• I Refuse To Twitter About Twittering

    This article may take a little bit of a harsh approach to all things Twitter – but I do agree with this specific sentiment:

    But I’m giving it up. I know I’ll get roasted for being anti-tech. But, what I really am is pro meaningful communication. And somewhere along the Internet highway we fell under the spell that more communication is better communication. Sometimes more communication is just noise.

    I still use Twitter pretty minimally. Lately I’ve used to to update several people at one time, and I do find it a good way to pass time if I’m bored (and maybe stuck on the shuttle ride from hell) and forgot my book. I also follow a bunch of people on Twitter who I like to keep up with (Jimmy Fallon twittered on the Today Show today! Hee!) in that celebrestalker kinda way. (What? I admit it!) But I do feel like sometimes I forget that 140 characters is not enough to nurture a relationship or friendship. Sometimes it’s just enough to offend people.

    I think I may take this as motivation to write a few letters this week. Dig out the gobs and gobs of awesome stationary, buy some stamps, and communicate the old-fashioned way. Just for the hell of it.