The AndyZ Update


This kid CRACKS ME UP, people. And have I told you he has a tooth now? He does! A tooth! Next thing you know he’ll be asking me for a cell phone. Damn kids and their need to continue growing. What’s up with that?

He’s mobile now, even thought his method lacks a little grace. He does get to Those Things That Shouldn’t Be On The Floor in record time now. He has been grabbing tails of animals and drooling on Playstation controllers. It is officially time to childproof the house. Which we should have done back when…NikkiZ started crawling? That might have been a good decision. Maybe we’ll do better this time.

In terms of childproofing – what have you considered the most important part of that practice? Aside from the outlet covers, of course. We actually put those in years ago simply because I have a weird phobia of exposed outlets. But beyond that? What do you do to protect your child from household dangers? Do you just let them play in their room and their room only? Do you add padding on anything? Do you remove electronics? Because we have animals we really have to keep our kids in sight at all times…so childproofing is more about NEVER LETTING THEM OUT OF YOUR SITE. Lest you end up with baby eating dog food while the dog chews up the teething ring.

But in your home…what’s the procedure? Chain them up until their old enough to read?