Random Silly To Ease The Sad

  • We took NikkiZ to see Santa last night. The Botanical Gardens has to have their Fantasy of Lights up and running by Thanksgiving, so they spend the weekends before Thanksgiving doing Walk-Thrus. This weekend is for Members Only, so we took advantage of the smaller crowds. There really is no better way to see the Fantasy of Lights than on foot. It’s fantastic. And at the end? Santa. Where NikkiZ asked for a Diego Scooter. Which she had never mentioned before yesterday. Guess what a certain elf will be trying to hunt down the next few weeks!
  • LilZ has been reading like a madman, and he’s constantly recommending books to me. Unfortunately, my recent trend of going to sleep at night before 8pm has kept me from even finishing the books on my nightstand, much less his. Do any of you read anymore? How do you find the time? (Please don’t tell me you don’t watch TV.)
  • I tried my first SALT bagel the other day. Ever had one of those? BRILLIANT! They’re like those giant soft pretzels! Why didn’t I ever know that? How does someone who loves pretzels not get notified of the wonder of SALT bagels? I don’t know how I missed it, but I’m going to make sure you don’t. If you love pretzels? Get yourself a SALT bagel – STAT.
  • Have you ordered your tickets to the midnight showing of Twilight yet? We have.
  • I was talking to a friend recently who said she lost a bunch of weight and was refocusing on health and fitness. I was all, “I wish I had that motivation.” She reminded me that her motivation was her boyfriend up and leaving her and taking a bunch of their jointly-owned stuff with him. She jokingly said, “You should just tell MrZ to do that to you. The urge to change your life will be irresistible then.” It’s a testament to how bitter I am with my body that I actually considered it for a moment.

32 thoughts on “Random Silly To Ease The Sad”

  1. Santa: and yet it’s too soon for Christmas! lol

    LilZ and reading: DO NOT discourage it! My brother is 20 and all he reads is computer game walk throughs and Kerrang magazine not books!

    I read loads though – more than is probably good for me lol.

    Twilight: I’m in the UK so it doesn’t come out yet I don’t think and I still need to read the book!

    Health and Fitness: I’ve taken to drinking more water and that does quite alot of difference especially if you add in that I am barely snacking between meals!

  2. nooooo Santa!! no Christmas for at least another week. I am already stressing about gifts. I am already tired of the holiday cheer and it hasn’t really started yet!

    I would love LOVE a salt bagel. Love. but a low sodium diet doesn’t allow that. boo.

  3. I totally did that with Asiago Cheese bagels – ignored them at Panera forever until recently when they were all that was left. I ate one and the heavens opened and the angels sang. Amen. Best freaking thing ever!

  4. oh, the salt bagel… YUM!! and twice the mess and crumbs!!

    i’ve had to take a break from reading, so sad… the last time i read was when i traveled by myself in the summer. i read til i was almost blind. loved every minute.

    we’ve been to see santa, too. i hadn’t planned it, but he was there. beanie (3 1/2) told him she wanted a motorized barbie car. but being connecticut in december, we tried to tell her that’s a birthday present that her grandpa can bring her. babycakes (2) said “ohheckno,i’mnotgoinganywherenearthatguy”. perhaps later in the season…

  5. Ditto on the reading while I nurse. And also in the middle of the night when I nurse. Don’t recommend that last strategy if you can avoid it. :)

    Have you tried the 30 Day Shread Jillian Michael’s DVD? I’m going to sound like a converted dimwit, but DUDE, it works. Seriously, 25 minutes 3-5 times a week and you will FIRM UP. Makes you feel strong and accountable and then you’re on your way.

  6. I eat breakfast and lunch alone during the week (no, not sad, happy! I choose this!) and I read then, usually to the tune of one to two books per week. I had to join paperbackswap to ease my book bill though.

    We have a festival of lights nearby that has a walkthrough on Sunday evening (5 miles), that I would love to do, but I have to stupid work. Stupid work.

  7. The only reading I get done nowadays is on the bus commuting to and from work. I’ve tried reading in bed, but find I’m just too tired to concentrate on the words.

  8. I used to work in a bagel shop and I was thrilled when they made the salt ones :-)

    Not going to the midnight show, but I am going that Friday!

    I’m on my own weight loss journey…I was motivated by my cousin doing so well on hers, that and that fact that I wanted to be able to paint my toenails blue next spring :-) Down 13 so far!

  9. When I’m nursing a baby, I get a TON of reading in. But ever since Henry weaned, I’ve been to the library, like, once—and I ended up returning the books unread, because I just didn’t get to them. I’ve even been BUYING books because I need about FIFTY WEEKS to read one.

  10. I love that your son reads. LOVE IT. I need to get back on the reading bandwagon too, especially because I want to foster the habit in my kids.

    I can’t wait to take Maddie to see Santa! I’m sure you got amazing pictures, too. :)

  11. One of my sons (it’s sad I can’t remember which one) would always ask Santa for something he had never mentioned before. Happened every time. Now that I think about it, it was probably the older one because he still will tell me gift ideas at the last minute after I am done shopping…every year, every occasion. I think it’s his way of getting more stuff.

  12. Salt bagels are the BEST, and usually out of stock so I have a hard time finding them most times. Try one with NY sharp cheddar cheese. So yummy.

  13. Diego will be the next Obama. Just you watch. All those tots, growing up, voting. They’ll paint the world Dora.

    I don’t have kids, so I read whenever I’m tired of laying around, watching TV, and drinking with my pants off.

    Why not just eat a giant pretzel?

    What is Twilight?

    I doubt he would have complied.

    Have a great weekend!

  14. -Santa already?
    -I have to read after jumping into bed. Even at 3am, even just for a few mins.
    -No I haven’t order Twilight tickets yet. I don’t have a teenager kid to accompany and none of my friends in my circle are interested in the books. whaaaaa
    -I actually have been losing weight doing WiiFit. :)

  15. I would kill for a salt bagel with dill cream cheese. My favorite tastes all combined into one. I’m drooling just thinking about it. There’s a place in Brooklyn that makes one that’s out of this world.

  16. Can LilZ share his reading list? I have two 14 yr olds that can’t seem to get enough to read because the don’t know what to read.

  17. I’m not sure I want to be in the theater with a bunch of crazy girls that opening weekend. I’m thinking Tuesday the 25th in the afternoon for me.

  18. While I was in grad school, I was bemoaning the fact that I had to read so much for school that I never had time to read for fun anymore. A doctoral student advised me to read a little for pleasure every night before bed or I’d go crazy. I took it to heart and made it a habit, even if it’s only five minutes, I read before turning out the light.

    I also read in the bathroom (I keep a special book in there just for that purpose; something easily read in tiny, tiny chunks).

    I also read while pumping and nursing. Heck, if I have to sit there for 20 minutes, I might as well enjoy it (although, I do sometimes watch what I’ve DVR’d then, too. It’s about the only way I can keep up with TV).

    Finally, this fall I’ve fallen in love with audiobooks. I drive 30 minutes each way to work, so that means I can listen to 1 or 2 books a month, depending on length. I buy them cheap at Half Price Books and Half.com. I’m thinking about subscribing to Audible.com to feed my thirst.

    Oh, and I sometimes read and watch TV at the same time (Because I love me some TV, too. Oh, yeah.). I know it sounds nuts, but really it means I read mostly during commercials.

  19. Sorry that last comment was so long, but I have one more thing. A request:

    Can LilZ do a guest post to recommend or review some of what he’s reading? I love Young Adult Lit and am always looking for new stuff to read.

  20. As an English major who is taking three very literature-heavy classes right now (one of which requires me to start and finish a new book every two class days), here’s a tip to help you get through the reading: don’t leave the book on the nightstand. Take it with you everywhere you go. During the two or so minutes it takes for your gas tank to fill up, lunch breaks, etc. – anytime that your attention is not required elsewhere, put it towards your reading.

    Of course, it might not work for you – you have a very different schedule and very different priorities than I do. Plus, your reading isn’t being done for a grade, so you have more time to get through it. I just thought that as someone who is pressed for time and needs to get a lot of reading done, I’d put my two cents in. ;)

  21. I know what you mean about it being too early for Santa — our neighbors put their Christmas lights up two weeks ago. Bah Humbug!

  22. I somehow find time to read, but I’m not sure how. It’s definitely not by not watching TV, because I am a total TV junkie. Lately hubby & I have decided to try to read for a while in bed every night.

    I LOVE SALT BAGELS! When we get a dozen bagels, we usually get almost all salt. They are the most delicious thing in the world.

    My friends are taking me out to dinner & Twilight next Sat for my b-day and I CANT WAIT!

  23. I’ve been reading loads of books for as long as I can remember. Once I got out of the teenager stage I began developing a taste for more classic literature though. Hopefully LilZ will do the same! He’ll realize what trash most books are these days. I’ve never owned a TV. I have lived alone since I was 17 and was very poor, food stamps and everything, so I never got around to buying a TV. It really helped me in the long run though, I feel that TV sucks all the curiosity and energy out of people. Its horrible crap. The best thing you could ever do is just throw it away, you won’t even miss it. Books feed your soul, TV starves and poisons it.

  24. I am so jealous of the folks going to the midnight showing of Twilight. I’ll have to wait until Saturday, for fear of losing my parking space. (No, seriously.)

    And now I must track down salt bagels and honey mustard cream cheese.

  25. I love that LilZ is so passionate about reading. That’s awesome. I’m woefully behind on my reading as well. It’s kinda what happens with a kidlet or three.

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