Starting the Week Off Right


These are my boys. They are on my mind today as I just made a small donation to help another Mom’s son. Here’s a story from my friend about a man much too young to have needed a new heart. My friend is trying to raise money for his family. She is one of the millions of kind-hearted people on the internet trying to use their blogs for good instead of evil. She is a good friend of mine so her cause is also my cause. Read the story about Lee and maybe help her out with $5 if you can.


Three Musketeers


Not much time to talk, just wanted to pop in with a few pictures that I took yesterday of the kids when we went out to some local nature trails. It’s not often I get to take a picture of all three kids at one time, since they’re just not usually cooperative. They were very cooperative yesterday because I was bribing them with the potential for ice cream. I’ve learned the same technique works for my husband when the lawn needs to be mowed.


Random Bits Of Week-Ending Nonsense

Is it just me, or does a lot of this financial commentary you hear on the news sound a lot like teachers deciding how to discipline the rowdy kids in class. “It’s not the fault of the innocent, so why should they have to be punished?” “But the actions of the guilty could inadvertently punish the innocent on a grander scale in the long run, wouldn’t it be better to solve this now?” “But then how will the guilty learn their lesson? Won’t they just do this again?” etc…If I didn’t know any better, I’d think some bully was about to get in-school suspension.


My husband has been really sick for several days now. I would like to brag on myself and the changes I’ve been making in my approach to life for a moment. He woke up with severe fever last night and violent chills. The old me would have totally bitched about it and told him to go sleep on the couch, or I would have gone to sleep on the couch in a bitter display of maturity. BUT – I’m learning to be more compassionate and less selfish and resentful. So, do you know what I did? I got up and got him some more covers and some ibuprofen. And you know what? I got much better sleep after that than I would have if I had stormed into the living room getting all pissed off at him for having the nerve to be sick. GAH.

Who knew that not being a bitch could be so effective?


There’s a class party going on at NikkiZ’s school today. A party and then a parade. There was a sign-up sheet for parents to pick items to bring to the party. I double-checked the list this morning to make sure I remembered what I had signed us up for. It seemed that I was the only person who signed up. Which makes me think either (a) I read the instructions wrong and should have signed a different sheet or something or (b) I’d better bring extra cheese puffs because that’s all these kids are getting.

Although – I must say I prefer the pre-decided list of items better than the open-ended “Tell us what you’re bringing!” list that usually accompanies these parties. I hate those lists. Inevitably I’m the parent stumbling in with a bag of goldfish still in the Target bag (because I probably stopped by on the way to the party) while the other parents are bringing homemade treats and gift bags all in dishes from home because they were organized enough to start planning sometime before an hour prior to the party. It’s much less humiliating this way.


MrZ is home sick today with some sort of cold/virus/ebola disease that seems to be making it’s way across town. I did the good wife thing and made him tea, but I freaked out on NikkiZ when she wanted to give him a goodbye kiss. “No! Don’t go near him! He’s sick!” Do you think that’s how germaphobes are made?

Also – what does it say about me that I’m jealous that he’ll get to stay home all day and catch up on the TV I’ve been missing? Granted – he doesn’t even watch half the stuff I record, and he’ll probably just sleep all day. I’m still imagining how I’d use the day watching ANTM, Project Runway, Dancing with the Stars etc.

(MrZ would look at that list of shows as a Torture List and would assume he had been sent to Hell sometime in his sleep if that was the series of things airing on the television.)

Obviously one of the changes I’ve had to make in my new Three Child Life is to cut out some of the crap I used to try to watch on TV. I’ve already sadly removed Gossip Girl from my weekly viewing schedule, I just got too behind. I’ve started watching most of my reality shows in fast-forward (I don’t need to hear what the judges say to the dancers, I’ll just watch their scores fly by) and I never even attempted the last installment of Big Brother.

But – there are a few shows that will never be removed from my weekly schedule. I’ll stay up late (like I did the other night watching Eureka) or I’ll get up early (like I did this morning for Bones) because I know how to prioritize my life. And Colin Ferguson and David Boreanaz are way more important than sleep.

Do you have any shows like that? That would never be removed from your weekly schedule, no matter how much your life tried to get in the way? What shows are on your Do Not Delete list?

Something To Consider When Naming Your Children…

My Dad says that his family always named their dogs with a two-syllable name that ended in the “EEEE” sound. Like Lassie. This was because if those two criteria were met, the name was one that would travel great distances over the acres of a farm when called.

Why I didn’t follow the same criteria when naming my children is beyond me.

Luckily – MrZ’s parents did. They just didn’t know it. If I need him from across our (small) house, I can yell, “Donnnnniiieeeee!” and he can usually hear me. (And often chooses to ignore me, but that’s another topic all together.) It is very nice to be able to scream for your spouse and they hear you the first time. Especially when I’m trying to find someone to bring me a burp rag as I’ve just been puked on. He’s not so lucky with my name. No only is my name only ONE syllable, but it ends in a consonant sound. “Kimmmmm!” just doesn’t travel that well. Meaning he could sit in spit-up for days.

(Of course, I have NO problems with the fact that my name doesn’t travel well, for the record.)

LilZ’s name is better than mine, but not great. His name ends in the “uh” sound. The other night I was in my bedroom watching TV and he was across the house in his bedroom. Now, our house isn’t that big, but we keep all bedroom doors closed so that the animals stay in the main part of the house. So, to shout to LilZ I needed my voice to carry across two doors. I screamed his name four times, getting louder each time. To no avail. At which point I wondered if I could start calling him, “Sammy.” His first name is Samuel, he just goes by his middle name. So, calling him “Sammy” wouldn’t be that weird. And “Sammy” would surely carry across the house. Especially with my high-pitched southern drawl. It would be PERFECT.

Instead, I had to pick up the cordless phone in my bedroom and call his cell phone. He answered, “Hello?” – obviously a bit confused that our home number popped up on his caller ID since he was IN OUR HOUSE.

“Yeah. It’s me. I’m in the bedroom watching Ellen. I’m thirsty. Will you bring me a diet coke? And from now on, your name is ‘Sammy.'”