One of My Many Attempts At Being More Cool

Happy New Year!

Happy Monday! I’m feeling incredibly out of sorts as I try to master my new 2009 daily schedule which will allow me time to meet a lot of my resolutions. I’m trying not to be hard on myself for messing a few days early on as it’s hard to remember the new changes when I’m used to the old way of life. For example: Daily Showers. I mean, how am I supposed to remember that when I’m used to going a whole week without one?


I mentioned last week that I want to do more to stimulate my the right side of my brain. Be more creative. More artsy. More inspired. This goal was born over this past year as I’ve opened my Google Reader to more than just parenting sites. Many of those parents, like me, have more interests than their children’s potty habits or daily menus. So, like them, I’m going to try to do more for the other sides of me.

One of the blogs I discovered in 2008 that has done the most in awakening the creative soul in me, is Hey! It’s Sierra. Her photography and her words always make me feel so excited about art. And for a left-brained geek like me? That’s an accomplishment. She has inspired me to do the 52 Blessings project this year. All you do is post a photo of something you’re grateful for once a week. Easy, right? And also a way to motivate me to photograph things other than my children.

Hmm. That makes it sound like I may not be grateful for my children. Which – after last night of hourly wake-up calls from the baby and a short span of sleeping in the twin bed with the 3-year old – might not be that far off base.

Either way – that’s one of the things I’m going to be thinking about this week. I hope you’ll join me!


12 thoughts on “One of My Many Attempts At Being More Cool”

  1. Sounds like a wonderful idea I would like to join in. Except I don’t have a camera until the police give it back to me. Currently it’s evidence as they found it on the burglar who raided my home just before Christmas.

    I have to see it as a silver lining the police actually caught the guy who broke into my house on the same day..?

  2. Hey I think that is a swell idea. I really like that idea. I think I can manage to do that. If I remember. Maybe that is something to work on, my ability to remember.

  3. I do one like that it’s called Her Space My Space His Space or HSMSHS for short. You get a prompt each day and then take a photo for that. So today it’s Beginning.

  4. Zoot, thank you so very much! I’m so honored. :)

    I am super excited to have a buddy for 52 blessings and here’s to a super-creative, art-filled new year!

  5. I definitely need to blog about my blessings, even if I don’t get to take photos of them. I actually AM grateful for the many wonderful people in my life, and the non-necessities that I am able to have.

  6. Thanks for the links!

    Hey… By the way, can I just say that i LOVE your “What I am reading” section. I have found so many useful things that I would never know existed otherwise!

  7. All you have to do to stimulate the creative side of your brain is go into your control panel and change the buttons on your mouse so that right click is now left and left is now right…or try using your left hand to mouse with instead….

    that was enough anxiety when I did that once (for a week – don’t ask) that I almost went nutso!

  8. OH and it was well before I had children that I actually got to shower everyday……humpf, I can’t wait til I can use the bathroom without spectators…..the boys are 4 and 6…it won’t be long

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