LilZ is successfully holding two small children simultaneously. Do you realize how amazing that is? And he was proud of this. He understands enough about kids to recognize that this moment? Was one that should be documented. Hence the Take The Picture Already look on his face. He knew his arms wouldn’t hold out forever. […]


What? Mom without Coffee? That IS a nightmare! For a brief, terrifying few minutes this morning, I thought my coffee maker was broken. I kept pressing “brew” and nothing was happening. I did it repeatedly, getting more and more anxious with each failed attempt. (What?) Finally, I decided to push it and walk away. Give […]

Five Years? SERIOUSLY?

My blog doesn’t have a concrete birthday because I was dumb and never thought something like that would seem important. Mainly because I had started blogs 100 times under 100 different names starting some time in 1999. When I started this incarnation sometime in January 2004, I didn’t know for sure it would be any […]