I need to talk to you guys about something. It’s something I feel like I have to admit before I let it eat away at my soul. It’s a very serious and sad thing that I’m afraid may be too dark for this blog. I’m bracing myself for losing some readers, but I must get this out in the open –

My socks have holes in them.

SERIOUSLY. Like, every pair I own! Do I mend them? No. Of course not. That would require actual productivity on a level I’m uncomfortable with. Do I buy new ones? No. I feel like it’s a waste of money (socks are expensive!) when they’re still pretty function. Now, I’m not a penny-pincher. I’ll buy a new pen no matter how much ink my old one has, just for the hell of it. But pens are fun! Socks? Not so much. Seems like waste of a few bucks I could be using to buy…more pens!

So, anytime you see me in the winter when I’m wearing some sort of slip-on shoes, you can bet on the fact that one of my socks has a hole in it.

Now – on the flip side? I get really irritated with LilZ if he continues wearing socks with holes in them. Because – he’s my son. If someone sees him wearing socks with holes? What will they think about his mother? Jeez! I’ve got to protect my reputation here!

Yes. I’m well aware of the complexity of this double standard. I like to keep everyone guessing if I can.


30 thoughts on “Hole-y.”

  1. Oh, so you’re one of THOSE people. The holey sock people. I throw a sock away if it’s mate has a hole in it. Results in my buying socks far more than is fiscally responsible. Pantyhose? I’ll wear them with runs for MONTHS. I’m sick. You’re sick. If only our feet could talk.

  2. My brother would hate you. He’s got some kind of weird sock phobia. They have to fit just right and the line has be across the toes. Floppy socks, hole-y socks…yeah, those make him froth at the mouth.

    Me? I’ve been known to wear socks with holes, especially if I don’t plan on taking my shoes off until I get home again.

  3. I easily have over 100 socks. No, I’m not exaggerating. I’m always cold so I couldn’t deal with holes in my socks.

    The double standard makes sense to me.

  4. I love that this picture has NOTHING to do with the post at all. It’s like a bright shiny object drawing us in to a post about socks. Brilliant!

  5. Not to be a total dork…but socks are totally fun! Maybe you just aren’t wearing the right socks? Because the right socks are not only fun but they don’t get holes in them! When you are ready to cross into the incredibly dorky world of fun socks, check out Smartwool, Bridgedale, and REI brand socks. They’re sturdy and they’re like a party for your feet.

  6. But socks can be fun! Far more fun than pens! Socks are only un-fun when you stick with plain boring white. I think you just need to spruce up yur sock wardrobe and appreciate the flexibility of socks. You can have characters, stripes, polka dots, super soft fuzz, cotton pom poms on the ankle, and SO many more. I no longer own a pair of plain white socks. Even my “dress up” socks have some flair (paw prints, for example). Even if my socks are covered by my boots or jeans, I know that there’s some fun stuff happening on my feet, and it makes me a little more cheery!

  7. Boyfriend, looking at my feet: Those socks are pathetic. Each foot has 3 holes on it!
    Me: I know, but these are 100% wool socks that go up to my knees, I love them! I was actually considering putting on another pair of socks over them to cover the holes.
    Boyfriend: You know you have a problem, right? Get some new socks!

    All of my socks have holes too, but I refuse to buy new ones. They need to be warm, and really warm socks are really expensive. Boo. I feel your pain.

  8. I am totally wearing a hole-y pair of socks right now! I too hate to buy new socks and will the ones with holes until I can stand it no more.

    I likely will have this double standard with my kids for the same reason!

  9. Lordie that is one cute child!

    And I have a double standard about undies. I mock my husband for wearing his until they are little more than a waistband and a scrap of fabric but let’s not discuss the state of mine. Some how my confession feels creepy whereas yours was cute. I’ll just slink over to the corner.

  10. Some of my socks have holes on the bottom…because there are holes in the soles of my shoes. I have yet to replace either. Granted I don’t wear the tennis shoes that much but still….

  11. I also have holes in my socks and get embarrassed about it when friends see them. But I don’t replace them unless Target or Kohl’s has a deal on the jumbo bag ‘o socks. Then I have no excuse not to stock up.

  12. I was totally like that too. Buying socks seems like a waste of money. But….then I actually bought new socks, and it made me happy for a week, kind of like getting a new pen. So, now I think I’m a converted sock buyer.

  13. I wear odd socks like everyday! That way I still have a pair even if one has a hole in it!

    It also saves on pairing time after the laundry! I just pair CJ’s and then pair mine by style rather than pattern or colour lol.

  14. My partner will not wear a sock with a hole in it.

    I am not so discriminating. I figure as long as MOST of my foot is covered, then I’m good!

    I feel supported now, in my decision to wear less than perfect socks! LOL!

  15. Eh, what’s a few hole-y socks?

    But, if you feel really awful about tossing them, you could always use the ones with holes to dust . . . just a thought! :)

  16. IF ONLY YOU LIVED IN OREGON! Because we have a store that has a sock sale the day after Thanksgiving – and all the socks are 50% off.

  17. I only wear socks in the winter so it takes a long time for them to develop holes. I do, however, toss them once they do. Go to Wal-Mart or Target and buy a big bag all at once. Or Costco. Costco is good for socks.

  18. I always get embarrassed because our socks are greyish, we live in a house that is heated by woodstove so we are carrying firewood in all day long, the stove creates a lot of ash and we don’t wear shoes in the house because it is so muddy here. If I soak our socks in bleach they get yellow and hole-y or else stay grey.

    its embarrassing everyone else has pure white socks.

    let’s start a support group.

  19. Is there anything worse than going to someone’s house when they ask you to take your shoes off at the door and you’re totally not sock-prepared? Trying to hide the hole in the toe but tucking it UNDER your toes, or, even worse, the socks that don’t QUITE (but almost!) match. Man.

  20. As a non-mother… “future” mother if you will… it amazes me how much babies can look SO much like one or both parents. Your son looks exactly like his father! Your children are all so cute… I enjoy reading your blog!

  21. Some of my favorite socks have holes. Some of my friends have flaws, too. Should I just get rid of them? No! My favorite socks are tapered to fit, they even have an ‘L’ on the left one and an ‘R’ on the right one. Also? I can’t find them anymore to replace them and I’d probably feel compelled to throw out a ‘R’ sock just because I’m trashing an ‘L’ sock. I’ve tried mending them, but it never works, so I wear socks with holes.

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