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Saturday is over and I still have nothing to say. My day has been pretty mundane with the cleaning of the car for the Thanksgiving trip and the shopping for the movies to make the kids not freak out on that same trip. We also went and bought a few more winter staples for the kids now that the temperatures have dropped to freezing. Because for some reason, people don’t think you should put your kids in t-shirts when there’s ice on the windshields.

I’m the queen of inappropriate climate-related clothing choices for my kids. If I had a dollar for every time someone told me to “Get a jacket on that child!” I’d be rich. Whether it’s family, teachers, or complete strangers – someone is always pointing out that my children are under-clothed for the weather.

I just like to make them suffer.

Of course, I’m the one who doesn’t use a hair-dryer, so most mornings I’m outside in that same weather with wet hair. And usually without a jacket. My husband has stopped commenting on this fact since I still don’t get sick often, but the rest of the world likes to point out that I’m obviously insane. And they may be right.

So, I decided to get the kids some long-sleeves today. You know – to keep them from turning crazy like me.


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  1. I live in NW Florida and right now I’m visiting family in NC and it’s FREEZING here. I had to buy my girls gloves and hats because they were so cold. But only my mom was telling me how I needed to get them some winter gear. Sometimes, that’s worse than strangers!
    We just don’t need that stuff where I live—if it’s that cold outside we’re inside sleeping because that’s usually the LOW for the day, not the high.

  2. I’m with you on the wash-n-go for the hair. My invention that I haven’t patented yet (so steal it now) is the hair dryer in the car. Using the vents from the car, funneling it to your head, for that air-dried-natural but so “I just woke up 10 minutes ago” look. I really think I’m on to something.

  3. I’m right up there with you….my kids rarely ever wear jackets, and when they have? They’d sweat like pigs and be miserable. I hate for people to make comments like that; not everyone freezes in freezing weather. Or nearly faints in hot weather. My kids are old enough to get their jacket on if they’re cold. And ever since they were about three, they could tell me if they were cold or not. And my kids absolutely hate long sleeves, but they do have a few for when they’re in the mood for them.

  4. I’m the same way. I think it’s because I’m anti-layers. I really just dislike the cold and I hate bulky jackets and so I… freeze instead. Whateva.

  5. As you may or may not know, I am from Mexico City, where temperatures are pretty much over the 70’s all year round. It may get a bit chillier during the winter but not too much. Anyway, people there put jackets and coats over their children -and themselves- when the temperature is in the high 60’s and early 70’s. Yup.

    And you know what? That made me completely not tolerant to the cold. So now that I live in London I am cold ALL THE TIME. No matter how many layers, and woolen hats I wear. I am cold. And uncomfortable. And miserable.

    So really, you are doing a favor to your kids. If they don’t complain that means they are happy with their temperature, and their bodies are learning how to regulate it efficiently from an early age. So I would not worry about what strangers say. I would feel quite proud about it.

    I would love to not need 5 layers of clothing inside! I have missed out on numerous outdoor events because I am afraid of suffering from the cold. So there. When a stranger tells you to get your kids a jacket, tell them you are doing it for their social skill’s sake.

  6. frozen hair ROCKS. that happened the other morning. washed the hair went out to the streetcar and I reached up to push the hair back and it was frozen. I forgot that you were coming to LA for Thanksgiving!! Offer is still there if you make it to NOLA any of those days if you want to have coffee or anything.

  7. Oh please! You are so not alone. My kid hardly ever wears a jacket. I figure,I’m taking him directly from the house to the car to the store … how cold could he get in 10 seconds? I like the cold and I’m fairly hardy stock … I figure he’s got my genes so he can stand a little chill now and then. But yeah, people freak out and are like, “aw, lets put your hat on so your head won’t freeze off while you walk across the street” …. I’m not a worried parent-type when it comes to dressing for cold weather.

  8. Honestly, it is all relative with the winter clothes issue and I bet you are doing fine. I know that your part of Alabama isn’t all warmth and sunshine all year round, but I bet the people who are telling you to get coats on your kids aren’t acclimated to really cold weather, either. Today it was 38 and sunny here – that means hats and mittens are optional and my husband was out in a sweatshirt. In the spring, when it hits 50, I see kids waiting for the school bus in shorts (ok, that’s just crazy in my mind, too). We take whatever warmth we can get around here, I guess!

  9. Yesterday Lil’bug came home from preschool in shorts. In December. In New Jersey. And of course we weren’t going home, no. We were going to Scout’s basketball game where half the families of the school would be either to watch the boys game or wait for the girls game.

    You see, she had an accident at nap time and the only warm clothes in her bag were the dirty clothes from the day before when she’d spilled her soup at lunch. I had forgotten they were dirty when I checked the contents of her bag yesterday morning. All I saw was a change of clothes. Awesome.

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