Helping Everyone On The Interweb Make It Through This Monday


I was checking a stylesheet change on my site this weekend when this picture showed up on my random photos bar at the top of the page. I had forgotten how often NikkiZ made the scrunch-y face. I’m glad to see her brother is doing his best to populate that tag in flickr as well.

I know I preach it all the time, but this is exactly why I want to make babies with flickr. Look how easily I was able to grab photos based on random tags I came up with to compare my kids. Of course, you have to be diligent about tagging photos for this to work. But if you do? Look at how quickly you can pull up photos of your children making awesome faces.

So, since today is Monday and these photos made me forget that for a moment? I’m showing my appreciation of flickr by sharing with you some more of the awesome photos of my daughter and her scrunchy face:

The technique

Blurry but hilarious
And who’s that kid holding her? He’s so young.


You’re welcome.


17 thoughts on “Helping Everyone On The Interweb Make It Through This Monday”

  1. I remember those purse swinging pictures like they were yesterday. Really, she can’t have been that little when that happened. I refuse to believe it, as it means my son must have changed that much as well!

  2. What a cute and consistent face that is! It’s amazing how different she looks and yet she still looks the same… if that makes any sense at all.

  3. i’ve never posted before, i guess you could call me a lurker, but the pictures and stories of you and your kids always make me smile….thank you for making my day..not only day but many days.

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