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These are photos of my kids from the culture parade their school had on Friday. AndyZ is wearing a hat made of the American flag and the German flag as that is his predominate lineage. I think. It’s the predominate lineage of MrZ and there’s some German in me somewhere – so I made the call to use German when asked his heritage.

NikkiZ’s class was in charge of Ireland, but they’ve been without a teacher for almost two weeks so their “costumes” weren’t that detailed. Some of the classes had shirts and hats and even props to carry in the parade. It was all very cute. Of course, that didn’t keep me and another Mom from snarking a little. Because that’s what some of us do when we see our kids in funny hats. We just couldn’t help ourselves. I’d like to think my Dad did the same when I participated in such events.

Although – for the record? He most assuredly didn’t. I’m just pretending he did so I can feel less guilty about making fun of my own children.


Because, seriously…how can you not say something snarky about this situation? Isn’t that in the parenting handbook somewhere? That mocking your child is allowed in extreme situations? If it’s not – then I’m rewriting the manual to include that law. And I’ll also add that it’s okay to eat their Halloween candy when they’re not looking. We have to teach them to protect their belongings somehow, right?


11 thoughts on “Parenting Highs”

  1. “That mocking your child is allowed in extreme situations?” If we’re limited to extreme situations then I am definitely out of the running for mother of the year. Again.

    As usual, cute kids. The first picture of NikkiZ is perfect. Not too smiley and shows all of her pretty red (strawberry blonde?) hair.

  2. Dude. I totally mock my 2 1/2 year old daughter at her dance class. She’s the one examining the contents of her nose and staring into space while the other girls are shuffling. Sigh.

  3. Where’s the girl with the drums? SHE’S the reason I snark, I swear. I mean, our children were perfect. The girl with the drums? TELL ME YOU DIDN’T LAUGH AT HER. And I shall call you a liar, Miss Zoot. ;)

  4. Hee. Zoot, if snarking on your kids is not allowed, then someone should really be taking Maddie sometime soon. Jimmy and I snark on her quite a bit… mostly when she’s wailing in the afflicted, woe-is-me variety that calls for hilarity on our part.

    Adorable as always… their hats remind me of Dr. Seuss. Cute!

  5. Sarah – I totally almost posted the picture of the drum girl. Instead I’ve decided to carry it around in my purse to make me smile when I’m having a bad day.

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