Hot and Cold


MrZ and I have entered that portion of the year where we spend our days coming in behind the other one to adjust the thermostat. He likes it warmer than I do. So, I lower the thermostat setting and he turns it up. And in between we argue with each other about how the other one should QUIT DOING THAT ALREADY. It’s like a really boring comedy routine.

I just do NOT like to be hot. And because I tend to dress warmer in the winter than he does, I get really hot in my sweaters and blue jeans inside the house. And that bugs me to death. I do NOT like walking around sweaty in my own home. The same goes for the summer time, where – if I didn’t have any concern for energy conservation – I’d leave the thermostat on 60 from May thru August. But – I do try to be a little conscious of the planet and the conservation of resources.

A little bit.

The weird thing about this part of my personality? The irritation with my house being too warm? Is that I’m just the opposite with my outdoor environment. If I didn’t love Huntsville so much, I’d move some place even warmer. I hate the winter with every ounce of my soul. And winter here? Is nothing compared to what some of you suffer through. We don’t even get snow anymore. Most of us don’t even own real winter coats. It just does not get cold enough to invest in that kind of outerwear. But for me? Still too cold. And I love the summer time. I love going to the Botanical Gardens and being outdoors even in the dead heat of the summer. Doesn’t really phase me.

As long as my car and my home are air-conditioned.

How weird is that? Inside? I prefer the cold. But outside? I prefer the hot.

It is official. I’m insane. In case the jury was still out on that one. Which I don’t think it was.

So – what about you? Does your indoor comfort level equal your outdoor comfort level? Or are you weird like me?