Random Questions You Should Totally Answer Because I’m Curious

  1. If you’re on hold with a company, which is better: To have the recording tell you approximately how long the wait will be, or NOT. I think I prefer NOT to know because then there’s always the hope that you’ll be talking to a human in mere seconds. When they tell you that it will be 47 minutes, you just want to go ahead and shoot yourself.
  2. Is there ever a cause for you not to tip at a restaurant? We tend to tip 15% even with the crappiest of service and add onto that depending on how good the service is. However – we know people who do the opposite – start at the 20% mark and work down to ZERO depending on the level of service.
  3. How do you feel about returning items you’ve purchased? To me – it’s not a big deal. I’ve done it hundreds of times. MrZ, on the other hand, hates to do it. If I didn’t offer to do it for him, there are times (depending on the amount spent – he does have his limits) that he would just keep the item instead of taking it back. He hates it that much.
  4. How do you feel about walking out of movies? Swistle brought this subject up recently on her site. Have you ever done it? Would you do it? I have only done it once and that was because LilZ was so bored he wouldn’t sit still. It was a movie I thought he’d like, but was waaaaay too young for it and was bored to TEARS. His fidgeting was making me crazy, so I offered to leave if he wanted to. He practically burned a hole in the carpet he ran out the door so fast. But normally? I wouldn’t. No matter how bad. I like popcorn too much to leave before the movie is over.
  5. Do you sing along with music? LilZ and I discussed this recently. Typically? He does NOT sing along with the music. I used to when I was younger but have grown out of it because I know it pains the people around me. (I have a DREADFUL voice. Seriously. I’ve actually been told that.) He has a nice voice, though. I don’t know why he doesn’t sing. One sidenote: We BOTH sing out loud (and LOUDLY) along with Buffy’s “Once More, With Feeling” soundtrack which we actually were playing full-blast last night while cooking dinner. I don’t know why that gets us out of our vocal shells, but most music does not.

58 thoughts on “Random Questions You Should Totally Answer Because I’m Curious”

  1. 1. To have it tell me, so I know whether I should try calling back when I have more time.

    2. I do the same as you. Once we had a REALLY terrible waitress and only left her 10%, but that was a compromise because my dining partner wanted to leave her 0%. But it doesn’t all go to the waitress, so I convinced him we had to leave something.

    3. I am really lazy. Sometimes, if it didn’t cost much and I might get some use out of it, I don’t return it, even though there’s a better version out there I’d prefer. If I have no use for it, it doesn’t fit, or it was too expensive, I’ll return it.

    4. I’ve done it, but only once. But ever since then, I am way pickier about what movies are worth my money. Especially since they are $10 a pop now.

    5. ALL THE TIME when I am alone. Only with loved ones or in a group otherwise.

  2. 1. Since I don’t dig the phone at all, I’d probably find some way to make my husband call instead so I wouldn’t even be on hold. Ha!
    2. ALWAYS tip. We’ve had some crummy waitresses and waiters too. But at least double the tax and work up from there.
    3. Yeah, I’m not too likely to return something. Unless it was really expensive. Part of it is laziness, part of it is not liking to deal with people in that context. Often will make husband do it.
    4. Nope, but then, I don’t go see movies that I don’t feel fairly certain I’m going to at least enjoy a little bit. But if I had to, I wouldn’t hesitate.
    5. Oh all the time. And I really need to stop because I have a hideous voice.

  3. 1. I like not knowing as well, for exactly the same reason.

    2. I used to wait tables, and I think there is a definite time for NO tip. If the service is slow or even bad, but the server is kind and clearly trying, we will tip at least something. But if you’re rude or make me feel like I am a burden for asking you to DO YOUR JOB, then you’re not seeing a penny. People make a big deal about how servers make very little per hour and need these tips, but then I think that’s all the more reason why they ought to earn them!

    3. I have kept things instead of returning them. Usually they end up being given to someone else. For me, it’s about convenience versus cost. If I spent less than $10, I’m not going back.

    4. I walked out of the Spice Girls movie. Which I went to see because my little sisters made me. Because I was certainly NOT a fan. And shut up.

    5. I sing, loud and long, and frequently in public places when my iPod makes me forget people are watching. My voice is alright, but people still think it’s weird. I also sing in the car, the shower, and frequently when I am cooking.

  4. 1. I generally prefer not to know for the same reason. But there is one exception.. I would like to know sometimes because if it’s going to be 30 minutes and I have other things to do, I’ll know ahead of time so I can hang up and call back later if it’s not something pressing.

    2. I would NEVER not tip at a restaurant. We usually tip 15-20% depending on service. However, I am sure we have tipped 10% on occasion due to REALLY HORRIBLE service. If I have to raise my hand and ask for a refill after waiting my ENTIRE MEAL with an empty glass? Bad tip! However, I know waiters and waitresses make slim to none as an hourly wage and rely on tips so I would never not give a tip at all.

    3. I used to be the Master of Returns. However, as of lately I am too chicken to return things. I hate it!! I hate when the cashier questions the return and I hate when the cashier gives me the stink eye. Hubby does most of the returning. He’s got the kind of attitude of “Buy it now and if I don’t like it I can just return it!” and I have the attitude of, “I better know for sure that I want this because there is no way in heck I am returning it!”

    4. I’ve only ever walked out of ONE movie: I Am Sam. And the reason? We got there late and got a front row seat, therefore 20 minutes into the movie and all the motion, I quickly ran to the bathroom where I vomitted. Needless to say, we left immediately. But I do just want to point out that I did end up renting the movie and watching it from a MUCH FARTHER distance and did not eat before or while watching it and I really enjoyed the movie!

    5. ALWAYS sing along with movie. I don’t BELT OUT my tunes. But I do sing a long. I love it. We are known for our “Karaoke Partys” at our house. We make Karaoke CDs of our favorite bands (Alkaline Trio, Against Me!, Latterman, Set Your Goals, Early November, Midtown, Motion City Soundtrack, Hot Rod Circuit, etc.) that you could NEVER find Karaoke CDs for and then sing our hearts out. It’s tons of fun!

  5. 1. I want to know how long the hold time is. If it is long, I just hang up and call back later.

    2. I don’t think I have ever not tipped at a restaurant, even I got the worst service. I might tip less, such as 10%.

    3. I have no problem returning items. I change my minds all the time, hence I return items all the time. :)

    4. I have only walked out the movie once, because the friend of my son thought the movie was too scary. We walked out about 10 mins from ending.

    5. Once in a while I catch myself singing along, when I am along. Mostly I don’t. I have a horrible voice and I can’t sing.

  6. 1. I’d rather know how long because I get frustrated and hang up if I have to wait too long, but if I know it’ll only be another minute or two I’ll stay on the line.
    2. I always tip something, even if the service is horrible because tipping nothing doesn’t really get the point across as well as tipping 10 cents.
    3. I hate it and generally avoid it.
    4. I have no problem leaving a movie. It’s the sunk cost thing. My money is gone either way, so the only thing I consider when making my decision is whether my time is worth sitting through the movie. I’ve walked out of many movies.
    5. I do when I’m alone but never ever in front of others.

  7. 1 – I’d rather know how long I’ll be waiting, I like to know whether or not I’ve got the time to wait.

    2 – Oh, LORDY, don’t get me started on the tipping thing, I’m a server. I ALWAYS tip well. I guess I’ve been very fortunate in not ever having such bad service that I felt “No WAY you’re getting a tip.” I think if you’re in a restaurant and you feel justified in not leaving a tip, you need tospeak to the manager before you leave. Some people cannot differentiate between a problem being ther server’s fault or the kitchen’s fault, and a manager can help clear that up so you don’t punish a server for something they couldn’t control.

    3 – I take things back. Sometimes it’s broken or doesn’t fit right or just doesn’t look how you thought it would or you figure out it’s a a book you don’t need for your class…it happens.

    4 – I can’t recall ever walking out of a movie. Not to say that I never would, it just depends on whatever circumstances are in effect at the time.

    5 – Yes, especially in the car, even if my kid is with me. I like to sing along to “When I Grow Up” buy the Pussycat Dolls, especially, because I read somewhere that one of the lyrics was “When I grow up…I wanna have boobies.” The line is, in fact “When I grow Up…I wanna have groupies,” but if that song comes on while the kid and I are in the car, I’ll sing the wrong line just so we both get a good laugh.

  8. 1. Don’t tell me. I’d rather keep my glass-half-full mentality.
    2. I tend to start at 20% and work my way down.
    3. Oh, I have no problem returning things. My FIL, however, takes it to an extreme. No, really. You wouldn’t believe it.
    4. We don’t go to many movies — with a family of four, it gets awfully expensive — so we usually wait till the DVD comes out. When I do go, then, it’s usually to see something I’ve heard enough about that I feel secure knowing I’ll like it, or something epic like the next Harry Potter. Plus, there’s just not that much that I’d actually walk out on — I’ll find something to amuse myself, even if it’s making fun of a bad movie.
    5. Miss Priss always uses a line from Family Guy when she’s with me: “Who sings that?” And when I answer, she says “Let’s keep it that way.” Yeah. I sing along. A lot. Even when I don’t know the words.

  9. 1. I prefer to know. If it’s going to be 47 minutes, I might just hang up and try tomorrow.

    2. I almost always tip. Sometimes, though, the service is so bad that I don’t. I figure the waiter/waitress has no one to blame but him/herself.

    3. I hate returning anything. I’m more like Mr. Z. I also will not tell someone when they have completely butchered a haircut, whether the hair in question is mine or the dog’s. After all, the damage is done. It’ll grow out.

    4. Walking out of a movie…I don’t know that that has happened. I, too, am the popcorn loving type who refuses to budge no matter how crappy the movie. I’m sure there must be an exception to this rule somewhere in my history, though. Certainly there is.

    5. I sing along. However, I also turn the radio up loud enough to cover my caterwauling.

  10. 1. I would prefer to know. If the wait is going to be longer than five minutes, I will hand up and try again later.

    2. The only time I won’t tip is if the wait staff is rude/nasty, etc.

    3. I also don’t like to return items. The only time I do is if it is very expensive.

    4. I think I’ve only walked out on a movie once. A movie would have to have no redeeming qualities for me to leave.

    5. Cetain songs make me want to sing-along, but I will only do so if I am alone. I don’t hate anyone enough to sing to them.

  11. 1. I like to know how long the wait will be, so I have the option of hanging up and trying again later.

    2. I usually tip 20%, unless the waitperson is rude. In that case – No tip for you! (Not really. I always leave at least a couple of bucks.)

    3. I return stuff all the time. Because I am cheap, and cannot bear the thought of paying for something that I won’t actually use.

    4. I’ve never walked out of a movie, although I’ve sometimes felt like it. Once I’ve paid my money, I feel like I have to at least know how the movie ends.

    5. I sing along to CDs in the car all the time. I’ve also been known to wail out around a campfire. Oh, and sometimes I sing when I’m washing the dishes. Just to pass the time.

  12. 1. I would rather know the wait so I can gauge whether or not making the call right at that moment is really worth it or not.

    2. I’m with Mary on this one. I always leave SOMETHING because as she said – leaving 2 cents has so much more meaning than leaving nothing. I also agree with Heather. I, too, used to wait tables and yeah you make pretty crappy base pay. HOWEVER, the problem with people automatically leaving a tip no matter the service level is that then certain waitstaff then think they are ENTITLED to a tip of a certain amount. Which, um, no. You can’t just take my order never to come back and then have 3 other different waiters bring my food, drinks and bill and still expect 15%.

    3. I have no problem returning things at all.

    4. I have only walked out of one movie (The Aviator) and that’s because my husband got sick. Tickets are so expensive, I’d stick it out for pretty much anything. (Besides, I am so NOT picky about movies, I’ll watch anything and find at least one thing enjoyable about it.)

    5. I totally sing along – but only when I’m by myself or with my old college roommate (we had many a “karaoke night” in front of the computer…most notable of our favorite songs to really get into: David Bowie’s “Major Tom”….no clue why).

    This was fun…I like random question and answer “sessions!”

  13. 1. I would rather know. Then I can put it on speaker (low volume) and do something else while I wait. I hate the false hope that keeps me hanging on when I’m 283 in line.

    2. I’ve only ever not tipped once. 20% is my standard for decent or good service. 15% for adequate. I might go as low at 10% if the service is bad. But I feel guilty and want to leave a written explanation so they don’t just think I am cheap.

    3. I don’t mind returning things – I am just too lazy to do it sometimes. My husband on the other hand would rather eat the cost than bother returning most items. Drives me nuts because he loves his electronics.

    4. I’ve only ever walked out of 1 movie – The Passion of Christ. HATED it – was actually angry at the makers of the movie. Otherwise, I always have this insane hope that it will get better and if I leave I will miss something redeeming.

    5. I sing along all the time when I am alone. In public, I do so quietly only if it is a really good song or if I need to entertain my children. I have a horrible voice so I try not to subject others to it.

  14. 1. Don’t want to know. It would only raise my blood pressure, I’m sure.

    2. I’ve only not tipped once that I can ever remember. That’s because she misplaced our order & when we asked she said “You could check with the chef over there if you want.” Um, yeah. Corporate got an email that night.

    3. I’ll return anything, receipt or not. No biggie.

    4. We don’t go to the movies much at all. I wait for it to come on our Directv instead.

    5. When it’s just me in the car I sing. Loudly. With the kids, I can’t even hear the music so no, I don’t sing then. But if someone sees me on the way to work, I’m probably belting out some tune.

  15. 1. I have a very low tolerance for being on hold, so I definitely want to know how long I’m going to be stuck there.

    2. Servers often share their tips with other personnel like bussers, so if you tip nothing you may also be penalizing people who were doing their jobs. If service is not very good, I’ll tip a little less. If service is truly bad, I’ll talk to a manager.

    3. I’d prefer not to do it–largely because I don’t like interacting with retail clerks any more than absolutely necessary–but I don’t lie awake nights worrying about an upcoming return.

    4. I’ve never given this much thought. I don’t think I’ve ever walked out of a movie, but I don’t go to the theater all that often. It wouldn’t bother me to do so.

    5. Yes, but not in front of other people unless alcohol is involved.

    I expect you don’t mind singing along to the Buffy soundtrack because you know you sound better than the actors. A couple of those guys are…not so good.

  16. 1. I prefer to not know. Ignorance being bliss and all that.

    2. Yep, I start at 15% or so and work my way down. I’ll tip more if the waiter/waitress is super-nice or otherwise goes above and beyond, but if they are rude or the service is bad I feel no need to hit that 15%. My husband, on the other hand, tips a generous 20% or more no matter how bad the service.

    3. I am very cheap. I will return it almost every time. Except with the price of gas so high these days, for less than $5 it sometimes isn’t worth it.

    4. Yes, I have walked out of movies before and never hesitate to do so if A) the movie is brain-numbingly boring or B) my kid is freaking out.

    5. I always, always sing. As if my life depends on it.

  17. 1. I like to know. The other day, though, I was on hold and the automated message said, “We know you want to talk to a real person – not a machine.” It said that about every three minutes. After the fifth time, I lost it.
    2. We don’t ever not tip in restaurants. Servers are taxed with the assumption that they’ve earned tips. We start at 15% and go up from there for excellent service.
    3. I am way too lazy to return stuff, so Andres does it for me.
    4. I’m positive I’ve walked out of a movie, but I can’t remember which – whatever it was, it was boring and I couldn’t sit through the whole thing. Incidentally, I would have walked out of The Punisher if my husband and brother-in-law weren’t so thoroughly enjoying it.
    5. I always sing along no matter how embarrassing the circumstances may be.

  18. Hi. I am new to your blog, but this looked fun so I thought I would join in.

    1. I like to know how long (10 minutes), but not what caller I am.

    2. We tip A LOT. It takes a bunch to not get 15% from
    us. I tend to go for about 20% then round up. We even tip on the tax. I think it comes from having waited tables and being stiffed so many times (even when I wasn’t horrible…which I was sometimes).

    3. I have an absurd fear that people will think I steal…maybe that is because I have stolen and didn’t get caught and the Catholic guilt is eating me alive. Anyway, I worked a returns counter and people who return alot got put on the “suspicious” list. That was a really long explanation for, nope…I keep it all.

    4. I left “Raising Arizona”. Nowadays I have to really want to see the movie before going.

    5. I sing it loud and proud. My Dad used to always say, “who sings this song?” and I would say, “Duran Duran”, and he would say, “then let them”, and I would be totally embarrassed.

  19. 1) Tell me, so I know if I’m better off hanging up and calling later.

    Now, the real blood pressure riser are the ones that keep interrupting the Muzak every 5 seconds to tell you, ” A representative will be with you shortly.” Really? Stop telling me.

    2) Hell yes. I expect a basic level of service. If I don’t get that, I will decrease my tip. Now, I do consider potential factors beyond my server’s control…

    3) I dislike it, but I like my money more. Sometimes the lines are RIDICULOUS, and I feel like they look at you dirty for DARING to take back their precious product.

    4) I’ve got to be pretty darn bored. After all, I just overpaid $$ for that! I have however shut off a rented movie because it sucked so much.

    5) Sometimes. Generally at night where people in the other cars can’t see me singing. And only when I know the words, which isn’t often.

  20. 1. I prefer not to know because the longer I wait after the mentioned time sends my anger higher.

    2. We always tip our servers but if the service was downright horrible then they only get 10%. I have worked for tips before and understand that not everything is the server’s fault but if he/she can’t come by and fill my glass when they see it’s empty then that’s their problem. I figure if they don’t like the tip then they should’ve done their job better. Otherwise they get at least 15%.

    3. I hate hate hate returning things. I will do it but I hate having to do it.

    4. I have never had to walk out of a movie before. I also made sure that my youngest was at least four before we ever took the kids to a movie and then it was a movie we knew they would watch.

    5. I sing. Loudly. Badly. But I can’t help it. I love to sing!

  21. Not a big commenter, but wanted to respond to the music one: I LOVE TO SING. I do it in the office all day long, in the car, in the shower, regardless of how many times I’ve been told it’s not good. My son loves me singing to him, and that only encourages me.

  22. 1. I wish they would tell me at the beginning and then not interrupt every few minutes to say “your calll is important to us.” Urgh, hate.
    2. I tip at least 15%, more if it’s good. Maybe 10% if it’s REALLY terrible.
    3. I will return ANYTHING.
    4. I will leave a movie if it sucks. My time is worth more than that. So I can go home and read blogs instead.
    5. I sing along if I’m alone, but rarely if there are others around.

  23. 1. I’d rather know how long so I know whether to hang up or go do laundry or something. ;)

    2. I’ve never had bad enough service that I actually wouldn’t tip, but the amount has been in question.

    3. I hate hate hate returning stuff. My husband gets on my case about it all the time, but I really hate it…lol!

    4. I’ve never walked out of a movie. Thought about it a few times, but not actually done it. But I would if it was bad/offensive/stupid enough. The most recent movie I thought about walking out of was The Dark Knight. Way way way too violent. And had it not been for wanting to see Heath Ledger’s last performance, I would have!

    5. I always sing along with music, and it was all I could do not to sing along when I saw Mamma Mia (3 times). But the sing along version is coming out this Friday! I’m totally going to go and sing my heart out! But if there’s music on the radio or tv or whatever, I constantly sing along. But I do actually get paid to sing sometimes, so I guess that means I’m not too bad of a singer. ;)

  24. I didn’t read all of the replies but I had to jump in because this is a HOT topic for me. We live in Texas and here in Texas wait staff is required to tip out various restaurant employees at the end of the night. The tip is based on total sales and it can be as much as 10%. I worked as a waitress off and on for 20 years and every place I worked had a tip out for kitchen staff, bartenders and bus boys.

    Tip at LEAST 10%.

  25. 1. If I’m on hold, I’m like you. I’d rather not know. :) It’s funny you ask, because the company I work for has some areas that say and some that don’t, but the ones that do are very specific (“our current average hold time is 2…minutes…and…six…seconds”). I’d rather do like most of the customers I talk to — put whomever you’re waiting for on speaker, go about your life, then when they pick up you don’t feel like you’ve been holding for forty-seven minutes!

    2. molly at these little moments had that same question today. hmm. i will usually always tip, because i have friends who’ve put themselves through school waitressing. if the waitress sucks, fine, but she still tips out to the bussers and the bartenders, so i try to keep them in mind.

    3. I’m going to San Diego and NYC in September and have bought a TON of crap getting ready for those trips. alas, some of it did not fit/was ugly in person, so i had to send it back/return it to the actual store. i have no problem with it. with little stuff i’m like mrz. “meh, whatever. i’ll use it sometime.”

    4. i’ve actually never been to a movie bad enough to walk out of! but yeah, if i had a restless kid, or one that was suddenly transformed into a demon child when they’d had a nap and EVERYTHING and why are you crying oh my god everyone thinks i’m the worst mom EVER, i would prolly head out.

    5. the answer to this is unequivocally, 100% of the time, yes yes yes. :)

    Also? You WERE following me on twitter — i’m http://twitter.com/raeleighjo :)

  26. ohhh I may have to answer this for tomorrow’s blog. It will be better than all this Gustav talk. :) Thanks! Will let ya know if I do do it…..

  27. You make me all nostalgic for the now-defunct Friday Five: http://fridayfive.org/

    1. I want to know how long the hold time will be. I might have to be somewhere in 30 minutes, and I might prefer to call back if the wait time is going to be 20+ minutes.

    2. I’ve worked in a restaurant, but not as a server, but I have lots of friends who have waited tables. There’s this feeling among them that if you have enough money to eat at a restaurant (especially if you order appetizers, drinks, desserts) that you’re a big douchebag if you don’t tip. So if the service is terrible, we’ll tip, but we’ll never go back.

    3. Totally fine with returning purchased items.

    4. Fine with walking out of movies.

    5. I sing along, but only when I’m by myself or with the baby. I HATE IT when people whistle along to music.

  28. 1. I would rather know so I don’t have to waist my time waiting for 47 minutes. I will try back again at another time.
    2. My husband drinks lots of tea when he eats. He likes to have tea when he wants to drink it. Our tip depends on if his glass was kept full of tea while we ate…lol.
    3. I don’t have a problem returning things. I always keep reciepts so it’s never a problem. I don’t know about DH…he rarely buys anything other than lunch.
    4. I have rarely walked out on a movie. Only one time that I can think of and it was because it just wasn’t the movie I thought it would be.
    5. If I am by myself in my SUV I sing at the top of my lungs otherwise I will sing along quitely if I know a song.

  29. 1. I prefer to know.

    2. I ALWAYS tip. Wait staff do not get paid minimum wage. The tip is part of their SALARY. If I do a bad job at work one day, my wage does not get cut. The minimum I tip is 15%. If service is really that awful, I talk to the management. I figure my boss knows when I do a crappy job, so that’s fair.

    3. I have no problem returning things – never even thought about it.

    4. I’ve walked out on several movies. I would rather leave than waste my time being unhappy watching.

    5. Always sing along unless there is someone I don’t know in the car.

  30. 1. I like to be told how long they estimate I will be on hold. If it is very long, I will hang up and call another time.
    2. We leave a tip, but less if the service was not good. Last night, we went to a local restaurant. The server never came back to our section to ask if we needed drinks-us and another table were having to get our drink ourselves. The tea ran out where they had the pitchers we were pouring our drinks, and a guy at another table was trying to eat with no drink. Can you tell I was NOT happy with the service!
    3. Depends how much I spent on the item. I used to take everything back, but not now. Especially if I got it at Wally World. Hate the lines!

  31. 1. I’d rather be told how long so I can put the phone down and do my business if needed. It’s better to underestimate, though, because I’ve come back on time to hear a lady hanging up on me.
    2. I have not tipped when both the food and service was horrible. And believe me, it was BAD. they gave me my meal for free, too. Typically, I’ll tip at least 10% if the service is bad (15% if it’s okay and more if it’s good)but I don’t count down like some. I work too hard for my money, tho, to be treated like crap.
    3. I’m usually too lazy to return things, but I’m okay with it.
    4. I’ve walked out of a couple movies. The first one was because it was NOT what I thought it was and started out REALLY dirty (those kinds of movies I watch at home) and the second one was just soooooooooo boring, MrB kept falling asleep. We swapped our tickets (even though they offered to refund us). So don’t waste you 10 bucks if it sucks! Just swap em out
    5. I sing along. Loudly, if I’m alone or comfortable with the person I’m with. No one has ever told me my voice sucks, though

  32. 1. I’d rather know so I know if I have to call back or not. Plus, it’s like a countdown. “now I’m #187! only 186 to go!”

    2. Always tip. The worst I’ll tip is 15. If they are really good, over 20 but generally everyone averages 20.

    3. I hate returning. So I’ll either not get something or hang onto it. Of course, I hate trying things on, too. So I shop mostly at Target where they don’t hassle on returns and then make my husband do it.

    4. The only movie I’ve ever walked out of is English Patient. Man, that sucked.

    5. I always sing along when it’s a good song and I’m alone or with close friends/family.

  33. 1. I don’t believe it either way, so I guess NOT would be the best answer.

    2. I’ll rarely stiff someone for the tip, but if the service seriously sucked I have no problems with walking out. I guess I’m in the “start at 20% and work down” group.

    3. Problems with returning items??? I don’t do it very often, but when it’s needed, it’s needed…

    4. I don’t think I’ve ever walked out of a movie. My wife walked out of Aliens because it spooked her out too much, but that was year ago. I suppose I could imagine finishing the popcorn and walking out, but it hasn’t happened yet. I guess I have a high stupid threshold.

    5. Incredibly rarely, and it’s invariably something I can’t sing anyway.

  34. 1. I like knowing so I can decide to call back at aq different time if I want to. What I DO NOT want to know is “please listen carefully as our menu items have changed”.

    2. I have left really bad tips, but I always write on the receipt why. And if the problem is a ‘cook’ fault and not a ‘waitress’ fault, I try to take that into consideration.

    3. I am the queen of returning things. My husband hates it. He hates dealing with the public pretty much 100% of the time because folks can’t understand his british accent.

    4. I’ve never walked outof a movie. We only go about once a year if that because we download movies at home – new relases even! (ssh!)

    5. I sing along. And I’m good at it. lol

  35. 1. I like to know, so I can decide if I want to put the phone on speaker phone and do other things. Or if I need to call back later, when I have thirty minutes to sit around and do nothing.

    2. I will always tip. For decent – excellent service, 15-20%. 12% for bad – horrible service AND I leave a note. As long as I feel that they are doing the best they can, I’m happy. However, the second that I feel that they’d rather have me out the door than have my money, I’m out the door.

    3. I return things. I have too much STUFF already that I don’t need. Why keep stuff?

    4. I sing. Even when people ask (or beg) for me to just.stop.making.that. ….noise.

  36. 1. I like to know; I’m a hang up and try again later kinda gal…
    2. I’ve only done it once, and the scenario involved human feces (don’t even ask… and no, it wasn’t in the restroom… at least it wasn’t near OUR table, either…) and someone’s food being dropped in their lap (without having been eaten yet) as well as breaking glass right near our table that wasn’t cleaned up until we mentioned it (though it was broken by our waiter in front of us) – so only under those extreme circumstances. Otherwise, I always tip.
    3. I used to hate it; now I’ve gotten used to it. Still makes me cringe internally, though…
    4. Never. And only occasionally will I turn off one I’ve rented, even if I hate it… Which is odd, now that I think of it…
    5. Only in the car… And since I don’t own one now, that would be a no.

  37. 1. I want to know, I hate thinking I am next and then wait another 20 minutes.

    2. I rarely don’t tip. The service must be really bad for me not to tip. ANd I don’t hold something that was cooked wrong against the server.

    3. I take things back in a heartbeat. No reason to keep something you won’t use.

    4. For your reason, I would leave. But if alone, I would just count it as a good place to take a well deserved air conditioned nap.

    5. Try to get me to not sing. I dare ya!

  38. 1. I like to know. I like to know how long it will be before I speak with a human AND where I am in the line.
    2. I don’t think I have ever not tipped- I usually tip 20%. I feel badly for waitstaff, I think their job is hard.
    3. I don’t return much but on this note: I cannot send food back at a restaurant. I cannot.
    4. I have left a few movies. I don’t take well to movies where vomit or rape is involved.
    5. I sing along but I do not dance.

  39. 1. I like to know because I will definitely hang up if it’s too long.

    2. I’m like you. 15%, regardless and more if deserving. I can’t NOT tip…maybe they were just having an off day. I just may not go back to the restaurant if it’s really bad.

    3. I hate to return things…but I will because I hate wasting money more.

    4. I’ve walked out of movies if they are horrendous. I like a lot of different genres so I usually don’t Hate a movie that much.

    5. I sing along if I’m by myself or with my kids ONLY. I can’t carry a tune to save my life.

  40. 1. I’d like to know. Maybe I could get involved with something else while I’m waiting.
    2. I could do a whole post on tipping, but I always tip something. Unless someone really give me a hassle, I tip at least 15, usually 20. Hey, I live in the highest tipping city according to Zagat.
    3. In theory, I’m totally for returning things. In practice, I suck at it. Especially with these new 60-day return policies.
    4. I doubt I’d walk out on a movie, especially if I paid close to $10 for it. Now a rented movie I’ll turn off.
    5. I sing along, but only when I’m by myself. Or feeling sad/bitter/energetic. Or drunk and at the bar. I shouldn’t sing in public.

  41. 1. I’d rather know.
    2. I start at 20% and occasionally go as low as 10%. It’s usually 20%. I’ve only done 0% once, because the waiter was a complete ass.
    3. Don’t mind, but usually don’t do it, because I’m lazy.
    4. Never occurred to me to walk out. Probably would only walk out because of kids or technical problems (where I could get a refund). I’m pretty easily amused by movies.
    5. Only to entertain the toddler. Or today, when “Pour Some Sugar On Me” came on during my evening commute. Sometimes you just have to sing along.

  42. I like knowing how long the wait is because if it is less than a minute, I won’t put it on speaker phone and put my phone down. As for the rest, I must ponder.

  43. 1. I like to know how long the wait is and then hope that it is shorter.
    2. For really bad service I will leave only 10%.
    3. I return things all the time!
    4. I have never walked out on a movie. I have fallen asleep during one.
    5. I sing along even though I don’t have a great voice.

  44. 1. NOT. Don’t lie to me, pre-recorded message.

    2. I know it’s controversial, but I believe in not tipping if there are no extenuating circumstances and the waitperson is obviously just a complete asshole. Actually, it’s more likely that I would ask to speak to a manager.

    3. I hate returning items, because I fear I’m going to get hassled, but it usually ends up being Not A Big Deal.

    4. I only sing out loud — quietly — when I’m by myself. Nobody else needs to be subjected to that horrible noise.

  45. Oh yeah, my boyfriend hates returning stuff. I’ve started just taking the stuff and then keeping the store credit to buy a little present for myself. kidding. sort of.

  46. 1) I prefer to know. If it’s going to take forever to talk to someone, then I know I can get involved with something else while I wait.

    2) I always tip, in fact, I overtip, because I am a chicken and am afraid of getting chased down the street by irate waitstaff. Plus my husband used to work as a waiter, so we are sympathetic.

    3) I hate returning stuff. I feel like they will yell at me (apparently I am ruled by fear of customer-service-type folk).

    4) The only movie I have walked out on was Reservoir Dogs because of the violence. I cannot take violence in my old age. But, yeah, I’ll sit through a boring movie so as to get my money’s worth. Plus, it might get better! You never know!

    5) I sing when alone in the car. That’s it.

  47. 1. I would rather not know the wait time so that when they lie to me I don’t know any different.

    2. There have been times when we have not tipped because the service was beyond terrible. Like drinks never refilled, orders wrong, terribly rude service.

    3. I have no problems with returning stuff. I have a problem with the attitudes of the people who work the service desks in most stores who act as though you’ve ruined their entire day.

    4. I sing along all the time when it’s just me and the kid in the car. He yells “Honey” for me to shut up frequently, lol. But my little guy has started singing along with EVERYTHING!

  48. I start at 20% and go up or down depending on the service.

    And yes, I’ve walked out of a movie! It was Van Helsing, omg, it sucked! Also, I would’ve walked out of Mothman Prophecies, if I hadn’t fallen asleep! I would’ve walked out of Triplets of Belleville, too, but the person I went with didn’t want to leave. Torture!

  49. 1. Both ways are AWFUL. If they tell me, “5 minutes” sounds worse than it is. If they don’t tell me, I resent it SO MUCH as I get more and more invested in a phone call I now can’t hang up on because WHAT IF I HANG UP AFTER 15 MINUTES WHEN I WAS NEXT!?!? I guess I want them to tell me: if the baby starts crying at Minute 5 of an estimated 20 Minute Wait, I can have a kid hold the phone while I deal with the baby.

    2. I start at a 15% tip, which is for adequate service. I’ll tip zero if they are totally crappy: bring the wrong food, forget to bring the extra sauce I asked for, never bring a single drink refill even though they advertise Bottomless Cups and we perched our empty cups on the side of the table for the whole meal, etc.

    3. I hate returning things so much, I get all unpleasantly hot in the face thinking about it. I’ve kept things rather than return them, just because I hate returning things so much.

    4. I didn’t used to leave movies ever. But I would have left two scary ones if I hadn’t been there with dates, and I think I might leave a movie NOW if it were bad, because free time is so precious. I’d give it a really fair chance, though, and I’d be way more likely to leave for scariness/grossness than for dumbness/vapidness.

    5. I sometimes sing, sometimes don’t. Ha! What a boring answer to a good question!

  50. 1. Let me know how long the heinous punishment of being on hold will last. Longer than 10 minutes? I’m out of there.

    2. We’re top down on tipping. Usually start at 20% and deduct for bad form. Like the Olympics. Start value is determined by how messy and obnoxious our kids are so it can go up at high as 30%. Maybe 40% if there has been a mid-dinner clean up required.

    3. Don’t like it, it’s goin’ back.

    4. I CAN NOT LEAVE A MOVIE BEFORE THE END. Even if it sucks so bad that I have to close my eyes to not watch it. Because if I leave I will spend all night wondering how it ended. Did it get better or did it’s suckiness just increase.

    5. I totally sing but only when I am alone. Especially when I go mow the lawn. I have a special playlist on my ipod titled “Mowing” and I figure no one can hear me over the mower so I just belt it out. Some songs from Rent, Erasure, Seal. Golden oldies from the 80s/90s.

  51. 1- I want to know how long it is going to be. Then I can space out for an allotted amount of time.

    2- I won’t go less than 10% because I know too many people who make their living as waitstaff. But good god I’ve wanted to give a penny a few times.

    3- I hate returning items. I feel so dumb and guilty returning them. As a result I have closets full of random stuff that I probably will never need.

    4- I’d rather make fun of the movies to the detriment of all those around me. Add my own voices. Laugh at the horrible parts. Or I’ll fall asleep. Naps are always a good option.

  52. 1. I like knowing how long it might be so I can hang up if it is longer than 90 seconds. I am not patient with phone calls
    2. We begin at 20% and work down. Having had a child work as waitstaff, and get tipped poorly or stiffed on a bill… and she was good! All her employers thought so.
    3. I hate returning things. I try things on and I comparison shop and think about purchases of other things. This weekend I got mad and returned a gallon of milk that was souring when I purchased it. Put me in such a bad mood I was slightly nasty with the manager.
    4. I walk out of movies if I am not enjoying them. I do not like to waste my time.

    Do you see a pattern of not liking to waste time here….?

  53. 1. I’ve never had a recording tell me how long it will take! How do they know if they’re talking to someone else, how long that call will take?

    2. We don’t tip in NZ…but whenever I’m on holiday, I always tip 15% (I think), I’m too scared to tip nothing if I didn’t like the service.

    3. I hate returning stuff!

    4. I saw a movie not so long ago that was SO BAD, not to mention we were sitting in the front row (HATE) because we were there with someone who is mostly blind…but we didn’t leave. *sigh*

    5. I always sing!

  54. I realize I’m late to the party, but really wanted to join in!

    1. I prefer to know how long I’ll be on hold. It helps me estimate the amount of things I can do before they get to me, like if I have time to take a huge bite of something and know they won’t answer when my mouth is full of food.

    2. I always tip 20% and go up from there. I know most servers make less than minimum wage and serving can be a sucky job sometimes.

    3. I’ll almost always return something if I change my mind about it. The only time I don’t is if I didn’t pay much and returning it wouldn’t be worth the gas money to drive to the store or if my mom or someone can use it.

    4. I would walk out of a movie if I felt like it wasn’t worth my time and if I wasn’t with other people who wanted to stay.

    5. The honest to goodness reason I ever only listen to music is to sing along. I even have a playlist on my ipod called “songs for singing” that are my go-to songs when I really need to belt it out.

  55. oh, I forgot to say, I don’t sing if other people are in the car with me unless they’re singing too. It bugs me when people do that.

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