do need to catch up more. I haven’t checked out Dollhouse yet, but Ugly Betty has been a little better this season. But it’s still missing the “punch” the first season had.

    What storylines are you not liking on FNL? Jason is on his way out so that’s temporary but I do love me some Coach Taylor. I never get tired of him.

  14. I am loving Fringe and Leverage too! I agree about CSI though… I feel like the whole Lawrence Fishburne thing is weird, and I just haven’t liked it that much this season. I’m not in love with Dollhouse yet, but I don’t feel guilty (yet). I am hoping that given time Joss will show his genius. I’m loving this new show called Lie to Me with Tim Roth, and loving LOST too!

  15. are you NOT watching the mentalist? i LOVE that show! and of course, trust me is fun too. mc cormick AND cavanagh? i’m there. (i’ve loved tom cavanagh since his “ed” days!) burn notice is a blast too. i’m watching the last season of er and enjoying how the old cast members are being worked into the storylines. other than that, bones has been great this year.

    i watch too much tv. but i have to get it all in now before the baby gets here!

  16. I love Fringe! The show in general is great, even though I hate the lead actress. She has two facial expressions: bland, and bland with a hint of mad. But the rest of the show is great. Walter cracks me up with his randomness, and Joshua Jackson has always been dreamy. I am disleased with it not returning until April, but at least it’s returning!

  17. Awesome photo…i love 24, AI, Bones, Fringe, House, and a few others…I am the queen of DVR as I can’t stand commericals.

  18. I can’t get into Dollhouse, either. I blame Eliza Dushku, who I find completely unappealing. I don’t think she can carry a show. Then again, the Whedonites are a a pretty rabidly loyal bunch.

    I looove Fringe. I agree that the female lead is a weak link, though everyone else on the show is just awesome.

  19. Add me to the list of people who is disappointed that I didn’t immediately fall in love with Dollhouse. The premise is kind of creeping me out, mostly because each week she has had sex with a “client,” while she is technically unable to consent. And while Faith was one of my favorite characters, I agree that Eliza Dushku isn’t quite clicking for me in this role. Personally, I think Amy Acker would have been a better choice. She has a much wider range (the episode of Angel where she switched back and forth between Illyria and Fred when Fred’s parents came to visit was amazing). Although, I’m sure Dushku was chosen partly for the hotness factor.

    As for DVRs — we are getting a second DVR, this one for the bedroom, and I’m embarrassed to admit how excited I am.

  20. I love the picture! Your mom mentioned in her blog that she thought Maxi loved AndyZ and it looks like she is right by the looks of this photo!

  21. Ah, TV. I love it even though I try not to. I’m huge on Biggest Loser (no pun intended) and I totally want Tara to win. I don’t know if you watch that one. Survivor I’m kinda digging Taj and that nerdy guy – Steven? I think? The lanky blonde is kinda fun, too. Coach? Annoying! Erin? Annoying! Sandy? Also Annoying! Amazing Race I’m in a pool for so even though I find Christy and Jodi completely ridiculous and useless – they have to make it because, hi, they’re the team that I drew.

    I saw the first episode of The Dollhouse and I was intrigued, but forgot to watch the next one and, well, now I don’t care anymore.

    I’m Lost’s bitch. LOVE that show and yet, I hate it so much at the end of every episode. I think this last episode was a cop-out, though.

  22. If you enjoy police dramas, two that have me hooked are “Life” on NBC & “Life on Mars” on ABC. Both are well written & well acted, and have just enough quirkiness to make them “don’t miss” shows for me. The only problem is that both of these are on the same night (Wednesday) & the same time; however, TiVo solves this problem really well.
    I’m also a huge fan of “Chuck”, “How I Met Your Mother”, & “The Big Bang Theory”. Of course there’s the entire NBC Thursday line-up (with the exception of “Kath & Kim” {ack}).

  23. I consider myself a rabid Whedonite and I can’t get jazzed about Dollhouse either. I had a hard time at the beginning of Angel, so I’m giving it a full season to develop before I jump to conclusions. My problems are that I hated Faith, which I thought would cause me some difficulty buying anything else Eliza Dushku does, but that’s not the case. My husband and I agree that if they hadn’t promoted it as a Joss Whedon show, we never would have known. There isn’t the quality or quantity of Whedon humor that we’ve come to expect. I respect the guy enough to give it a shot. Maybe he’ll take us in some amazing direction once the show settles in. One can only hope, because I refuse to give up on him.

  24. Well, now that Grey’s Anatomy is on hiatus, I can start watching CSI again. Last night, I fell asleep during it though, so I should maybe watch something else. I am enjoying the final season of ER and I never miss House. Also, Burn Notice is great. Leverage is awesome. I started watching it b/c Sophie on it used to be on Coupling (which is so funny) and I wanted to see her play a character that wasn’t comic. I think she’s good in it.

  25. CSI is letting me down too but I love me some NCIS. Seriously Mark Harmon makes me drool.

    I love Kristin on Biggest Loser and Laura-I think it’s Laura? On the green team? Though I really love Mike and was so sad when he was split from his dad!

  26. I haven’t watched Dollhouse either, which I totally intended to do. My stepdaughter and I are nearing the end of Season 5 of Buffy (I’ve seen it a gazillion times, but it’s her first time *sniff*), and we usually are always watching Buffy these days.

    My husband loves The Mentalist. I hate it, but I hate most Jerry Brukwhatever shows, so don’t go by me.

    We both, however, LOVE the show Life. It is fantastic. We also love Rescue Me, but we don’t have cable anymore, so we stay a season behind on it. I think it’s back on FX though.

  27. I feel you on the Dollhouse…I watch it every week hoping it will clinch me in but it just really wants me to turn off the TV. Hope it gets better!

  28. I agree w/you on LOST, but hot damn I’m going to miss it when it’s all over.

    What is Dollhouse? What network is that on?

    ps – What happened to your TV Blog? Is that gone now? Sorry if I missed the memo.

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