The Cuteness Numbs The Olfactory Senses

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It’s a good thing there exist so many adorable photos of my son in this world. They seem to serve as a mood-changer for those days where I’m really sick of getting puked or pooped on. Because this week? So far? I’ve been pooped on twice and spit-up on several times EVERY DAY. Somehow the smell of spit-up on my shoulder is less disgusting when I know it’s a kid that looks like this that did it to me.


16 thoughts on “The Cuteness Numbs The Olfactory Senses”

  1. So absolutely cute.

    Oh, and you can downlload NPR Podcasts on your iPod to listen to in the car–that way you don’t miss a story if you aren’t in the car at the right time (you know, driving to work late; like THAT ever happens to me…)

  2. seriously? twice a day with the poop? he’ll catch on eventually that you don’t like it!

    until then, i will NOM NOM EAT HIS TOES he is so cute!

  3. WOW is he adorable!! And growing so fast!!

    I think that it definitely numbs the nose… there are days when I smell it on my shoulder and I actually just get a bit sappy, missing my girl.

    Ah, motherhood!

  4. dang. he’s so cute he can spit up on me anytime ! I start nursing school in 12 days anyways. I’m sure I’ll see my share of bodily fluids. LOL. :) He is soooooo sweet.

  5. I thought LilB was done with the whole peeing when there isn’t a diaper on.

    Last week, I discovered I was wrong. Unfortunatley it had been so long, that it took me a while to figure out where the wetness was coming from.

  6. Cute doesn’t even begin to describe it! You’ve got 3 heart breakers on your hands. Good thing they’re spread out, imagine if all 3 were teens at once!

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