I Can’t Move Because I Ate Too Much

Thanksgiving was exhausting and awesome – all rolled into one great big ball of turkey and gravy. And sweet potatoes. And pumpkin pie. And green beans. Mmmmm…..Wait. Where was I?

Oh, yeah. Thanksgiving was awesome.

Unfortunately, I am now into Major Crunch Time for Huge Project At Work so I don’t have time to fill you in on the details of the week (like how I considered trying to steal MrZ’s cousin’s dog because she is literally the most AWESOME DOG EVER (aside from our own, of course)) because I have to Work Work Work.

I do have time for a few pictures though! Yay for pictures!

We stopped in Tuscaloosa, home of the Crimson Tide. My husband’s football team of choice. And by “of choice” I mean that he is such a fan of this team he follows recruit news, memorizes stats, and orders digital cable just so that he can buy Pay Per View games throughout the season. We went by the stadium and ate at the locally significant Waysider. Oh, and we also did some Toddler Tossing. Of course.


I also had to do the Torture My Kids By Taking A Million Shots Of Them In Their Dress Clothes routine that my children just love. Seriously. They look forward to it because it’s SO MUCH FUN!

(Too much sarcasm?)


And then I thought Hey! I look decent too! and I made LilZ take some pictures of me and the kids. I should have gotten MrZ to take pictures of all of us, but I think he was running or something. I don’t remember. But still – pictures of me that I actually like! It’s a Thanksgiving Miracle!


Then came Food…Food…and more Food. Of which I have no pictures because I was too busy EATING IT ALL.

We came home just in time for the Iron Bowl where one of my gifts to MrZ was to buy Crimson Tide outfits for the whole family since we were going to his parent’s house (where there would be Auburn Fans) to watch the game. First time I’ve ever worn a shirt for Alabama…it didn’t burn as bad as I thought it would. But more importantly? Look at this adorable cheerleader! Irresistible!

Roll Tide!

So, that was my break. In a very quick and photo-intensive nutshell. How was yours?


18 thoughts on “I Can’t Move Because I Ate Too Much”

  1. Well, now I can’t move because I’m paralyzed by all the cuteness. Happy?

    Also, that picture of you and AndyZ? Best photo ever.

  2. Congrats on the Iron Bowl win!

    Hope you give us the details after things settle down at work, especially the dog story!

  3. Does she have a rash under that very cute outfit? BIL attends Auburn, so I have to lean that way. I was just in Mobile and saw Bama flags flying everywhere. I really didn’t know y’all got so worked up about football. :)

  4. I had my first ever Krispey creme doughnut on Friday. It had chocolate frosting and a vanilla custard filling. I thought of you as I took my first bite :)

  5. Every time I see a group shot of your kids, it gives me a little rush of love for them! I can’t explain this, since I don’t know them. But they look so NICE and so LOVABLE and like such a nice sibling group.

    Also, rush of love for your hair. So pretty!

  6. My husband is a grad student at LSU, and the Tigers fans perceive that Alabama stole their coach, so I have divided loyalties here, but NikkiZ is ADORABLE in that cheerleading uniform. Also, Tuscaloosa has arguably the best pizza in the south.

  7. Great pictures, especially the toddler toss in front of the stadium. You must have an awesome camera because your pictures are always so clear. I have camera envy. The game was an embarrassment, but I can still say War Eagle!

  8. OH MY GOSH!

    I thought that I was the only person who got dragged to a football stadium over Thanksgiving where there wasn’t actually a game taking place. Kurt & I hung out at Lambeau Field in Green Bay for a solid hour. On a Tuesday afternoon for no good reason. We didn’t see anything, eat anything, or buy anything. But we did take a lot of pictures. Why? Who knows?

    This should be a blog entry…wait, maybe it will be…

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