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LilZ and I saw this at the grocery store the other day and we spent our time in line discussing the bizarreness of such a cover story. I mean, “The secrets she tells her dolls”? REALLY? What the hell? My favorite was jaclarke21’s comment on flickr that said, “I wonder how much they had to pay the dolls to rat her out?” SERIOUSLY.

As I took the picture with my cell phone, the lady behind me was just looking at me very oddly. You could tell she had no idea why I would be taking a picture of a magazine. I mean, surely she could appreciate how bizarre the cover was, but why document it? From a non-blogger perspective it does seem like and odd thing to do. But me? I’m all, “This is going to go on my blog.”

Have you ever found yourself in that situation? Taking a picture of something weird for your blog? There’s a new addition to our part of town. It’s a guy wearing one of those neon yellow sandwich board signs that says something like, “Repent or BURN.” It angers me greatly and I’m dying to take a picture of him to show you guys. I’m not sure if I can find a good situation to do it though, since he’s at a very busy intersection. (It’s important to have high traffic if you’re preaching eternal damnation, you know.) But every time I see him I think two things: 1) If he doesn’t find somewhere else to stand soon I’m going to stand next to him with a sign that says “Smile! I Love You!” and 2) I need to take a picture of that guy for my blog.

Although, I’m now thinking if I do #1? Then #2 will be much more of a priority. Because a picture of me wearing a sign that says, “Smile! I love you!” next to the guy wearing a sign that says, “Repent or Burn”? THAT would make a good blog entry.


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  1. I did a double take when I saw that cover story too. I’m too scared to take pictures like that in public, for fear of what people will think of me. I’m such a wuss.

  2. Too funny. I don’t have a blog, but if I did, you better believe I’d snap photos of weird stuff all the time. If people are out in public like that obviously they want attention. I see no problem with snapping away. Just have on some good running shoes should he chase you – but do it anyway! I don’t know about standing beside him since who knows how that could turn out. However, I could visualize a good Photoshop project right there. :)

  3. Yup, I’ve been guilty of the weirdo pictures for blog fodder – luckily, most have been in my own home. I don’t know if I’d be as brave as you, especially with all the other Judgey that goes on in the grocery store line (yup, I’m looking at YOU, supermom with the no ice cream in the cart staring down all my snacks).

    Ahem. I get a bit nervous at checkout time, ya know?

  4. Suri is going to be so much more famous than her parents one day. She’s being groomed at an early age to not go anywhere without her bangs perfectly in place. I mean, does this girl ever take a bad picture? I think not.

  5. That poor child. Her doll sold her out.
    I don’t think I have taken too weird of pictures….but I like to blog with pictures….which reminds me I have a bunch to put up!

  6. Taking a picture of something weird for your blog?

    Yes, but all the pictures I take are weird anyway, blog or not. I had someone drive-by and yell “freak!” a few weeks ago when I was shooting something for one of Utata’s Iron Photographer projects. I shoot with film cameras, so I’m sure the people at the lab probably think “Freak!,” too, but I’m a good customer, so they’re nice about my “weird little pictures.”

  7. Once I was at Whole Foods waiting for my friend to show up for lunch. Outside they had this great bin of Georgia peaches. There was a great sign advertising Georgia Peaches for x amount. I looked down at the packaging and the actual bin was labeled CALIFORNIA PEACHES. Finding this hilarious I stoop down with my phone to take a picture right as my friend walks up here I am photographing fricking peaches like an idiot.

  8. I have definitely taken strange pictures for my blog (see: shoes) but that cover needed to be documented. Poor child. Also: I think your sign and picture idea for the nutbag “Burn” guy is PHENOMENAL. Really, you should def. do it. And bring back-up!

  9. I love the idea of you standing by that guy with your own sandwich board! It might be more ironic, however, if yours said, “Smile, Jesus Loves You!” Just to counteract what his says.

  10. This past weekend I had to take pictures of Miami Ink costumes at Target because I just couldn’t get past the fact that they made them!

    Because it would be a great ridiculous Halloween costume post!

  11. Hey MissZoot – I have just started reading your blog and I really enjoy our daily comparisons. =) I was an avid Rockstar Mommy reader =( – for years and that is how I came to know you. Just wanted to say Hi and if you talk to RSM, let her know that this Halloween won’t be the same without her – I know it was her fav. =) Thank you and I look forward to reading more. I have a 12 year old and a 2 year old – Yes, I can appreciate “the gap” between and the differences from then and now! =)

  12. I used to care, and deeply, and that’s when I realized I was writing about the wrong stuff. Now I live by the Dooce mantra of not writing a blog I’d be embarrassed of my boss finding. (Also learned that one the hard way, actually. My company’s HR can tell you more than they’d like to know about my preference of positions..)

    But now? I’m tempted to print out little Moo cards with my site on them and leave them on tables after I’ve eaten, right next to the tip. ;)

  13. Oh, I take the odd picture too. However, many times I forget I have it to put on my blog until it no longer applies.

    Do you also find it odd that the doll is ‘naked’ while she’s perfectly groomed and dressed in designer clothes? Maybe that’s what’s she’s telling the dolls – naked is better.

  14. I am constantly taking pictures on my phone of random things I want to blog about, and then promptly forgetting what it was I wanted to say. In my phone photo album I had (at one point or another) pictures of the Oscar Meyer Wienermobile, a stick figure dangling from a stop sign, and (my favorite) a woman with neon green pants, a fire engine red shirt, a navy blue top hat and bright yellow sunglasses, carrying a pink Victoria’s Secret bag. It’s like Skittles attacked her.

  15. Holy cow! I saw this cover last night, and I was like “yeah, ’cause her dolls are all Chatty Cathys’!” Unfortunately I was alone so noone could enjoy my bon mot.

  16. I am about to post a random picture on mine (which is never, ever updated) but I didn’t take it for my blog. I took it for a website I belong to with lots of Democrats! I thought my client would die when I asked if I could take her picture but she thought it was all in good fun!

    My digital camera was broken for forever but now that I have a new one I am obsessive about taking it with me just in case I need it.

  17. Yup I do that – I actually have the camera on my phone and a compact point and shot digital camera just for the moment that i should want to take a photo. After all who would have documented the lady in my office shutting one of the sales guys in his office and stacking boxes infront of the door as a joke because he made a rude comment.

  18. I can’t believe that story made the cover page. I’m sure a toddler isn’t emotionally and mentally scarred by not having a younger sister.

    I also take photos to add to Flickr/put on my blog. I took a photo of a car a few months ago that’s licence plate was PMS at the end. I got a few looks for that. And I’ve still yet to upload that to Flickr.

  19. Yes! One time I saw a couple of photos in a magazine that I thought were crazy, while at the salon, and I had to sneakily camera phone-photo them. lol. I’m sure there’s been a zillion instances but those for sure stick out…

    You should hold a sign over “burn” that says “party!” Like that photo of a guy holding up a picket sign that says “HOMOSEXUAL SEX IS SINNING” and there’s a picture of a guy holding up a cardboard sign in front of “SINNING” that says “GREAT”…hehe

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