What Would You Do?

We’ve never owned a swing. I had a hand-me-down swing for LilZ (the kind that cranked, remember those?) and he HATED it. So, it was an investment I considered pointless for NikkiZ. Since we just used all of NikkiZ’s hand-me-downs for AndyZ, he didn’t get one either. He had never even been in one before…until the other night.


He stayed in that thing, for like three hours! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? That’s the longest he’s ever been awake and not demanded to be held. THREE HOURS. Is that normal? Are those swings that hypnotic for all babies? And if so – WHY DID NO ONE TELL ME?

Here’s the question now – should we buy one of those suckers? How long would he use it? Would he stop being enamored with it if we actually owned one? Like – maybe it’s just the novelty that intrigued him? I don’t want to dish out the bucks unless I can drop him in it and not worry about him until he’s 6. Do you think that’s a possibility?

Also – LilZ would like to know if they make them big enough for him.


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  1. Look on Craig’s List. There’s tons of swings and bouncers and baby gear that only gets used for 4 months (or less!) for super cheap.

    We joke that we got our kid on Craig’s List, b/c so much of his stuff comes from there.

  2. We had the baby papasan swing (it goes side to side & front to back!) and vibrating chair- lifesavers. I agree with the other commentor about Craig’s List or garage sales but definitely think you should get one!

  3. two comments, I’m out of the lurker zone.

    Dude, the only way I got ANY sleep when my daughter was born was the swing. She was in that thing ALL THE TIME because after she was fed, changed, burped and STILL crying, the swing ALWAYS calmed her down.

    I’m just sayin…

  4. AndyZ needs a swing. 3 hours quiet while awake? Holy crap.

    And LilZ (and the rest of your family) needs a hammock. :)

  5. get the swing! GET THE SWING!

    once they are a little bigger you can tip the seat forward and attach the toy tray and they can sit and play in it…. our guy still likes it at 7 mos.

  6. i don’t know how you’ve ever gotten a shower without a swing. I loved those things with my little ones – absolutely saved my sanity!

  7. Any baby consignment stores in your area? You can always find good deals there…

    The look of absolute awe on his face is PRICELESS.

  8. I don’t have that one, but we have one from when my oldest was a baby. You totally need one. The baby never liked it until just a couple of weeks ago. Now I can actually eat dinner most nights with TWO HANDS. Yeah!

    Daycare has that exact one and yes, the baby enjoys it a lot. If we didn’t have one, I’d be all over Craigslist for one. You can get them about half price or less if you’re lucky. I don’t think you’ll regret the investment at all.

  9. see if you can get one 2nd hand…I bet you kind find one, then donate it back or whatever.

    LilZ they are called hammocks. I want one too.

  10. My son LOVED swings – only the kind that would swing him front to back, not side to side. If he didn’t sleep in his baby carrier, he slept in his swing….all the way up to 18 mos!! I remember we were traveling and staying in a hotel for a few weeks. Joe just wouldn’t sleep, so I broke down and got him a cheap walmart swing. Kid slept like a dream… LOVE THEM! Too bad I don’t still have ours, I would have sent it to you :( Maybe you can pick one up at a garage sale…or borrow one from someone who is inbetween babies right now and just storing it away??

  11. I didn’t buy a swing for the Monkeyboy, but was given one as a hand-me-down from a friend. It was a seriously fugly Fisher Price aquarium deal that turned out to be the most awesome piece of baby equipment ever. I loaned it to a friend of mine who had a baby in the interim between mine and she worried over wearing it out. I told her this “If it dies after you use it, it saw its way through three kids. And if I have to buy another for my next baby, I would consider it money well spent.” The swing in question is still going strong on its fourth kiddo now.

    And you’ll see that the instructions of most baby swings say that babies should not sleep in the swing through the night, but every parent I know has let their baby sleep in the swing during moments of desperation. Or weeks and weeks of desperation. Whatever.

  12. I think some babies just CLICK with swings and some babies don’t, and it sounds like yours DOES! I would buy one, or get one off Freecycle (www.freecycle.org). I really baby swings.

  13. I have the exact swing. Nathan is nearing 11 months and we still use it a few times per week- he is crawling now and we like to eat dinner in front of the tv (sometimes) so we put him in there and he still loves it. Its weight limit is 25 lbs, a 11 months he is 21.
    I agree with the others, look at craigs list. All of the fabric is machine washable.

  14. My kids each had a swing and they loved it as well. If it was me I’d check my local thrift shops, garage sales and craigslist and pick one up cheap.

  15. For LilZ, http://www.roomdoctor.com/accessories See the Mona Rocker.

    For AndyZ, look at a consignment store or yard sale, because people are constantly trying to get rid of those swings once the babies get too big for them. Then, if he doesn’t like it after a while, you haven’t chunked much money into it. I have met very few children who didn’t like the swing at least a little bit, and many absolutely love them. I blame my inability to get into a car without getting drowsy on my mother’s excessive use of a baby swing during my infancy!

  16. I am right up there with everyone else, look around and buy a used one! 3 whole hours to do whatever you wanted?? THATS ALOT OF BEER!! hehehe

  17. 2nd or 3rd the Craigslist suggestion. We have that swing and loved it. But DS stopped using it around 5 months, so you may have missed out on the largest window of opportunity.

  18. My 7th grader had a crank swing when he was a baby. He liked it most of the time in spite of the fact that he’d finally be crashing and we’d have to crank it and he’d wake up all over again, and then with the swinging, his little legs turned into ice cubes so we had to wrap his legs in blankets before swinging.

    The “new and improved” swing we owned by the time we had our girls was THE GREATEST BABY INVENTION EVAH!

    So, to get stuff done without a baby who likes a lot of activity, the swing saved my sanity.

  19. Yeah, swings are one of the baby items that I absolutely refuse to go without. They were lifesavers with both of my previous kids. We no longer have the one we used for Gabe, and will have to buy a new one, but I will GLADLY make that purchase.

  20. You should definitely get one. Even if you only use it 6 months it’s worth the 80 bucks for a new one. if you can get a used one at a resale place or any of the other secondhand options already mentioned all the better!

  21. Go for it. For me, both my boys enjoyed it. It was a safe place for me to get my hands free, plus kept them upright (their preference), and the movement was comforting to them. Once they were too big, we moved onto the excersaucer.

  22. Neither one of my kids were into the swing, and we had that exact one. Like many others said, I’d try to find one used. That sucker’s expensive for the amount of time you’ll be able to use it.

  23. we have a similar one in your picture and our girls love it. i’ve heard that most kids will like it to about 6 months. maybe you could find a used one at a consignment store?

  24. A swing was the only thing that helped me survive the first 6 months of my son’s life. Need a shower? Stick him in the swing. Need to cook dinner? Stick him in the swing. Need to pee? Stick him in the swing. It was magical. I bought 2 second hand. One for our bedroom and one for the living room. I paid next to nothing for them so it won’t be a big deal when I sell them in a garage sale later.

  25. Swings are one of the best baby items ever! From the moment my daughter was born and went into the nursery at the hospital she was hooked. The kid didn’t want to be held but wanted to move. I originally got a crank style one given to me when I brought her home but, a month later when I moved so shmuck broke it. I didn’t last the night without one. I ran out to the store and picked up one of the ones that ran on batteries (I had to invest in a battery charger lol).

  26. Dude. With both of my kids I could not have survived newborndom without a swing. I plan on getting one before the third baby arrives too.

  27. I love our swing. Henry just took a marathon nap in it for 3 hours and 45 minutes this morning/afternoon. In fact, the first time we went to stay with my mom with Henry, she asked if she needed to buy a crib or anything else for the baby. I asked her to buy only one thing: a swing.

    Even if you can’t find a used one, as a previous poster said, it may be worth buying a new one. You can probably get a lot of use out of it, then if you want to resell it and recoup some of the expense, it could even out to a good investment.

  28. I don’t understand you people without the swings. How does the whole parenting thing WORK without a place to put the children while you drink your vodka? I couldn’t have survived without my swing. I think my kids outgrew them around 6 months…so I’d go for used if you’re getting one!

  29. Both of my boys LOVED the swing. fisher Price has a portable swing that is low to the ground and folds up so you can travel with it or move it easily from room to room. I think it is about 40 bucks but I am sure you could find one at Kids Market or Craigs list. My second son was adopted and drug exposed and the swing was a Godsend for those sleepless nights of withdrawals. I stongly recommend it especially with that sweet look on AndyZ’s face. He obviously likes it and you will LOVE it.

  30. We had the same swing for Jake when he was a baby, and it was the greatest purchase ever. Jake loved it from the time we put him in it up until he was almost a year old. Seriously, the swing could barely move toward the end because he was too heavy. I only put it away because he reached the weight limit (25 lbs). I almost cried the day I had to take it apart. He would stay in that thing for hours. I know some people say their kids don’t like the swing, but clearly AndyZ does. I do think it’s important to get a “good one” and the Baby Papasan Rocks!

  31. came online tonight to check to see if you had updated. even though i lurk here when i heard there were some mandatory evacuations in alabama today i thought of your family and wanted to see if you had posted….just thinking about you and hope you and everyone else is safe! xxoo

  32. I have heard lots and lots of good things about the swings. Is there any place where you could hire one for a while, and see if he really likes it?

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