Migraines and Poop Don’t Mix.

I had a serious headache yesterday. I made everyone keep the lights off around the house and I discussed a plan with LilZ to duct-tape NikkiZ’s mouth shut. For some reason, he thought that might be cruel and recommended I just stay in bed while he entertained her on the other side of the house. Whatever. I guess someone has to be the voice of sanity.

My normal triggers for increasing the pain of a headache are light and sound – but I discovered a new one yesterday. The smell of poop. Every time AndyZ pooped, the pain in my head increased 10-fold. The second I smelled it in his diaper, the pain worsened. Then – it reached maximum pain level as I changed the diaper. But the second the clean and poop-free diaper was on and the smell was gone? Back down to moderate level of pain.

You had better believe I’m going to use that to my advantage with the next severe headache. “I can NOT change that diaper! It makes my head hurt worse!” And if no one else is home but NikkiZ? You can bet she’ll be learning how to wipe poop off her brother’s butt faster than I can say, “And then get momma a beer.”

I feel a little hungover this morning, as is typically the case after a bad headache. NikkiZ decided to ease me into the day gently by waking up at 5:25am. I promptly stuck her in her high chair with some food and some play doh while I slowly but surely got myself ready to face the day. It sucks to feel like you’ve been run over by a semi but with no foggy drunken exploit memories from the night before to entertain yourself with.

In the meantime, while I try to get myself back to “normal” – or at least “less stinky” – here are some photos of the girl who barely escaped shackles and gags yesterday.

Talking With Her Not At All Headache Causing High Pitched Voice

Showing off her new shirt
Grumpy Face.