Wanna Trade?

I took off half a day today to trade shifts with MrZ so he could work. However, he ended up taking the rest of the day off since there wasn’t anything pressing at work. This was a great solution as we spent the afternoon trading off kids. He’d entertain AndyZ for awhile while I took The Sick One and then we’d switch up a little later and I’d take AndyZ. At one point I was holding AndyZ and said to MrZ, “Is it time to trade?” He indicated he could handle her a little longer (she’s actually the more needy of the two kids when she’s this sick) so I kept AndyZ. Then…a few minutes later NikkiZ started freaking out. She was moaning/screaming something and pointing towards me. We could not figure out what she wanted and every time we made an incorrect guess, “Sprite? Tissue? Dora?” she would get more and more frustrated.

Finally, it clicked. Oh! She said, “I want to trade!” Indicating she wanted Momma to hold her for awhile. I guess hearing us use the word “trade” all afternoon sunk in. She decided she’d use it to tell us when she was ready to trade us in.

Old Man Face
This photo is simply hysterically cute. Nothing else.

9 thoughts on “Wanna Trade?”

  1. it’s an old man in a pumpkin hat! where’d you find such a cute little old man?!

    also? bluest eyes ever.

    hope nikkiz is back to normalish soon. :)

  2. That expression says, “Mom, for dressing me like this, you are going in a sub-standard nursing home as soon as I can find a doctor to sign the papers.” :)

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