Little Miss Independent

My daughter’s independence has gotten out of conTROL. Fo’ real – yo. Yesterday she put on a pair of overalls (All by herSELF!) and had them on backwards. When I pointed this out to her while indicating I could help her put them on the right way – she freaked out. “I want them backwards!” Of course, a few minutes later she realized it just felt weird with them on the wrong way and finally gave in to her ego. “Mom? Can you help me turn these around?”

This morning, we were going to Target for groceries. She wanted to dress herself, which she did. Now, her outfit was dreadful. I have just learned to accept that as a fact of life. She won’t let me pick her clothes out for her, so the dreadful outfits are something I’ve learned to accept. But this morning, I pointed out that her shirt was on backwards.

“I know. I wear it backwards all the time.”

Then I realized her sweater was on inside-out.

“I KNOW. I like it that way.”

Okay, then. Nevermind. Let’s just take this trip out in public with you looking like a blind drunk person dressed you. Why not?

Where I finally drew the line was when I realized she was spending an extraordinary amount of time complaining about wedgies. When we got home I check out the situation and realized that her leg was through the WAIST hole. As in – the part around her waist? Was a leg hole. No wonder she had a perma-wedgie! I wouldn’t even be able to get my underwear on like that, and if I did manage it somehow? I’d have to cut it off. When I said, “NikkiZ! Your underwear is all messed up!” she didn’t even hesitate to let me help. Not even her extreme level of stubbornness can stand up to underwear induced discomfort. She ain’t no fool.


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  1. you take pictures of everything and no picture of this?! I can’t even figure out what it would look like to have a pant leg around your waist. Didn’t one pant leg look shorter than the other?

  2. You do realize that your daughter is going to totally show you up for the total tool that you are when the day comes that indeed, wearing your pants with a leg through the waist part is totally and utterly en vogue. But, OF COURSE, she will…….

    Silly you. *snicker*

  3. I feel her pain! I totally did the underpants thing recently, twice in one week even. At least the second time I didn’t get out of the house before fixing it.

  4. This comforted me and made me laugh! My almost 2.5 yr old can’t figure out the leg hole thing either. Half the time it is 2 legs in 1 side and she is using the waist hole. She is just as stubborn about it, so I am glad to know other older children have this issue.

  5. no pictures of the outfit?

    Also, I did the underwear thing more times than I care to admit during the final stages of my pregnancy.

  6. 90% of people that you run across will know that she dressed herself. My daughter does it all the time and I just giggle to myself. She’s so proud of the fact that she did it herself, so who am I to critique her choices?

    NikkiZ is ADORABLE… and clothes are just clothes. Enjoy, take lots of pictures for blackmail, and be proud that you are raising an independent thinker ;-)

  7. LOL We have a little of that going on. For a while Julie was really into going through her clothes and changing frequently throughout the day, once, she came out after being in her room for a while, she had clothes on so I was happy. Then, I realized she had six pairs of panties on under her sweat pants!! Oh god was it funny.

  8. I’ve done the underwear thing; it’s not pleasant.

    I agree that people will know NikkiZ dressed herself and find it cute. If it reflects on you at all it’s in the way of making people think, “What a great mom teaching her daughter to be independent!”

  9. Hi there,
    This was a great read. I smiled and laughed. It brought back great memories. Not long ago my mom pulled out the old pictures and there I was so unmatched, color-wise, pattern-wise and all. I asked her why did she let me go out like that, she informed me that I insisted, as soon as she said that I had a flashback of the day the picture was taken. I remember my mom telling me about my clothes and me telling her I knew how to dress myself and I looked pretty good. I also remember my mom getting the camera, taking my picture and saying when I became an adult she would show me the picture. I laughed so hard at the picture because I do remember posing for the picture like I was a top model. She also had one picture with my friends in it, they were dressed normal, I might add. I hope you took some pictures because she and her children will enjoy seeing how cool we think we are when we first become independent. 70’s children must be a little slow(me), because I actually was older than your daughter when I thought I could dress correctly and sensibly. Again great blog I went through this independence with all four of my children, even the underwear mishap :-)

  10. Your story about LittleZ reminded me of one of my own. My mother is a thrifty lady and as I am youngest of 3 girls I was used to hand me downs without complaint as part of the order of life. The only one I objected to strongly, but still had to wear until I grew out of it was a groovy 70’s style kagoole ( did I say my nearest sister was 7 years older than me?). It wasn’t the the pattern I objected to but the spikes that still resided in the lining a to torment me from the time my sister had fallen into a neighbours ornamental cactus plant when walking on his wall. It prickled.

  11. This post had me cracking up – out loud. Good thing I am alone – in a hotel room. Wonder what the neighbors are thinking?

    And we definitely need some pictures of these outfits.

  12. I’m literally laughing so hard that the couch is shaking! This exact scenario happens in my house every.single.morning! I feel that you’re a speck on my wall writing about my life with my oldest daughter. Thanks for putting into words in true Zoot fashion, what I could only dream of trying to re-create as a story!

  13. Laughing so hard, I’m almost in tears.

    I give Lil’bug a choice between two or three outfits. That way she gets to be independent and she’s still wearing clothes that match. Now that I’ve said that she’ll be choosing her clothes out of the hamper tomorrow.

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