It’s All About The Blog Fodder


LilZ and I saw this at the grocery store the other day and we spent our time in line discussing the bizarreness of such a cover story. I mean, “The secrets she tells her dolls”? REALLY? What the hell? My favorite was jaclarke21’s comment on flickr that said, “I wonder how much they had to pay the dolls to rat her out?” SERIOUSLY.

As I took the picture with my cell phone, the lady behind me was just looking at me very oddly. You could tell she had no idea why I would be taking a picture of a magazine. I mean, surely she could appreciate how bizarre the cover was, but why document it? From a non-blogger perspective it does seem like and odd thing to do. But me? I’m all, “This is going to go on my blog.”

Have you ever found yourself in that situation? Taking a picture of something weird for your blog? There’s a new addition to our part of town. It’s a guy wearing one of those neon yellow sandwich board signs that says something like, “Repent or BURN.” It angers me greatly and I’m dying to take a picture of him to show you guys. I’m not sure if I can find a good situation to do it though, since he’s at a very busy intersection. (It’s important to have high traffic if you’re preaching eternal damnation, you know.) But every time I see him I think two things: 1) If he doesn’t find somewhere else to stand soon I’m going to stand next to him with a sign that says “Smile! I Love You!” and 2) I need to take a picture of that guy for my blog.

Although, I’m now thinking if I do #1? Then #2 will be much more of a priority. Because a picture of me wearing a sign that says, “Smile! I love you!” next to the guy wearing a sign that says, “Repent or Burn”? THAT would make a good blog entry.