• I made friends! Like a big girl!

    I did two things for the first time last night: I attended a political event, and I blew dry my hair.

    Actually – it’s not the first time I’ve ever used a hair-dryer on my hair. There was the fateful attempt to blow it dry straight about five years ago. And then those times in the early 90s when I was trying to see how big I could get it. So – last night was the first time in 5 years, AT LEAST. And I did it because I decided I should shower before my political event, betting I’d make a better first impression if I didn’t smell like sweat. Unfortunately – it takes 2+ hours for my hair to dry naturally – so I had to speed things up a little. And you know what? It was a huge pain in my ass. You people who blow dry your hair every day? I feel for you. I couldn’t do that every day. It’s just so….boring.

    The even last night was fun. I spent 15 minutes just looking for a place to park, to avoid going into the function. I was that nervous. I drove by the restaurant about 10 times, trying to peak in to see what was going on. When I finally walked in the front door, an organizer welcomed me, gave me some stickers, and sent me on my way. I got a beer, found someone who was smiling and asked if I could sit at her table. (CAN YOU BELIEVE I DID THAT? I’m so awesome.) By the end of the night I had made three friends. One of them wasn’t even a citizen (yet) and wouldn’t be able to vote. BUT – she really wanted to show her support so she came out anyway. HOW AMAZING IS THAT?

    I only stumbled on my words a few times and actually asked a few questions of my table buddies. I instigated conversation! That’s the power Obama has over me – he can make me be social.

    The event was exactly what I wanted: A group of people who would clap and yell when I did. And we all did just that. It actually made me very proud of my town because we had a decent turnout. For a red state. And people were very passionate about it – and it was a great thing to be a part of. There were only two people who tried to break up our party with snide comments (it was at a restaurant, so a lot of the customers weren’t with us) but they were both completely ignored by the crowd. No one even bothered to respond. We were just there to listen…and we weren’t going to let anything interfere with that. It was perfect.

    I’m very proud of myself and I even signed up for a mailing list! And sent a response to a text message I got asking me to volunteer. I said YES to volunteering! (Like I have ANY time to spare – but at least my intention was there!) I left the place energized and empowered. If Obama doesn’t get elected this fall, it won’t be because I didn’t do my part.

    I mean – I used a hair dryer – I’ll obviously stop at nothing for my cause.