Non-Spoiler Thoughts on “Twilight”

Guess what I did last night? Saw Twilight. And let me just start by saying I loved it and will be seeing it again this weekend: Without A Doubt. However, the crowd in the theater almost ruined it for me. Between tweeny girls laughing at inappropriate times and adults constantly pointing out things in the movie different from the books (OF COURSE THEY’RE DIFFERENT) – I wanted to beat several of them. That said…it was very cool seeing it in a crowd that screamed both at the Harry Potter preview and Edward’s first on-screen moment. You take the good with the bad, I guess.

I did decide not to make MrZ watch the movie, however. And LilZ and MrZ’s sister agreed with me. The movie’s life hangs on the characters of Bella and Edward as well as their relationship. If that is not enough to keep someone entertained, the movie would probably suck for them. Also – if someone hasn’t read the book? I’m not sure how Edward’s intensity will come off. To me? It was perfect. Pattinson was a perfect Edward in every way. (So. Hott.) But – the word “intense” may not pack enough of a punch. And I’m not sure if you haven’t read the book, if they did a good enough job really explaining the turmoil he’s going through with Bella.

The surprise to me? Was how much I enjoyed Stewart’s Bella. I was expecting to just tolerate it, but I think I liked Bella better on screen than I did in the book. Not that I didn’t like her in the book, but I really became affectionate toward her in the film.

I dreamt about the movie last night. Mainly about Carlisle (Mike Dexter is a GOD!) and how I was trying to explain to him my love of pens. I have no idea what in the hell that dream means, but I remember thinking that somehow? My love of pens would convince them to turn me into a vampire. Because they need a Vampire with an extreme love of office supplies on their team? Or something? Who in the hell knows.

So, if you’ve read the book and loved it as much as I did? I think you’ll be happy. If you haven’t read it? I’m not so sure what you’ll think about it.


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  1. …so let me get this straight. After Cedric Diggery was killed by Voldemort, he became a vampire? ….okay :)

  2. Okay I’m actually laughing so hard tears are coming out of my eyes. Let’s see if I remember correctly from the book that talents/”gifts” that you have as a human are amplified as a vampire so your extreme devotion to all things Office Supply might translate into you being able to organize the hell out of hundreds of years worth of vampire clutter and paperwork? I can see where that would appeal to Carlisle.

  3. I, too, am glad you liked it. I have to say, the previews didn’t turn me on. My sister-in-law and I are heading on Sunday to see it and hopefully there won’t be tons of people in the theater – but get this – we have to drive 45 minutes away just to get to a theater that will play it. Because the one that’s 10 minutes away won’t play it because not enough people up here even know what Twilight IS! ARGH!

  4. Peter Facinelli was on one of the morning news shows today. He looked like the perfect Carlisle. I didn’t get to see the midnight premiere b/c it was sold out in my city over a week ahead of time! Now I want to try to wait a bit so I don’t have to put up with other peoples bs!

  5. I haven’t seen it yet…..but I can’t wait….The one thing I hoped the movie could pull off was Edward’s intensity towards Bella…..but since its getting iffy reviews I feel better now knowing you like it…..I can’t wait!!!

  6. Laughing out loud at my desk! Pens.

    I think that I will feel the same way about the movie as you did. I have seen the reviews but it is obvious to me that they made the movies for fans of the books and assumed that most of us would “get it” That said, I made my dad promise to take me on thanksgiving because my husband said no way no how am I going to “your weirdo vamprime obssesion” Can not wait!!!!

  7. So I should read my book that’s been sitting on the shelf for two months? It’ll take me that long to get out to a movie anyway.

    Glad it lived up to expectations! :-)

  8. I haven’t yet gotten through the series and am having a REALLY hard time not going… But once I go to the movie, then I’ll have voices/faces in my head which sort of ruins the book experience for me.

    That said, this review made me SO excited to see the movie!!

    Did you go alone? I may have to for this – not sure that Jimmy, like Mr. Z, will be into all the RELATIONSHIP stuff. :)

  9. I’m glad you liked it. My plans are to go in with no expectations and then hopefully be amazed. The cast is freakin’ beautiful – I can say that much – and everyone “looks” like they do in the book, in my opinion.

    NOT looking forward to the audience. I know that they are the target audience, but I know it’s going to be distracting.


  10. My head is going to explode because I won’t be able to see this until at least tomorrow. I am VERY excited though. VERY!

    And just to be clear, if I were a vampire, your love of pens would totally convince me… except I love them too, so would that be office supply overkill? We could start our own vampire pen gang?

  11. OMG you saw the new Harry Potter preview? Does it look good? I’m dying to see how the rest of the series pans out in movie form and if I like it as much as the books.

  12. I have a dirty mind. I read something, uh, else, instead of “pens.” Sorry. It’s the lack of caffeine or something. I’m sure your conversation with Carlisle was nothing short of chaste.

  13. I was lost for a minute on your Mike Dexter reference, good old IMDB cleared that up right away. So tell me, are you a lover of teen flicks as well as teen fiction? I sure am. My favorite all time is The Sure Thing – John Cusack at his best, followed by Valley Girl. But I also have DVDs of Say Anything, Sooner or Later, and Bring It On.

  14. Dude, we didn’t get the Potter trailer!! I was psyched for it.

    Totally agree with your other points… loooooved Pattinson as Edward, thought Stewart did a better job than expected, was totally pissed at the people pointing out every tiny thing that was different than the book.

  15. I’m trying to figure out a good time this weekend to go and see it, without having too many distractions from the audience. I’ll be going on my own more than likely, since BabyDaddy took one look at the trailer and said, “Meh. Teenage Vampires in Love.” and walked out of the room.

  16. I liked the movie a lot more than I like the book, I have to admit. I wasn’t going to go see it last night but I work with a couple of TwiHards who ended up with a spare ticket and so I decided, “Hey, I need a break, I’m going to go have some fun.”

    I agree with you about liking movieBella more than bookBella. One of my problems with the books is that I think I would like them more were they told from a neutral, third person persepctive. Being stuck inside Bella’s head the whole time annoys me so much, because she has no self esteem and spends too much contemplating Edward’s perfection – and please don’t get me started on my “There is NO SUCH THING as PERFECT” rant – and why he’s too good for her.

    One thing I didn’t like about the story, either in book format or movie format, was that I didn’t feel like any effort was put into showing why these two characters ended up coming together – what’s pulling them to each other besides his lust for her blood and her lust for his looks? I would have liked to have seen a little more time devoted to that. I dunno, maybe if you’re 17, you don’t need more than the physical attraction, but their connection just seems a little superficial, to me. I know the book talked about they took turns asking each other about the details of their lives and they spend a lot of time doing that; I would like to have known some of the details that they talked about. JK Rowling has me spoiled, I love her series so much because she does include so many fine details, so I’m finding the Twilight series lacking because of that.

    I LOVED Rob Pattinson as Edward, I thought his awkwardness was endearing, the day he came back to school and introduced himself to Bella and started trying to get to know her. (WHY DIDN’T I GET A HARRY POTTER PREVIEW, DAMMIT??) Um. Anyway, yeah, I went to the showing whose audience was mostly comprised of teenage girls, so there was a lot of squealing and stuff. Also, although I find the idea of sparkly vampires to be HILARIOUS, I thought the sparkling effect in the movie was quite well done and not cheesy like I thought it was going to be. There was a lot of laughing, too, in my showing.

    I really did want to smack the people who were all “OMG, they changed it from the BOOOOK, WAAAAH!” Um, hello? Welcome to Hollywood, sheesh! Lord of the Rings, anyone? Harry Potter? This is not new and should have been expected!

    Charlie Swan was a surprise to me, I like his character much better in the movie than in the book, too. Carlisle Cullen and Alice Cullen were exactly as I imagined them…which might be because I only started reading the book series last week, so I’d already seen the trailers for the movie and the pictures and posters and everything.

    I might go again after the fuss dies down, I don’t think Boyfriend is interested in seeing it, I don’t know about my kid, he hasn’t read the books and shows no interest, so…I don’t know. I’m not opposed to going by myself, that kind of stuff is a huge treat to me.

  17. Oh – thanks for the non-spoiler review. I’m just finishing reading Twilight now (based on your recommendation and the recommendation of another HP/Twilight fan. Can’t wait to see the movie too!

  18. A few of us just watched it online and for the most part we liked the film and felt it kept true to the book.

  19. My daughter read the book and thought I was crazy to go see the movie first but I went and I LOVED it! It didn’t have a very good review in our paper today but I never go by those things if I want to see a movie. My daughter is going tonight with a friend.

  20. I am 7 months pregnant. I am MAKING my husband go with me to watch it tomorrow. Heh. If I have to be fat and miserable he can suffer through one movie. :D

    I can’t wait to see it!

  21. Thank you so much for the “Mike Dexter is a GOD” quote – that movie is on my all-time favorites list. (Mostly because it came out when I was about to be a senior in high school, and probably half of the high school was there, trying to figure out what role everyone would fit into.)

    Let’s just say I “Can’t Hardly Wait” to see this movie – sadly, I’ve promised I’d wait until my sister can go with me… which isn’t until next Friday. How will I make it that long!?!?!

  22. so so so so so excited! Even more so after reading your review. I was worried about Bella as well, so glad to hear you enjoyed her so much. Apparenly I put a lot of weight in your opinion because we usually kinda feel the same about important things like Twilight and Harry Potter…

    now I CANNOT WAIT! Going tonight at 9:10…

  23. So did we see this in the same theater or what? You described my thoughts on the movie, and the rest of the viewing audience, perfectly. Love loved it and I don’t care what anyone else says!!

  24. Oh, it was such fun! I loved every moment…felt like they really embraced the whole Pacific Northwest and that mood. And Edward! Oh! I haven’t really gotten on board with the swooning Edward masses but now? I’m swooning. I totally wanted to make out with him! And didn’t you love seeing the whole Cullen family? It just made me happy.

    Our crowd cheered when Edward first came on screen, too. It was awesome.

  25. We are on our way to see it tonight. I, a librarian, have not read the book (I just never got around to it), and my husband insists he wants to go – I think he’ll hate it.

    You are the second person to say that the teeny girls were a problem in the theatre – sigh.

  26. I could take or leave the movie and I really liked the book LOL! I wouldn’t go see it again. It was fun to go tho, and to hear the girls scream as the Cullens appeared on screen. My favorite? Jasper, even tho he usually just looked slightly stunned LMAO! Reminded me a bit of Edward Scissorhands ;-)

  27. Well, hubby actually enjoyed the movie!

    I know that the books are aimed at teen girls, and while the movie isn’t as “deep” as a full-fledged adult drama, I did think it was significantly over the heads of most of the crowd. Most of the kids were 12-15-ish, which seemed young for the themes. They didn’t get any of the actual funny parts (only the six old folks in the audience laughed at the appropriate times), they giggled at the kissing, didn’t stay in their seats (the kids next to us got up no less than 12 times), and basically talked through the whole thing like they were bored (or simply raised by rude wolves).

    Distractions aside, I really enjoyed the movie.

  28. Saw the movie on Friday at noon in a over-21 “living room” theater. Not a teen or tween in sight!

    Favorite, take your breath away moment: Edward in the biology classroom standing in front of the taxidermied snowy owl. Angel wings!!! The shot was so quick my husband didn’t catch it.

    I’m just finishing up book 3, but wonder if there is a demographic break in the Team Edward vs. Team Jacob crowds. Are teens more into the vampire and adult women more into the werewolf? I know I’d take hot over cold any day. (That said Pattinson was one HOT vampire.)

  29. I haven’t read the book and I won’t be watching the film until I have. I don’t like to watch films before I read the books. It just ruins it.

  30. My Twilight mania happened in one week, last week. I read the four books back to back, and then went to see the movie this afternoon. I guess the movie was okay. The casting was great, and I was entertained. But, I was disappointed in the cheesy special effects. I’d have rather had more dialogue and less jumping around in trees and running . . . but that’s just me.

  31. I enjoyed the movie. My boyfriends both enjoyed the movie, as well, and the one wants to read the books now. I really liked Stewart as Bella, but… I’m not quite sold on patterson as Edward. I mean, he did a great job, and in some of the scenes he was AWESOME. But there were a few scenes where he was just eh, I don’t know. I loved Rosalie, and Alice was awesome. She reminded me of a pixie. I just… had some issues with a few of the scenes I guess. It was good, though, and I do want to see it again where people aren’t screaming through the entire movie (because I went and saw it on the midnight release, as well.)

    The movie jumped too quickly from scene to scene for me, but at the same time I understand it was already almost a 2 1/2 hour long movie, so they couldn’t really make it flow much better than they did. I truly enjoyed it, and I will be getting it as soon as it comes to DVD.

  32. Loved it! Of course, it had its limitations, but I think the director did a very good job of translating the author’s vision. Robert Pattinson was quite good. One thing that stood out to me in the film was Rosalie; either the director or the actress got so much more out of her than even I did from the book. It’s nice that there was so much attention to detail and not just for the main characters.

  33. Zoot, I have kind of a dumb question…I’m finishing Twilight but I haven’t read the other books yet…is the movie JUST based on the one book or the entire series? Because if so, I’ll hold off on seeing the movie until I’ve read it.

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