Random Bits Of Housekeeping

  • I have finally updated my about page. It now mentions that I have three kids instead of two and no longer tells the saga of my layoff. It’s all very real now, and doesn’t read like someone else’s life.
  • Of course – that meant I also had to update my MySpace page and my Facebook profile. Of course, to do that I had to learn how to work Facebook. It was ugly for a few days, but I think I got it all worked out.
  • Twitter never gave me all of the people I follow back. I’ve had to slowly start adding them back myself, but I’m not sure how to find them all. Sometimes I don’t even log into Twitter at all during the day, so who knows if I’ll ever find everyone again. I did remember Dr. Horrible, of course. He’s the most important.
  • If you’ll notice – there is now a “I’m Speaking At BlogHer Nashville” sticker on my sidebar. It’s true! I’ll be there – doing my usual Help A Blogger Out type of session. We’re not exactly sure of the outline of it yet, but it will be AWESOME. I promise you! Are you going? I ran 26.2 miles the last time I was in that city for any length of time. I’m not doing that this time. Just for the record.

Working Girl

Since I’ve gone back to work after my maternity leave, I’ve noticed some significant changes in my routine. Besides – you know – going to work.

  • I stay up later. Now, I wouldn’t have predicted this effect because I’m waking up much earlier – 4:30am on a good morning. It turns out, I’ve started saving my chores until after the kids are in bed so that I’m not sacrificing any time with them to do something mundane, like pack my lunch for the next day.
  • I get a lot more groceries on the weekends. Since the mid-week trip is not a great option now (who wants to finally get off work only to get groceries?); I do my best to get it all done on the weekends. I usually can’t get it done in one trip, because I can’t fit a week’s worth of groceries in one buggy. But, one trip Saturday and one trip Sunday and we’re usually good for the week. Usually.
  • strong>My family fights over AndyZ now. It used to be that when MrZ got home from work I was spent and more than willing to hand him AndyZ to hold. Now? I run away and hide so he can’t take him from me. Or, I at least tell him that AndyZ has some contagious disease that I’m immune to. Anything to steal some baby-holdin’ time from my husband.
  • We’re more crafty, now. I’ve been trying to come up with at least one activity to do with NikkiZ every night. This fosters quality time and usually gives her something to look forward to after school. Crafts are the easy option because the stuff is always out. And I can put off putting it all up as long as I have the excuse of doing crafts again the NEXT day! Anything to allow me to be lazy!
  • NikkiZ watches less TV. Shocking, I know. But – I just feel more guilty now, letting NikkiZ watch TV. She only has a few hours awake after work, why should I waste it by sitting her in front of the TV? Granted – I do still use it to entertain her while I get dinner ready or feed AndyZ. But, mostly? She doesn’t watch much anymore. Now – notice I didn’t say anything about the quantity of TV MrZ and I watch. We’re still total couch potatoes.
  • The house stays cleaner longer. DUDE. I forgot how being away from the home all day keeps it CLEAN! It’s so fantastic! We don’t dirty as many dishes either! I’m only running the dishwasher every 2-3 days now instead of every day! And the toys? They aren’t thrown all around the house by bedtime! It is – by far – the best part of going back to work. Coming home to seeing the house exactly the way I left it. And do you know what that means? I spend less time picking up the house! And therefore? LESS TIME BITCHING! That’s a plus for EVERYONE.

It Starts Tonight…

I’m considering tonight the beginning of the FALL TV Season because my late-to-catch onto fave Greek returns to ABC Family. I didn’t start watching it until after the writer’s strike ended and I loved it so much I bought the first half of the season on DVD to watch this summer. I’m so happy it’s returning.

Next week brings back Gossip Girl (What?), American’s Next Top Model (Which I don’t always watch, depends on how the cast rubs me the first few episodes.), and Bones. I’m thrilled to watch Bones this season because since last season, I’ve watched all of Buffy and Angel so I have this new-found love of David Boreanaz. (Who I adored before, for the record.)

There are a few new shows I’m planning on giving a try, with the first being Raising the Bar on TNT. It doesn’t really look like my kind of show, but I have to give it a try because the long-haired Zack (I’m sure he hates still being called that) from Saved by the Bell hypnotizes me every time he comes on screen. I’m also going to give the new Christian Slater show a try, because I have this unstoppable drive to give everything he tries a chance since I fell in love with him as HHH in Pump Up The Volume.

What shows are you looking forward to returning? What new shows are you going to try?

When Were They Ever So Small?

A few new photos popped up on my top “random” photo bar recently and they made me stop dead in my tracks. LOOK AT MY CHILDREN. How can they change so much in two years? I feel like we all must take a moment to awe at time past when NikkiZ didn’t know the word “no” and LilZ was actually shorter than me.

My, how things change.



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