I want to play with the LEASE!


NikkiZ went down to Birmingham and back with me today so we could take LilZ to see his Dad. She was so good on the trip I promised her I’d take her to play in some leaves today. Which she calls “lease” because she still hasn’t mastered several sounds, one of them being the “v” sound. Of course we all know why I promised this to her. All for the photo ops. Any chance I can get to make my kids be my lab rats on the road to becoming an good photographer, I’m jumping all over.



I promise you, though. They had fun.

(How’s that for an uber-lame NaBloPoMo Saturday post?)


23 thoughts on “I want to play with the LEASE!”

  1. Zoot, I think it’s safe to say that you’re not so much “on the road” to great photography as already there. These shots are amazing… Can’t believe those giant leaves!!

    I’m sorry, “leases.” :) Gorgeous work!

  2. omg. andy looks like he had more fun than is probably allowed by law in some states. i want to smush him and hug him and kiss him and squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeze him and love him.

    you make some damn fine lookin’ kids, lady. :)

  3. For a second I thought those giant leaves were superimposed in the photo because I’ve seriously never seen leaves that gigantic! Great photos!!

  4. These are amazing photos of the kiddos playing in the leaves…. Scott is just a wee bit to small still to introduce to the leaves… plus, I live where Lyme disease got its name so I am PARANOID!

  5. SUCH gorgeous photos! My favorite is the last one- NikkiZ running with those HUGE leaves.
    (Of course, you must know that AndyZ’s smile absolutely SLAYS me every time I see it. Just for the record).

    As far as Saturday posts go, this one is SO much better than MY lame Saturday post, esp. being that not only is yours NOT lame but also filled with The Cuteness. :)

  6. You already take some really great photos of your kids. The top one of NikkiZ here is my favorite. Great composition, with her on the right side of the photo. The orange stripe in her sweater picks up the orange in the leaves, and the look on her face is wonderful. You also got that perfect golden autumn glow of the light. I’m inspired, and hope photos that I take of my kid (almost here – due date in 11 days) will be as good.

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