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MrZ and I have entered that portion of the year where we spend our days coming in behind the other one to adjust the thermostat. He likes it warmer than I do. So, I lower the thermostat setting and he turns it up. And in between we argue with each other about how the other one should QUIT DOING THAT ALREADY. It’s like a really boring comedy routine.

I just do NOT like to be hot. And because I tend to dress warmer in the winter than he does, I get really hot in my sweaters and blue jeans inside the house. And that bugs me to death. I do NOT like walking around sweaty in my own home. The same goes for the summer time, where – if I didn’t have any concern for energy conservation – I’d leave the thermostat on 60 from May thru August. But – I do try to be a little conscious of the planet and the conservation of resources.

A little bit.

The weird thing about this part of my personality? The irritation with my house being too warm? Is that I’m just the opposite with my outdoor environment. If I didn’t love Huntsville so much, I’d move some place even warmer. I hate the winter with every ounce of my soul. And winter here? Is nothing compared to what some of you suffer through. We don’t even get snow anymore. Most of us don’t even own real winter coats. It just does not get cold enough to invest in that kind of outerwear. But for me? Still too cold. And I love the summer time. I love going to the Botanical Gardens and being outdoors even in the dead heat of the summer. Doesn’t really phase me.

As long as my car and my home are air-conditioned.

How weird is that? Inside? I prefer the cold. But outside? I prefer the hot.

It is official. I’m insane. In case the jury was still out on that one. Which I don’t think it was.

So – what about you? Does your indoor comfort level equal your outdoor comfort level? Or are you weird like me?


27 thoughts on “Hot and Cold”

  1. I hate it hot, everywhere. I’d move farther north if it wasn’t for all the snow and decrease in sunlight.

    I used to sleep with the window open, in Jan./Feb. just to cool down… but now married, to a man that wears socks to bed, it just doesn’t work. I’ve adjusted, but man do I itch for a “cold” house!

  2. In the winter months, the husband and I go through the same battle as you and MrZ. I prefer to have it cooler and wear a sweatshirt if necessary, while he likes to walk around in shorts and turn up the heat. (In fact, before the weather turns really cold, I like to have a fan on me while I sleep.)

    In the summer, I prefer the coolness of AC as well. Summer is my least favorite season, what with all the sweating I do.

  3. I moved from Alabama to NJ because I HATE to be hot. Hate it. It makes me feel nauseous and miserable. Now we are considering moving back to Auburn for my husband to get his PhD. I’m already miserable thinking of the six month summers.

  4. I HATE the heat. I’ve lived in Las Vegas, NV for 20 years now, and I start hibernating in April. Luckily, all the grocery stores are open 24 hrs a day, so I can do that after midnight.

    Like you, I prefer it cooler inside the house, but I take care of my dad, who’s 84, so it needs to be warmer inside. For me, it’s shorts and tank tops all year round!

    BTW, I’ve been reading you through my feed reader for a couple of months now, and I gotta say, you have the sweetest family! Rock on!

  5. I like it warm inside and outside. Anything below 70° is too cold IMHO.

    I greet winter with the middle finger salute. :-)

  6. My husband is a walking oven. In the winter, I’m all eco-friendly girl with the temperature turned WAY low, but I freeze my ass off. He doesn’t notice if it’s cold, if it’s hot, or anything.. But I HATE being cold, whether inside or outside or ANYWHERE. But yet I subject myself to it, then freeze my ass off and wear gloves in bed, because I am a FREAK as well.

  7. I obviously enjoy the hot muggy heat. Down here? ACs BLAST all summer long. You sometimes have to carry a sweater or sweatshirt into places that you will be there for awhile because you walk out FREEZING!! Not my house, we keep the temp at about 70 in the summer and 60 in the winter, mainly because we are cheap. :)

  8. We heat with a wood heater which both of us LOVE. Only thing with wood heating is it does at times get the house too hot. I’m the one that comes to that conclusion first.

    Summer-I want the house cool. Summer in NOT my favorite season.

  9. I like it 72, year-round. San Diego, anyone? In Portland, Ore. the drizzly damp does me in.

    But my hair usually looks alright. hahahaha. No wonder they filmed part of “Twilight” here.

    We both try to establish thermostat domination here, too. So far I’m losing.

  10. I like it cool at all times. Which is why I am one unhappy girl living in Central Texas from July to September. 100+ temperatures are NOT for me!!

  11. I like hot inside in the winter/cool in the summer when it is hot but I like it hot outside and loath winter for the most part other then around the holidays when it is supposed to snow… but never seems to in Southern IN. My darling spouse likes it cold in the winter and we have the same sad comedy routine. His reasoning – he is cheap ;)

  12. I’m definitely like you in that I NEED a/c in the house and in the car. But I’d so much rather be hot than cold, except at bedtime. Then I like to be really warm under the blankets with it nice and crisp and cool in the room. When I’m too hot, I’m just kind of grumpy and know I can drink something cold or go inside. When I’m too cold, I’m grumpy and miserable AND I feel like I’ll never be warm again!

  13. E.x.a.c.t.l.y. same thing goes on at my house. Lovely.

    If I had control of the universal thermostat we would all live at a comfortable 68 year round. Except one week a year it’d be below freezing to kill spiders..I dislike spiders a lot. I love Spring and Fall weather. I can take Winter in small doses and Summer is just too darn hot.

    It seems I tend to over think things.

    Love the new design and the layout is very cool.

  14. I also like it warm inside and out. In fact, it is going to be 80 degrees in Austin today! On January 23rd! I love it! Boots and coats, etc. are a big pain. I want my t-shirts and flip flops!

    Our weird thing is that my husband is always warm during the day and cold at night. And I am the opposite. During the day I am walking around in a sweater. Then at night he’s piling on the covers and I am turning on the fan.

  15. I don’t pay for heat in my apartment so it’s unregulated, which means I’m sweating in there on a daily basis. I don’t mind though, saves on layering up heavy clothes to stay warm. But my parents keep their house at a chilly 65 degrees and I cannot handle that. I’m constantly cold there and bundling up in a robe and socks, looking like a sumo wrestler in all my layers. They love to torture me.

  16. I like it to stay cool all the time. So in the summer, I keep my thermostat set between 68-70 degrees, depending on the day. I don’t turn my heat on until the nights get below freezing (which take a while in Atlanta), and even then, it doesn’t kick in until my apartment dips below 65 degrees. I don’t mind curling up in thick socks and pj pants with my snuggle blanket on the couch. And in bed, my bf is a portable heater that snores, so half the time, I just use a light blanket curled around us.

    Most of the time, though, I just try to use the fan and the fact my downstairs neighbors crank the heat and I get to absorb all of their excess. I don’t like the feeling of gas heat – it dries out my skin and my sinuses like crazy!

  17. My husband always turns up the thermostat far beyond where I want it in the winder, in part because he wears short-sleeved t-shirts all year ’round, whereas I dress appropriately for the season. He also likes the house to be much cooler than I do in the summertime.

    Despite what he might think, I’m not being picky about these things just because I pay the utility bills and I’m cheap. I really do like to err on the side of warmer in the summer and cooler in the winter. That’s why man invented fans and blankets.

  18. I don’t like it too cold or too hot. Luckily I live in LA, except the couple of months of summer, rest of year we are set on 50-70 degree. We use a lot of a/c, but haven’t touched the heater for a long long time.

  19. Man, you’re REALLY going to hate it when you go through menopause. LOL. Especially if he still goes behind you and turns the thermostat up. I feel for ya already.

  20. I like it hot as long as I have AC too. My mom was surprised I was okay when we were in Mexico and the humidity was through the roof – but I kept the AC in the room at 70 so it felt pretty cold when we walked in! I have to have it cool for sleeping – and then, at home at least, I bundle up in a big pile o’ blankets ;0)

  21. I’m the same. Love it hot outdoors (and would love to move somewhere warmer) but need air con. Luckily it doesn’t get so hot here that not having air con (I don’t have it in my car (broken) or at my house) is such a problem, but it’s so amazing when I’m on holiday somewhere hot. Hate the cold.

  22. HATE the cold. HATE Ohio in the winter. It’s not so great in the summer, either, but at least it’s warm, and my whole huge family (practically) still lives here. When we lived in New Mexico, sigh, it was heaven. Had to pull out the jackets and snuggly sweatshirts when it dropped to 65 in the evenings. Tho I will admit that 113 was just a tad warm even for moi.

  23. Well I dont really mind! as long as im not dripping with sweat. I HATE (yes it really did need caps) being cold, so when the aircon gets to cold (becuase my partner loves it being cooler) I go outside for a bit. Sometimes I even weed the garden! and when I get to hot or its to humid for my liking I come back in.

    I am looking foward to winter when its around a constant 25 degrees celsius. Peferct!

  24. Haha. I’m insane, too, but in a different way. I like to keep it cold in the house in the summertime, and as hot as I can get it in the wintertime. I don’t mind wearing extra clothes in the house when it’s cold, but I do HATE wearing socks and/or shoes/slippers in the house. I refuse to, and I think that’s why I stay so cold.

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