What Would You Do?

We’ve never owned a swing. I had a hand-me-down swing for LilZ (the kind that cranked, remember those?) and he HATED it. So, it was an investment I considered pointless for NikkiZ. Since we just used all of NikkiZ’s hand-me-downs for AndyZ, he didn’t get one either. He had never even been in one before…until the other night.


He stayed in that thing, for like three hours! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? That’s the longest he’s ever been awake and not demanded to be held. THREE HOURS. Is that normal? Are those swings that hypnotic for all babies? And if so – WHY DID NO ONE TELL ME?

Here’s the question now – should we buy one of those suckers? How long would he use it? Would he stop being enamored with it if we actually owned one? Like – maybe it’s just the novelty that intrigued him? I don’t want to dish out the bucks unless I can drop him in it and not worry about him until he’s 6. Do you think that’s a possibility?

Also – LilZ would like to know if they make them big enough for him.