I Can’t Move Because I Ate Too Much

Thanksgiving was exhausting and awesome – all rolled into one great big ball of turkey and gravy. And sweet potatoes. And pumpkin pie. And green beans. Mmmmm…..Wait. Where was I?

Oh, yeah. Thanksgiving was awesome.

Unfortunately, I am now into Major Crunch Time for Huge Project At Work so I don’t have time to fill you in on the details of the week (like how I considered trying to steal MrZ’s cousin’s dog because she is literally the most AWESOME DOG EVER (aside from our own, of course)) because I have to Work Work Work.

I do have time for a few pictures though! Yay for pictures!

We stopped in Tuscaloosa, home of the Crimson Tide. My husband’s football team of choice. And by “of choice” I mean that he is such a fan of this team he follows recruit news, memorizes stats, and orders digital cable just so that he can buy Pay Per View games throughout the season. We went by the stadium and ate at the locally significant Waysider. Oh, and we also did some Toddler Tossing. Of course.


I also had to do the Torture My Kids By Taking A Million Shots Of Them In Their Dress Clothes routine that my children just love. Seriously. They look forward to it because it’s SO MUCH FUN!

(Too much sarcasm?)


And then I thought Hey! I look decent too! and I made LilZ take some pictures of me and the kids. I should have gotten MrZ to take pictures of all of us, but I think he was running or something. I don’t remember. But still – pictures of me that I actually like! It’s a Thanksgiving Miracle!


Then came Food…Food…and more Food. Of which I have no pictures because I was too busy EATING IT ALL.

We came home just in time for the Iron Bowl where one of my gifts to MrZ was to buy Crimson Tide outfits for the whole family since we were going to his parent’s house (where there would be Auburn Fans) to watch the game. First time I’ve ever worn a shirt for Alabama…it didn’t burn as bad as I thought it would. But more importantly? Look at this adorable cheerleader! Irresistible!

Roll Tide!

So, that was my break. In a very quick and photo-intensive nutshell. How was yours?



I forgot to post an entry yesterday. I have officially, for the first year ever, failed NaBloPoMo. I suck.

I have so many really good excuses, I really do. There’s the Sick Dog thing, the HUGE Deadline At Work thing, the Getting Ready to Travel With Small Children thing, and the Holy Crap My House Is Disgusting thing. Oh – and then the Wait, Do These Kids Expect Me To Feed Them? thing. That one is always getting in my way.

(And let’s not forget another thing which I can’t mention because my son sometimes reads my blog in front of his friends and he would be MORTIFIED. Let’s call it this: When AndyZ Eats, I Cry thing. The end.)

So. Good excuses. I SWEAR. But, that doesn’t mean I still don’t suck. So – let me post a picture of my cute son and my sexy husband with a pacifier in his mouth!


Does that make up for it?

Little Miss Independent

My daughter’s independence has gotten out of conTROL. Fo’ real – yo. Yesterday she put on a pair of overalls (All by herSELF!) and had them on backwards. When I pointed this out to her while indicating I could help her put them on the right way – she freaked out. “I want them backwards!” Of course, a few minutes later she realized it just felt weird with them on the wrong way and finally gave in to her ego. “Mom? Can you help me turn these around?”

This morning, we were going to Target for groceries. She wanted to dress herself, which she did. Now, her outfit was dreadful. I have just learned to accept that as a fact of life. She won’t let me pick her clothes out for her, so the dreadful outfits are something I’ve learned to accept. But this morning, I pointed out that her shirt was on backwards.

“I know. I wear it backwards all the time.”

Then I realized her sweater was on inside-out.

“I KNOW. I like it that way.”

Okay, then. Nevermind. Let’s just take this trip out in public with you looking like a blind drunk person dressed you. Why not?

Where I finally drew the line was when I realized she was spending an extraordinary amount of time complaining about wedgies. When we got home I check out the situation and realized that her leg was through the WAIST hole. As in – the part around her waist? Was a leg hole. No wonder she had a perma-wedgie! I wouldn’t even be able to get my underwear on like that, and if I did manage it somehow? I’d have to cut it off. When I said, “NikkiZ! Your underwear is all messed up!” she didn’t even hesitate to let me help. Not even her extreme level of stubbornness can stand up to underwear induced discomfort. She ain’t no fool.

Yada Yada Yada

Saturday is over and I still have nothing to say. My day has been pretty mundane with the cleaning of the car for the Thanksgiving trip and the shopping for the movies to make the kids not freak out on that same trip. We also went and bought a few more winter staples for the kids now that the temperatures have dropped to freezing. Because for some reason, people don’t think you should put your kids in t-shirts when there’s ice on the windshields.

I’m the queen of inappropriate climate-related clothing choices for my kids. If I had a dollar for every time someone told me to “Get a jacket on that child!” I’d be rich. Whether it’s family, teachers, or complete strangers – someone is always pointing out that my children are under-clothed for the weather.

I just like to make them suffer.

Of course, I’m the one who doesn’t use a hair-dryer, so most mornings I’m outside in that same weather with wet hair. And usually without a jacket. My husband has stopped commenting on this fact since I still don’t get sick often, but the rest of the world likes to point out that I’m obviously insane. And they may be right.

So, I decided to get the kids some long-sleeves today. You know – to keep them from turning crazy like me.

Non-Spoiler Thoughts on “Twilight”

Guess what I did last night? Saw Twilight. And let me just start by saying I loved it and will be seeing it again this weekend: Without A Doubt. However, the crowd in the theater almost ruined it for me. Between tweeny girls laughing at inappropriate times and adults constantly pointing out things in the movie different from the books (OF COURSE THEY’RE DIFFERENT) – I wanted to beat several of them. That said…it was very cool seeing it in a crowd that screamed both at the Harry Potter preview and Edward’s first on-screen moment. You take the good with the bad, I guess.

I did decide not to make MrZ watch the movie, however. And LilZ and MrZ’s sister agreed with me. The movie’s life hangs on the characters of Bella and Edward as well as their relationship. If that is not enough to keep someone entertained, the movie would probably suck for them. Also – if someone hasn’t read the book? I’m not sure how Edward’s intensity will come off. To me? It was perfect. Pattinson was a perfect Edward in every way. (So. Hott.) But – the word “intense” may not pack enough of a punch. And I’m not sure if you haven’t read the book, if they did a good enough job really explaining the turmoil he’s going through with Bella.

The surprise to me? Was how much I enjoyed Stewart’s Bella. I was expecting to just tolerate it, but I think I liked Bella better on screen than I did in the book. Not that I didn’t like her in the book, but I really became affectionate toward her in the film.

I dreamt about the movie last night. Mainly about Carlisle (Mike Dexter is a GOD!) and how I was trying to explain to him my love of pens. I have no idea what in the hell that dream means, but I remember thinking that somehow? My love of pens would convince them to turn me into a vampire. Because they need a Vampire with an extreme love of office supplies on their team? Or something? Who in the hell knows.

So, if you’ve read the book and loved it as much as I did? I think you’ll be happy. If you haven’t read it? I’m not so sure what you’ll think about it.