• String on the Finger


    So, just for the record? My resolutions are not going so well. I feel like, overall, I’ve made about one step in the direction I’m wanting to go with my life. On step towards just being the better person that I so want to be. Which is still – you know – one step. So, I should be proud of that one step. But, the fact that I’m not moving faster means that the bad crap that happens because these changes haven’t been made? Because my priorities are still askew and my life is still unorganized and chaotic? Those annoying things are still happening.

    LIKE…Let’s count how many things I’ve forgotten to do for my kids/family in the last week or so.

    • Return a report card signed to LilZ’s school. Which, for the record, was actually lost by me. So that’s worse than just forgetting to sign it. I actually lost it. And then had to write a note telling his school that I lost it. Which is uber-humiliating. I thought about trying to fake like it had been stolen, to make me feel less stupid, but LilZ seemed to think that would be obviously a lie.
    • Order chili for chili night at NikkiZ’s school which was last night. They were volunteering to cook dinner for us at the kids’ school, and I forgot! What the hell? Someone offers to make you dinner? You sure as hell better turn in the forms to actually get some prepared for your family. Instead, I had to cook. BAH.
    • Wipes. Wipes. Wipes. Do you know how many days I’ve forgotten to send wipes to my son’s daycare now? MANY MANY DAYS. If I don’t remember today I’ll be putting them in the awkward position of deciding what to wipe his butt with. Which is not an easy decision when you have a kid as sensitive-skinned as he is. MUST NOT FORGET WIPES.
    • Class choice forms for HIGH SCHOOL. Although, in my defense, I’m still a little bit in denial about the whole high school thing. I mean, LilZ’s not ready for high school yet, right? He’s only…like 12. Or 10. Or something, right?

    My point? I need to try new techniques that allow me to organize my life in a way that – you know – actually helps me remember things. As opposed to just allowing me to purchase really cute To Do list pads of Etsy. Because, while cute? Completely useless if you think they’re too cute to actually write on.