I forgot to post an entry yesterday. I have officially, for the first year ever, failed NaBloPoMo. I suck.

I have so many really good excuses, I really do. There’s the Sick Dog thing, the HUGE Deadline At Work thing, the Getting Ready to Travel With Small Children thing, and the Holy Crap My House Is Disgusting thing. Oh – and then the Wait, Do These Kids Expect Me To Feed Them? thing. That one is always getting in my way.

(And let’s not forget another thing which I can’t mention because my son sometimes reads my blog in front of his friends and he would be MORTIFIED. Let’s call it this: When AndyZ Eats, I Cry thing. The end.)

So. Good excuses. I SWEAR. But, that doesn’t mean I still don’t suck. So – let me post a picture of my cute son and my sexy husband with a pacifier in his mouth!


Does that make up for it?