Burrito Casserole

Today is the day! I can finally announce my recipe and you all can go and vote for my recipe: Burrito Casserole. I’m so terribly nervous about this because let me remind you: I have NEVER EVER EVER done ANYTHING like this before. Now, they posted my recipe on the site but I wanted to put it here to, in order to properly document this milestone in my life. I’ve also uploaded the receipt to prove that my ingredients cost less than $20. I put a few pictures throughout of the process but I’m not food photographer so I don’t know how effective they are.

Okay – self-deprecating portion of this entry is NOW DONE. Now, Go Vote! I’ll be harrassing you every day to vote for me since you can do it daily. Voting ends November 23rd, so be patient with me until then. I don’t even mind if you don’t vote for me! Here are the other competitors in case you forgot:
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These other woman have amazingly yummy recipes too, so I have a tough competition. And by “tough” I mean – *drooooool*. If you see something you like more, vote for that one. Honestly? I totally voted for this one today because it looks SO DAMN GOOD. Just make sure you vote.

(Hee. I’m totally going to copy and paste that portion of the entry and change the names for November 2nd.)

Without Further Ado – Burrito Casserole


2 Cans of refried beans
1 5.4oz Bag of Taco/Mexican Style Rice
1 Can of Black Olives
1 Medium tomato diced
1 12 oz Bag of Vegetarian Ground Beef
(Or replace with 1lb of Ground Beef)
8oz Velveeta Mexican Cheese
8 10in Tortilla Shells
1 16oz jar of salsa

Preheat oven to 350.

Dice tomato and black olives and set aside. Cut Velveeta into small cubes and set aside.

Cook the bag of rice according to the instructions. While cooking, heat both cans of refried beans in a pot. Pour about one spoon full of the salsa into the beans to make them a little bit more fluid. Heat the vegetarian ground beef substitute in a frying pan. Pour the taco seasoning in while heating.

After the rice is cook but still warm, and the beans and vegetarian ground beef are also warm, you can start layering.

First, lay 2 tortilla shells along the bottom of your large casserole dish. Then scoop half of the beans onto those shells. Then sprinkle about half of your diced tomatoes and about 1/3rd of your black olives on top of the beans. Spread about half of your vegetarian ground beef and then half of your rice to finish off the layer.

Place 3 tortilla shells and then do the entire layer again: Beans, tomatoes, black olives (another 1/3rd), vegetarian ground beef and rice. Put one final layer of three shells on the top.

Now spread out your cubes of cheese on the top of the tortilla shells. Sprinkle the last bit of black olives over the top as well.

Place casserole in oven and cook for 30 minutes. At 30 minutes, take the casserole dish out of the oven and pour some salsa (to taste) on the top of the now-melted cheese. Put the dish back in the oven for 10 minutes.

After 10 minutes, take the dish out and serve!

Now – Go vote for my recipe. (If you like it!) And I also have 25+ FREE! Velveeta Coupons to give away if you want to try a recipe, shoot me an email (misszoot@gmail.com) with your address and I’ll drop yours in the mail this weekend! Who can say No to free Velveeta? Sorry! They’ve all been claimed! I hope you’ll still vote!


29 thoughts on “Burrito Casserole”

  1. Great recipe! Except for the olives (personal preference, ugh), but I’ll just substitute mushrooms.
    Would it work as well to use Pepper Jack cheese instead of Velveeta?
    I’ll definitely give this one a whirl and let you know the results.
    You’ve got my vote! :)

  2. I’ll definitely give you a vote because this is something the hubby would LOVE. I can’t take spicy foods (dammit), but I’ll vote for ya!

    I do want to try one of those recipes – mother-may-I have one of those coupons? LOL

  3. YAY!!! I will totally try to make it. however my veggie roomie won’t eat the tomatoes. or the olives. or the cheese. So she won’t get to taste the yumminess it is sure to be!! :) (she is a picky veggie)


    I am a vegetarian and I’ve been DYING to try the Morning Star beef, I just wanted to find a way to HIDE it!!! I think this looks absolutly perfect. I can’t wait to try it. Did you use flour tortillas or corn? MMMMM and olives. I think I’m going to slather this thing with sour cream and sit back and get full!!!!

    I’ll make sure I remember an extra box of Velveta for snacking.

    Also, if the beef ends up scaring me do you think I could sub in whole black beans and then just have a two bean version?

    I CAN’T WAIT!!!!

  5. So proud! Sounds good!

    And the meat lovers recipe? Sounds yummy too but I think you have to carry a defibrillator in your pocket in order to eat it. Holy artery cloggers! (Hence the fact it sounds yummy.)

  6. I can’t say no to free Velveeta! I checked out the other recipes and can I just say I will be incoporating most of them into my life soon. Good luck in the competition, and thanks for branching out and trying something new! I think lots of us hesitant cookers will reap the benefits.

  7. Hey- finally the recipe- I have been waiting for it for a while. It looks great!!! Headed over to vote for you right now. A coupon would be cool.

    Thanks- and good photos too.

  8. I’m confused about what you are calling a tortilla shell. Is it just a plain flour tortilla or are they cooked in some way? I’ve never heard of a tortilla shell so I want to make sure I’m buying the correct thing. Thanks! The recipe sounds great!

  9. So how do you serve this? Do you slice it like a lasagna? I voted for yours – honestly I’m not a meat eater so I’m really glad you offered a vegetarian option!

    I really do love Velveeta. It’s the only cheese my mom used to make mac & cheese growing up. I visited my sister in college earlier this month and picked up a few of her favorite foods to restock her cupboards, one of which was Velveeta.

    Misguided Mommy – I was wondering the same thing about the black beans.

  10. I think you are selling yourself short my dear! I read through all the recipes and yours is definitely the one I’ll try. I’m so glad you did a vegetarian option. Sounds great – you got my vote.

  11. Your recipe sounds super yummy minus the black olives…I would love to try it if you have a coupon to spare.

    Also, the husband and I are HUGE rotel fans, so I think you could use that in place of salsa or maybe even the tomatoes??

  12. I voted for you !! I am gonna try it this weekend looks very yummy!! I would also love a coupon if you could spare one! I love my velveeta but love my zoot even more :)

  13. I voted for you! It look delicious, and since we love spicy food here in el Casa Chaos I can use the spicy salsa I just bought! Thank you!

  14. It looks yummy. A few too many pots/pans and a bit much on the chopping for me but I’ll have to con my mom into making it when she visits.

  15. Looks pretty good! Just wondering why you didn’t choose to use vegetarian refrieds in there—are OEP’s naturally vegetarian?

    : )

  16. Now that I know what Velveeta is (thanks Wiki – For a time during the 1980s, Velveeta used the advertising jingle, “Colby, Swiss and Cheddar, blended all together” in its U.S. television commercials [2] to explain its unique taste… It is sold in Australia as “Kraft Cheddar Cheese”. At one time it was also sold in the United Kingdom.) I will give the recipe a whirl.

  17. That sounds amazing! We can’t get Velveeta over here but I’m guessing I could just use normal cheese instead. I have to try this now.

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